What's your course like?

Uploaded by UniversityOfBristol on 09.03.2011

My course is very varied. I have lots of different tutors I'm in contact with.
And the tutors are always available around the clock.
Despite having fixed office hours, you can email them, pop in and see them any time.
>> I have a lot of practical labs for about twelve hours a week or so
but that's good. I mean, it means I've always got my hands on,
I'm busy and I'm doing pretty engaging things.
>> I'm a Civil Engineer and I've had the opportunity this year
to do an open unit in Introduction to Accounting which just provides a balance
to the technical aspects which I had been doing beforehand.
>> Initially it's lecture based. It's very science based,
Molecular, Cellular Medicine as well as GP placements, Sociology.
And then it moves on to a more diseased based approach.
>> I do Politics and Italian.
Politics I really enjoy.
It's all relevant, like all the debates you do in seminars.
Very fascinating because it's all you know, relevant to modern day problems.
>> There's a lot of time taken to personal study
and lots of reading around the subject which I enjoy.