[ENG] Kwanghee Introducing : ZE:A !!!!!!!!!

Uploaded by EmpireKidLove on 30.12.2010

I want to introduce our group ZE:A!
Last time I talked about the Children of Frogs... (Pun here, cos this sounds similar to ZE:A in Kr)
I feel quite sorry...
The first line is Moon Junyoung, Im Siwan and Park Hyungshik
Advertisers can use these 3 in CFs~!
If considering their appearances they are not bad~
This line got only talents~You can see that~
They are in the same line as me so there's nothing to say!
They are sort of... average~
If you need you can call this line~ They are all talented in many ways~
Everyone please remember these 9 boys, and support us in 2011!
(Who's the leader?) This kid is the leader...Yeah he's called Moon Junyoung
Since we have so many members the names sometimes gets quite confusing
(Who's the eldest?) I'm the eldest
(Usually the eldest would become the leader...)
How can I be the leader? If I'm the leader our group cannot survive!