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Excuse me, I frightened you.
No, it's alright
I have lost my way, can you tell me where is Shivsadan?
Shivsadan! - Yes, it’s near Bank of India.
Bank of India! Yes, Shivsadan is close to it.
See, you first go straight, then turn left, then right...
...then after going a little straight turn right & left.
Bank of India is just right in front.
What are you thinking?
I didn't understand. - Can you tell me once again.
You first go straight, then turn right, then left and...
I will not understand all this.
If you are going that side & if it isn't much trouble...
...can you show me the way?
But... - Please.
Alright I will take the bus from there.
You seem to be new to this city.
I've been here for the past three months.
But I haven't become aware of the roads still.
Our company's accountant stays in Shivsadan building.
I am going to meet him.
Where were you staying before this? - In Delhi.
Where are you going? - Office.
Office! - Yes, I am a private secretary in a private company.
Stop the car.
This is your Shivsadan. - Thanks a lot.
My bus has also come.
Yesterday I was in a meeting of the exporters council.
I am very pleased with your performance.
Last year we exported cloth worth 25 lakhs.
This year I want that we export cloth worth 50 lakhs.
So that we get the government award.
We will try our best.
We already have orders worth 25 lakhs.
And still 6 months are left. We can also cross 60.
Excellent! Wish you all the best!
That is all for today.
Thank you very much, sir.
First turn right, then left.
Radhika Sharma.
Sharma G. B Sharma Jagdish.
Sharma Kapoorchand.
These are a lot of Sharmas How will I know?
Sharma K. D
Hello, Dr. Sharma, speaking.
Dr. Sharma, can I talk to Radhika?
No, you cannot talk to her. At present she's in delivery room.
Delivery Room! - Yes.
She has just now given birth to twins. - Twins!
Yes. Now you should get your vasectomy done.
Vasectomy! - Yes.
If you want I can help you.
Hello, I am Gopal Sharma speaking.
Can I talk to Radhika?
This is the irony of fate. My name is Gopal but...
...I haven't got my Radhika till now.
And you found her?
You talk about me? - Eat banana.
Who is speaking? - I am Sharma.
Whom am I talking to? - Does Ms. Radhika stay here?
Yes, she is my younger sister.
She is living with me.
Can I talk to her? - Yes, of course.
One minute.
There is a call for you.
Hello, I am Radhika.
I am Anil Sharma, I mean to say Anil Mehra.
The same person to whom you showed the way in the morning.
So it is you? - Yes, it's me.
Yes, what is it? - You forgot your book in my car.
I was wondering where had I left my book.
If you tell me your address, I can return the book to you.
You have already seen the house address in the directory.
The office address is Malkani Electricals., Kasturi Building.
Third Floor. Churchgate.
You will get your book.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank God I found it.
I am going to the market. Do you want anything?
Speak softly.
Where am I speaking loudly. You always complain to speak softly.
Let me speak loudly sometimes.
I don't need anything, you please go. - I am going.
Don't speak loudly! Damn all those who speak loudly.
Who are you? What do you want?
Let me come inside.
What are you seeing? - This house.
It is alright. - Alright.
I don't want to talk to servants. Is your master there?
Then who is this? - Don't joke with me.
Go in and tell your master.
I am Gangubai. - Who Gangubai?
The entire Mumbai knows me, you seem to be new.
Don't you need someone do the household work.
The previous maid has left the work.
I will do the work.
Talk to sir.
You tell me whatever you have to say. I am the master.
I misunderstood seeing your clothes. Forgive me.
Sir, looking at your clothes I thought...
It's okay. Tell me.
The maid who was working earlier told me that...
...you need a maid.
Have you worked before? - Yes.
Yes, I have worked all my life.
At present, also I work in three houses
That Dorabiee Daruwala, who lives in the lane.
Who has a flat... - What happened to him?
Nothing. I worked there for three years, you can call him & ask.
What can you do?
All the household work.
That Dorabiee's wife is vey fat.
She can't work. So I'm care take of Dorabiee.
So I used to do all his work.
Please give me job. You will be happy.
He is very happy with me.
What salary do you want?
Dorabiee gives me 501-plus tips
I am alone. I won't give you more than 301-. Tell me,
if it suits you.
Alright, I will go and start the work.
Bai! - Not bai, Gangubai
Alright, I want cleanliness. Wash your hands...
...before going in the kitchen.
I will wash hands & feet also before entering the kitchen.
We are Maharashtrians, we take bath twice & at times thrice also
Jyoti, you wait. I'll just be back. - Ok.
I thought you will come from there.
I came from that side.
Ls your office here? - Yes, very close. That side.
Here, take your book.
Alright, now I will take leave.
Where are you going? - Home.
You stay at the place where we had met that day?
You call that meeting? I just escaped that day...
...you had almost crushed me under that wheels of your car.
I am sorry, I apologize. - Accepted.
How will you go home? - By bus.
Why not in my car?
I will drop you as I stay there only
I... - Don't be afraid, I won't charge you.
Alright, I'll just tell my friend.
Jyoti, I'm getting a lift till my place.
Think before you take a lift, lest he might abduct you.
You note his car number, if there is any problem, inform the police.
Now I'll have to do this also for you.
I am the assistant manager in Bombay branch of Desai & Co.
How did you like Bombay?
Nice. I think I'll like it very much.
Alright, thanks a lot.
So, you have come.
The water is boiling, shall I get a cup of hot coffee.
Bring it.
Sir, coffee.
Sir, you seem to be tired.
Yes, Gangubai. One has to work to earn one's living.
Head paining. I will massage your head. - No.
Just wait and see.
Feeling relaxed, isn't it?
Okay, sir.
How do you feel.
Are you enjoying?
Yes. That's enough.
Wait and see.
From where did you learn this.
I know all this.
Really? - Yes.
Twice a week I give body massage to that Dorab seth.
He says that it is even more intoxicating than liqour.
Leave it.
Sir! - Enough!
Gangu bai It's ok.
Are you alright?
Enjoyed? - Yes.
One day I'll give you body massage.
No, head massage is fine.
Gangubai! - What?
Sir doesn't wish that. But you give me body massage.
Sir pays salary to me. What will you give me?
You owe me Rs, 100. Give me a massage as an interest of that.
Go, get the oil.
What is the need of oil.
If you caress me with your hands oil will automatically come out of my body.
Will oil come out of your body in this age?
If not oil, sweat will come.
Your interest will be waived and my body will become clean.
I will clean your body in such a way that you'll leave the world.
Before that, you pay me.
All that will keep going on.
Why are you doing like this?
Today I again forgot my book in his car.
You would have purposely left it in his car & now tell me that...
...you forgot it in his car.
I swear on you. I forgot it.
Alright, you forget it. But why did this happen?
Because your mind was elsewhere.
How is he?
You like him?
Shut up!
Today evening he will come at 5'o clock to return the book.
As if he doesn't have any work to do.
He is Assistant Manager in his company.
I can understand.
Shri. Ved Prakash, this is our new toaster with 1 year warranty
I've the cheaper toaster than what you get in the market...
...if you sell it in the market for 150 you will get 20% commission
Excuse me, sir.
Tea is getting cold & you haven't had your medicine also.
I will take it. - This girl?
She is Radhika. Alongwith office work she takes care of me also.
She is a nice child. - Open your mouth.
Leave it, I'll take it.
Open your mouth.
That's better.
It seems she would have been my mother in previous life.
Have you checked the order? - Yes.
What, just 15,OOO sarees? - There is one more order.
Yes, this is. - 15000 more.
Alright, you make the invoice.
This is an alarm. I have an appointment with the dentist.
My filling has come out. Have to get it done again.
Mr. Anil! - Yes
When we were of your age, filling in our teeth...
...also used to come out quite often.
Go, your dentist is waiting for you and listen...
And listen!
...get the filling done properly.
Put ten liters
Take it, wife will be happy. - Yes, today only we fought.
Which one.
How much? - 60 paise. - Keep the change.
Thank you sir.
For you. - Thanks.
It is very beautiful. - What? - This rose flower.
This rose flower.
The other flower is even more beautiful. - Which one?
This one who is sitting besides me.
Thanks a lot - For what?
For giving me a lift & for this flower.
I should thank you for accompanying me till here...
...otherwise I would have come alone talking to my own self.
Okay, bye. - Bye
See you! - Bye.
I have taken the book.
We met on Monday. Our eyes met on Tuesday.
We met on Monday. Our eyes met on Tuesday.
I lost my sleep on Wednesday & my peace of mind on Friday.
Thank God, today is Sunday.
In these seven days we have had love of seven lives.
We met on Monday. Our eyes met on Tuesday.
I lost my sleep on Wednesday & my peace of mind on Friday.
Thank God, today is Sunday.
In these seven days we have had love of seven lives.
We met on Monday.
We met just a month ago.
We met just a month ago & it has become difficult to live
Within 1 year it would become difficult for us to die also.
In these seven days we have had love of seven lives.
We met on Monday.
I slept at 4'o clock, woke up at 5, came to see you at 5.30.
I slept at 4'o clock, woke up at 5, came to see you at 5.30.
How will we live our lives if it difficult to spend few hours...
...without each other.
In these 7 days we have had love of 7 lives.
We met on Monday.
Our eyes met on Tuesday.
On Wednesday I lost my sleep.
On Friday my peace of mind.
I spend Friday and Saturday with great difficulty.
Thank God, today is Sunday.
In these 7 days we have had love of 7 lives.
We met on Monday.
What are you seeing that side, Mr. Mehra?
How did you come? You didn't get down from the bus.
I have brought brother's car.
And I have been looking for you at the bus stop.
So, you stay here.
The flat is slightly small.
But it is nice.
It seems to be a bachelor's flat.
What did you tell at home?
That I am going to my friend Jyoti's house for tea.
So you can also tell lies. - I am trying to learn from you.
Who else is there at home?
There was a servant, he has taken leave to see a movie.
It was the 3'o clock show.
If you had wanted, you would have not given him leave.
If I wanted, I wouldn't have given him leave. Are you afraid?
Afraid of what?
Of being alone with me in this house.
Do you trust yourself so much?
I trust you, too.
If we wanted we could have met somewhere outside also...
...like in a restaurant, but I have called you here purposely.
So that we can talk without any disturbance.
It is good.
I forgot, the tea is getting cold.
For how long do we know each other? - It seems since ages.
Remember that...
Do you remember our first meeting?
I can never forget that.
How sweet! So you were like this in your childhood.
You would have been 2-3 years old, isn't it?
This photo isn't mine. - Don't fool me.
It resembles you so much.
Same eyes, same face, so innocent, so sweet!
This is my child's photo. - Your child!
Yes, I am not a bachelor.
When I was in the final year in Delhi College...
...I met a girl called Kamini.
We went steady for one year. I got a job. We got married.
For 2 of us Rs.700 was enough.
But Kamini belonged to a rich family.
She started feeling suffocated with me in my house.
We soon realized that we were not made for each other.
For 2 years I tried hard to make our marriage survive.
But I lost as she was selfish and loved her figure & money.
One day she left me, my one year old son and my house.
After that...
After that she took divorce.
The child remained with me.
My mother used to look after him.
When he turned five I lost my mother.
I got him admitted in a school in Srinagar.
After that I got transferred to Bombay & since then I'm here.
I couldn't keep you in dark for long
so I called you here.
You wanted me to come here & see this photo?
No, I wanted to make you aware of the realities of my life.
If you want, you can move back
I won't feel bad...
...because no one will want to love a man who has a child.
I won't be able to forget you because it is difficult.
I will spend my whole life with my child.
There is still time.
If you want you can go back.
Can you go back?
No, it's too late now.
Prakash is your child. But I'll consider him as my child.
Radhika has told us everything but what is the guarantee that...
...there won't be a divorce again?
What if this marriage is also not successful?
Mr. Sharma no one can give a guarantee of success in marriage.
Not any relative.
But there is something called wavelength.
I stayed with my previous wife for 2 years still...
...we were strangers for each other.
I have known Radhika for just a couple of weeks but still...
...it seems that we have known each other for ages.
Why does this 'Apnapan' (sense of belonging) seem so true?
Do you have to say anything?
No, he has spoken for both of us.
So alright, serve dinner.
It won't be right to keep our brother-in-law hungry.
I don't have gold.
I don't have silver.
But still in happiness I have tied anklets.
Keep a hand on your heart, then see Gangubai's gait.
Keep a hand on your heart, then see Gangubai's gait.
Then see Gangubai's gait.
Keep a hand on your heart, then see Gangubai's gait.
Last year revolution took place in the city.
Last year revolution took place in the city.
Keep a hand on your heart, then see Gangubai's gait.
Then see Gangubai's gait.
Keep a hand on your heart, then see Gangubai's gait.
The house is lonely without a partner.
The house is lonely without a partner.
My master has become the groom.
New madam has come home.
My master has become the groom.
New madam has come home.
I've never heard or seen such beautiful wife.
Don't ask why Gangubai felt shy.
This year this marriage has taken place.
This year this marriage has taken place.
Let's see what happens next year.
Keep your hand on your heart & see Gangubai's gait.
Then see Gangubai's gait.
Keep your hand on your heart & see Gangubai's gait.
The boy is from Delhi. The girl is from Bombay.
Both fell in love.
The boy is from Delhi.
The girl is from Bombay.
The boy is from Delhi. The girl is from Bombay.
Both fell in love.
Hearts began to throb.
Hearts began to throb.
Chain along with the bangle tinkled.
Life seems to be a drama.
The world seems to be a play.
I danced and went ahead of all.
I danced and went ahead of all.
Keep your hand on your heart & see Gangubai's gait.
Then see Gangubai's gait.
What are you thinking?
What is my gift on this day.
To come to your life and be yours.
On today's auspicious occasion a small gift from me to you.
One congratulates the other with lips...
...this is from my side to you.
What happened?
Today is our first night of togetherness.
Why did you bring me to this hotel?
When we have our own house then why this expense.
If you don't mind, we will go to our house and...
...spend our first night there.
Even the poorest of people go to some hill station for honeymoon.
And then this night doesn't come every day.
It would have been nice if you would have made arrangements...
...in a hotel instead of this 10 X 12 room.
If there was any need of money then...
Where did you get lost?
You have said a very nice thing.
Come we will go home. Now.
This time.
Oh Radhika!
What happened?
The door is open. Come inside.
Why? - Come, I've an important work.
Tell me. What's matter?
Will you please scrub my back? I cannot reach till there.
Here is the soap.
Who used to this for you?
Myself, till the hand reached. - And where hand didn't reach?
No one did.
Once Gangubai had asked me.
Shall I massage your back?
She was also asking for body massage.
Leave me.
So you had called me for this.
Leave me!
Please leave me.
You have made me wet. Now I'll have to have a bath again.
Go out.
Going but... - Please go.
Where is your towel.
Outside. You go.
Can't we both have a bath together?
Please go...
Yes. Yes...
Now what happened?
I just remembered that you too will also not able to scrub your back.
Can I do that for you?
No, I don't want to.
A little.
Thank you very much.
Gangubai! - What?
Go and clean the outside room.
What is the hurry? They will not get up so soon.
They will get up by 12.
Do you know what is the first night? - No.
How will you know?
Anil, the breakfast is ready.
I can't believe it.
Me too.
Shall I get the sweets? Marriage sweets.
Alright get them. - Ok.
What has happened to his voice?
How did this weird animal came here?
I'll tell you. Seeing madam, his pitch has changed.
Mind it lady. - Gangubai!
Okay! - Yes.
I was thinking you will get up at 12, how come you got up early?
We were very hungry.
You have to be. On the first night one doesn't get to sleep.
Hasn't he brought the eggs?
One should eat eggs and drink milk also.
Then watch the fun.
That's the spirit.
Gangubai you go inside.
You go to work.
You eat and feed too sir.
Everyone wants food... whether man or woman.
When I got married, my husband drank all the milk.
He serve me, only tea?
We would also like to meet your husband.
He divorced me 6 years ago. Now I am all alone.
In these 6 years I have seen a lot of things.
I worked in many houses and meet a lot.
I have seen the world very closely.
Today seeing you both loving each other
I wanted to say something. - Say.
You love madam this way always.
You love master like this always.
A woman's life is meaningless without a man.
I got everything in life except love.
You are fortunate to find a man like him.
Now look after the house and everything.
I am illiterate but kindly always remember this.
Husband and wife remain together forever.
If he says something you keep quiet, don't answer back.
And if she makes a mistake then you remain quiet...
...and don't get angry.
Remain quiet and laugh it off.
Then see how much you will enjoy your life.
You have said a very nice thing. I'll always remember it.
S.K. Chand.
Vimal Kumar.
Hasan Kapoor.
My boss has given such an expensive necklace.
He considered you as a daughter. & has given this to his daughter.
I'll open a locker in your name & keep all these things there.
Don't you have a locker? - Yes, but it is in my name.
So what?
You have got all these expensive items...
...they should be kept in your locker.
What is yours and mine?
When I have become yours, what to say about these gifts.
Now everything that is mine is yours.
We have got so many presents in the wedding.
Lt is dangerous to keep all these things at home, isn't it?
I have a locker in my name. Tomorrow I'll go & deposit them.
But out of this I have got a lot of money.
Don't you think the locker should be in my name.
Yes, of course.
We will do as you say.
What are you thinking Mr.
We have to keep all this in your locker.
When there is a locker in your name, then why open a new one?
See! - See, don't fight now.
Registered letter from Suryakant Tripathi.
It is my friend's letter. - Let me see.
Fantastic! - Why?
Very big good news.
You have been made a manager from the first and...
...your salary will be Rs.3000 monthly.
See my good fortune has begun with your coming into my life.
Now when you go tp the office, you'll sit on Manager's chair.
My wife is very fortunate.
What are you thinking?
Will you be able to love Prakash as much as I do?
Yes. But why did you have a doubt like this?
I was thinking that tomorrow when you have your own child...
If I don't have confidence on myself...
...I won't have my own child.
I am saying the truth.
Now leave me. I have to go and cook.
What will you eat? - You.
But before that you have to eat
Let me go please.
You have dirtied all your hands.
Why are you polishing them, you could have told Ram.
He did polish but they weren't shining.
See, how they are shining. You can even see your face in it.
You are great!
What is this?
Flowers for you.
Come on get ready fast. - Oh God!
Not even a single suit is ironed.
It will be done. Till then you wear this.
Madam, I have got sir's suit.
Here, it's alright, isn't it?
Hi Love!
You aren't ready as yet.
Tonight at 8, there is a party at Mr. Malhotra's house.
You went at 10 in the morning & have come now at 7.
The child has been crying for the past 2 hours.
Mother was at home isn't it?
She has fever.
She is on the bed.
Where did you go? - Card Party.
Every time it is either card party, cinema or club.
You should think Kamini.
Mother is unwell and I go for work.
You leave the child alone & go for enjoyment.
We have to go to Mr. Malhotra's party & there is no sight...
...of my clothes and shoes.
You want me to remain in the house the whole day for you...
...child and your mother as a servant.
If you are so concerned about everyone's comfort...
...why don't you keep a maid?
You know very well that my salary is just 700.
I also know that for next 7 lives it will remain 700 only.
Why don't you take help from my father. He has said many times.
I have married you. I haven't sold myself respect.
I have also married you.
I haven't signed an agreement for my slavery.
There is a limit of tolerance.
From today you will remain at home.
You will have to live with whatever I earn.
You will take care of the child & mother.
I am not your slave that I will lead my life like a prisoner...
...and take care of the house and your child.
My child!
Isn't the child yours?
You wanted the child. I didn't want it.
I hate kids.
So what do you want?
What are you thinking?
Get ready. We have to go to the party. It's getting late.
What happened to our Srinagar programme?
Today I talked to Mr. Desai. He gave 2 weeks leave...
Really? From when?
...from next Saturday.
So many things are happening in my life for the first time.
For the first time I will travel with you.
For the first time I will see Srinagar.
And for the first time I will meet Prakash.
Man is a traveller. He comes & goes.
And while coming & going he leaves behind memories on way.
Man is a traveller. He comes & goes.
And while coming & going he leaves behind memories on way.
Man is a traveller.
A gush of wind. A bubble of water.
A gush of wind. A bubble of water.
One who remains alone in this world, stays like that.
One who remains alone in this world, stays like that.
Stays like that.
Man is a traveller. He comes and goes.
And while coming & going he leaves behind memories on way.
When does it leave anyone.
When one forgets someone.
I keep forgetting things.
I keep forgetting things.
One remembers him inspite of having forgotten.
Man is a traveller.
He comes and goes.
On his way, he leaves behind memories.
Man is a traveller.
He comes and goes.
And while coming & going he leaves behind memories on way.
He leaves behind memories on way.
Hi! Anil.
Hi doctor!
How are you, Anil? - First class.
Come with me.
This is my wife. Radhika.
This is my childhood friend.
Prakash studies with his son in the school.
Namaste! - Namaste!
How is Prakash? - Very fine.
I have told him that you people are coming here.
Doctor, thanks a lot. Had you not been here then...
No nonsense. I am very annoyed with you.
Annoyed! Why?
You got married to such a beautiful girl and...
...didn't invite me for the wedding.
Isn’t it unfair? - Yes, it is.
Come, we have to go to the hotel & then meet Praksh.
Your child is there on the ground.
You can go and meet him there.
There is our Prakash.
That 2nd one in the 3rd row, isn't it?
Papa when did you come? - Today morning.
You used to always ask me about your mother, isn't it?
See, today I have brought your mother.
This is your mother. - Come my son.
Go to your mother my son.
Come to me.
Go, my son. - Come to me.
This is for you.
Mother, where were you?
I had gone out of station.
Now you won't go? - Never.
Now very soon you will be having your vacations...
...then you will come with us to the hotel & after that Bombay.
Till then we will come to meet you every day.
Will you both come tomorrow also?
Yes, we will come everyday to meet you.
Your school bell has rung.
Go, run.
Bye mummy. Bye papa.
Bye, dad.
Yes please.
I need wool for a child's sweater.
Any particular colour? - Blue.
Madam, your purse.
Have you bought this wool for yourself?
No, for my child.
How old is your child? - 6 years.
Will you make this sweater on your own? - Yes.
I didn't even ask you your name.
I am Mrs. Mehra
Mrs. Mehra!
- From where have you come? - Bombay.
Where are you staying here?
Ln this hotel, room number 114.
We are staying in president suite.
My husband is a very big businessman in cargo industry.
Come sometime in the evening. We will play Rummy.
I don't play cards.
See you.
Hi, Mansukhani!
I liked Prakash very much.
He was also very happy to see you.
Hello. - Hello sardarji.
The weather here is very good.
Yes, but it gets quite cold after sunset.
Come to the club in the evening.
A little petrol will go in & cold will run away.
And bring your 'Impala' along.
Who were those people. - I don't know myself.
You had gone at 10 in the morning. And have come now at 4.
You had gone to get my medicine. Isn't it?
I am so sorry. As soon as I reached the chemist...
...I met Mansukhani. Then we went to Nagina club.
There what a card session we had.
Today I am up by 15,OOO/-
Paplu, Tiplu
Shut up. Here I am unwell & you are enjoying yourself.
You have a slight stomach ache & are making so much noise.
Get lost. - Alright.
Hello. Welcome.
My name is Surendra Jallandhari.
I have a business of spare parts. Whenever I am free...
...I come here. You?
My name is Anil Mehra.
This is my wife Radhika.
May God bless you.
Come here.
Meet him. He is Raja...
...Yashpal Singh.
Greetings! - Greetings!
And she is his wife not mine.
Now tell me what will you have?
I will tell you, Sohan.
Bring one double scotch for sir. And lemon squash for ma'am.
What are you doing?
Lt is cold cold in Kashmir, then they are newly married and...
...you are asking Mrs. Mehra to have lemon squash.
How can you say that she will not have whisky?
I can be wrong in recognizing males but not females.
I know you are an expert as far as women are concerned.
Everybody know you.
When did you come from Bombay? - Yesterday.
But how did you know that I have come from Bombay?
Don't ask me all this. Cheers!
You were reading my hand.
Before marriage keep your eyes open & after marriage...
...keep them half shut.
Well done.
You got married to him when you were 21 years old isn't it? - Yes
You had a son after 5 years. - Yes.
And then after 2 years you had the second son. - Yes.
Now you tell us when was our third daughter born?
Third time even twins weren't born
And now they will never be born. Don't try.
Listen, make one Patiala drink.
Read my hand also.
What do you want to know? - Tell me my age.
Are you scared of death?
One poet has said right.
Death is a disloyal word.
Death is a disloyal word.
Those who want to die, shamed killed them.
What a nice scenery!
A poet had said that
What said?
if there is heaven anywhere on this earth it is here.
Wow well said.
Isn't this heaven? - No
Is it no?
My heaven is just at a hands distance.
There is my heaven.
We have to live in this world.
We have to die in this world.
We have to live in this world.
We have to die in this world.
If I get place in your heart why do I need heaven.
We have to live in this world.
We have to die in this world.
I got a place in your heart, why do I need heaven now.
We have to live in this world.
We have to die in this world.
If you want to touch, you can touch the clouds with your hands
Don't fool me with all these talks.
Talk about those paths on which we have to tread.
We have to live in this world.
We have to die in this world.
If we are standing together let us pray together.
If we are standing together let us pray together.
When I have given my hand in your hand what do I have to ask
We are scared of God, why fear love?
We have to live in this world.
We have to die in this world.
If I get place in your heart why do I need heaven.
We have to live in this world.
We have to die in this world.
One lemon for her. And one bloody marry for me.
Bloody fool.
Come here before drinking. - Hello doctor.
Are you waiting for long?
Hello - Hello.
Please sit.
You too can sit.
What's your problem doctor.
Are you angry? - Won't I be?
You have been here for so many days.
You met your son. Are roaming with your wife...
Excuse me.
...but don't have time to meet your friend?
You are angry for such a small reason.
I will surely come. Now forgive me.
I won't. - Please forgive me.
Leave, I have forgiven you.
Now bring bloody Mary.
I'll bring it.
How did you like Kashmir? - Beautiful.
Come here. - Come.
Come, doctor.
Prakash was very happy to see us.
Radhika also liked Kashmir.
Take her around & go to the club in the evening.
Yesterday we had gone there. Met Raja Saheb there.
Raia Yashpal Singh? He is the lifeline of our city.
Who is he? Last time when I came here I didn't see him.
He had gone abroad.
He's a richest man of this area.
What does he do?
Gossip, travelling. He loves to entertain people.
When he speaks, it feels flower...
Yes, he made us laugh a lot yesterday night.
But one feels sorry for him.
He knows that he will remain alive for a short time.
He has a short lifespan.
What do you mean?
He has cancer.
How sad.
Eat a little more.
Raja Saheb!
Namaste, Raja Saheb!
Walking? - Yes.
You are planting trees here. Is this your land?
No, my land is on the other side of the hill.
Then why don't you plant these on your land.
Who knows whether I will be alive till the time they bear fruit
When they bear fruits, the public will enjoy them.
When I was a child, there were 2 apple trees in front of my school
During break time we used to pounce on the trees...
...and finish off all the fruits.
Now many schools have opened here.
I am planting these trees for those children.
They will enjoy the fruits.
We had planted that tree 2 years ago. Now see its fruits.
The person who is planting trees for others...
...will be having so much love and affection for everyone.
I want to thank you on behalf of all those children...
...who will enjoy the fruits from these trees in future.
I accept your thanks.
Get up.
Will you get up?
What is it? Why did you wake me up?
It is 8.30. The whole world is up.
I want to sleep.
Please get up.
You gamble till late in the night & then keep sleeping late
There also it is the same story & here too.
All your friends are bloody gamblers.
Don't dare to say anything to my friends.
Shut up!
Just in few days he's more attached with me.
What do you want?
What the entire world desires.
Wife should get up before the husband.
Is this written in the Indian Penal Code?
Serve your husband, get up before the husband.
Why? Are wives only slaves?
Don't spoil my mood in the morning.
You know my temper.
Call at Kanpur and find out about kids.
My son is ready.
Play for a little while here then we will go out.
Mummy you had promised me something.
Yes, I remember my promise.
This is it, isn't it?
Where is papa?
He has gone to meet Dr. Uncle & he will meet us there.
Mummy, my ball.
What happened to it? - It fell down.
I will just get it.
You! Is it yours?
It's my son's. He was playing & it fell down.
Can you give it to me?
Do you keep sitting in the room? Don't you go out?
I was just about to leave. You come up.
We will have tea & go together.
There is your ball. Aunty has brought it.
Good. Very Good.
So it is his ball.
He has bouncing it high, & ball fell out of the window.
Say hello to aunty. - Leave it.
Let us shake hands.
My ball.
Come in.
Come here, sit.
What is it mummy?
Have your milk, Prakash.
Go out & play but don't go down. - Alright.
What did you do today? - I slept the whole day.
My husband woke me up in the morning.
I fought with him.
You fought with him?
Don't you people fight?
If he says anything, you should not answer back.
We need two hands to clap.
What do you know about these men?
This is your photo? Is he your husband?
Yes, this is our wedding photo.
When did you get married? - Three months ago.
But you have a 6 years old child, isn't it?
Yes, he would be nearly 6 years old.
Is the child yours? - Yes.
My dear son.
You are hiding something from me?
Tell me where is his mother?
What has happened to her?
You won't tell anybody.
You promise me that he will not come to know of truth from you.
I promise.
His mother left him when he was a toddler.
He doesn't have a mother.
But now I am his mother. He has become very friendly with me.
And you?
I also love him very much, like my own child.
When you have your own child will you still love him?
I won't have my own child.
Today I will cancel all my programmes.
I will come with you. - Come.
Let's go prakash.
There are 2 seasons to come to the hills.
May-June or October-November.
Last summer, we were in Simla.
I forgot to leave the keys.
You wait here with aunty. I'll leave the keys & come.
Ok, mom.
How did you like Srinagar? Do you go to school?
Do you study in Bombay? - In Srinagar.
In which school?
Won't you talk to me?
Are you angry because I didn't shake hands with you?
I am sorry. Forgive me.
Won't you forgive your aunty?
My child!
Shall we go on the swings? - I'll take you.
Did he trouble you? - No, wanted to go on the swing.
Shall we go on the swings? - No, we are getting late.
Ok, Mrs. Agarwal, we'll take leave.
His father is waiting down for us. Bye.
Bye. - Let's go son.
There papa has come with the tonga.
My son!
Shall we go? - Yes.
What have you brought? What have you left behind?
What have you brought? What have you left behind?
What all have we left in the way.
What all have we left in the way.
We remember all that later.
Man is a traveller.
He comes and goes.
While coming and going he leaves behind memories.
Man is a traveller.
He comes and goes.
While coming and going he leaves behind memories.
He leaves behind memories.
Kamini, we have to go to Raja saheb's party...
...and you are still not ready?
I don't feel like going today. You go.
You aren't in a mood to go to a party.
There can't be a bigger joke than this.
I myself am thinking this.
There can't be a bigger joke than this.
Now, stop this nonsense.
Get ready, we are already late.
I am not your slave to do whatever you want me to do.
Sometimes think about my happiness also.
What haven't I done for your happiness?
I gave you whatever you wanted.
Money, servants, cars, all luxuries of life and...
...status of my name.
This is not all that a women desires...
...she also needs her husband's love.
And her child also.
Since when have you become fond of children.
You hated children.
You yourself had told me that you didn't need a child.
Now you can never have a child.
I have two grownup sons.
Consider them as your own children.
And regarding husband's love...
...try to become capable of that.
Now get ready.
The doctor whose eyes are sharp as an eagle, heart is as...
...brave as a lion and hands are as soft as a women's hands...
...we should come to know that he is an A-one doctor.
Thank you, sir.
Come, Mr. Agarwal.
Hello, Mrs. Agarwal.
Sorry for being late. - It's alright.
Here you would be knowing everyone except the Mehra's
Mr. Anil Mehra. Mrs. Mehra. - Hello.
Mr. Kishen Agarwal Mrs. Agarwal
We have met earlier. - Good.
What are we waiting for?
Drinks for everybody.
Excuse me.
With whom have you left Prakash?
He is in the hostel.
Come here. - Excuse me.
I am not feeling a little well. - What happened?
Nothing. Just, I am not feeling comfortable.
What will Raja Saheb think?
Where were you going?
I was eager to see you.
Here is petrol. Now start your vehicle.
We have come to the party. Don't spoil it.
How are you? When did you come?
About 15 days ago.
I said what are you doing?
You can talk to each other at home also.
Now that you have come here talk to us.
Cheers! - Cheers!
When husband & wife start taking too much care...
...of each other, one should understand that they have fought
When you know husband & wife relation so well...
...why didn't you get married?
I didn't find any girl. - What?
I didn't get a girl that I wanted.
What sort of a girl did you want?
A woman should have 4 qualities.
Love in the heart, she should be shy...
...she should be soft spoken and should have habit to do work.
Well said! All these are theoretical things.
Is it necessary that a wife should be her husband's slave
Mrs. Agarwal it will be good if we don't discuss this here.
It is a party. Let's have a nice time.
Please tell me, is a wife her husband's slave?
A wife is as much a slave of her husband as the husband is...
...slave of his wife.
In our country, woman is considered a Goddess.
Behind every successful man there is a woman.
Be it his mother or his wife.
Remember one thing. Without a woman every man is incomplete.
Without a man every woman is incomplete.
Both are each other's soul mates.
That is why wife is called 'Ardhangani'
And the man who thinks his wife is a slave is a fool.
Marriages break b'coz of husband & wife's stubbornness.
Because of false ego.
There is nothing wrong in doing your housework.
There is no slavery in helping each other.
For a happy life one should have love for each other.
One should have devotion and 'Apnapan', love & affection.
Ladies and Gentelman.
The chief guest for today's function is Raja Yashpalji.
Now I will request Raja Saheb to please come on the stage...
...and say a few words to the parents and the children.
Please Raja Saheb.
Respected Principal. Ladies and gentlemen.
Today's function is for the children & parents are here too.
I would just like to say that children are the world's treasure.
Today's children are tomorrow's citizens.
They are tomorrow's future.
That is why it is our duty to take care of them.
Teacher's and professor's just teach the children...
...in school's and colleges.
But they get their values from their house.
That is why it is the duty of every parent especially mother...
...that she gives ample love to her children
She should give them such high knowledge that...
...they have a high character.
Remember if there wasn't a mother like Jijabai...
...there won't have been a son like Shivaji.
If Devaki & Yashoda hadn't been there...
...Shri Krishna wouldn't have been there too.
God can take birth again but to bring them to this world...
...we need someone of great stature whom we call mother.
I do it hundred times in a day.
I do it hundred times in a day.
I love my father.
I love my father.
I am scared of my father.
I am scared of my father.
I love my mother.
I love my mother.
If we smile she smiles. Mother is like this.
Mother is like this.
If we cry she cries. Mother is like this.
Mother is like this.
He walks on thorns & we sleep on flowers.
Father is like this.
He goes to work in the morning, comes in the evening.
He earns a lot of money & brings things for us.
I'm waiting for him.
I love my father.
I love my father.
Bring this, bring that. Mother always says this.
Father has to run the house.
How does the house run?
By Father.
Father doesn't know how to light the stove.
Mother runs the house.
Mother runs the house.
In the morning he wakes us. He makes us laugh.
I seek forgiveness
I seek forgiveness I love my mother.
I love my mother.
If someone asks me whose daughter am I?
I say that I am my father's daughter.
Whether someone asks me or not, I tell everyone.
I am mother's son.
I am mother's son.
Leave all this. Let me say.
What is more dear than mother?
The whole world is because of a father.
What is more dear than mother?
Leave it. You are still a child.
The child will take away the game.
You go, or you will be lose.
Tell me how is your father? - Just like mother.
Just like mother.
See, you've lost.
We are fighting unnecessarily.
I just fight like that.
I just fight like that.
We are fight like that.
We love mother and father.
We are fight like that.
We love mother and father.
Mrs. Agrawal.
You too here!
Does your child also study here? - No. I came with my friends.
It was a very nice show. - Thanks.
If you allow, can I take a snap of your child?
Why not. Do take.
Aunty wants to take a snap. Go.
Say thanks. - Thanks.
Thank you, son.
You are my son. I am your mother.
If you come to me I will give you all the happiness of world.
No, aunty. My mother says that the happiness of the world is...
...in one's own house.
My Prakash!
And my father says that not even the world's treasure...
...can buy the happiness that is there in 'Apnapan' (our own)
Why are you crying?
On one side is a small happy family & on the other side...
...are all the luxuries of life.
Both sides of life are in front of you.
You had taken the decision.
You got what you wanted.
Now why this crying?
Why this repentance, then?
I made a mistake. I was at fault.
But such a big punishment for that fault.
My son is calling someone else his mother.
A mother who strangulates her motherhood for...
...the luxuries of life has no right to be called a mother.
My son. My Prakash.
And listen. Those who have everything, have nothing.
And those who have nothing, have everything.
God! Give me my Prakash.
Give me my Prakash.
I don't need anything else.
Oh God!
Come on my horse! Go fast.
Mummy, my horse has stopped.
Stopped! It will just move.
Yes, I am Mrs. Mehra. - I am Mrs. Agarwal.
What is your son doing?
Prakash has made his father a horse.
Today at 5, all of you come to our place.
We will have tea together.
I will just ask my husband.
Anil, Mrs. Agarwal is calling us for tea in the evening.
How will we go? Make some excuse.
Tell her that some friends are coming.
Thanks a lot but regret we won't be able to come today.
Some friends are coming. Will make it some other time.
How are you? - Fine. - Bye.
Hello, Mrs Agarwal. This is my husband.
I have met him before. At Raja saheb's party.
Oh, yes.
You have come alone?
I was feeling bored in the hotel, so came here.
You didn't come, made an excuse.
No. His friend's called to say that they are not coming.
Then Prakash insisted for boating...
...so we brought him here.
If not in the hotel, please have tea with me here.
Yes, madam.
2 teas What will our son have?
Pastry. But two.
The time passes so fast. Just three days are remaining...
...for us to go back.
Are you taking the child also? - Yes.
Now he will stay in Bombay and study in a school there.
Mom look.
Plane is running.
Mummy, please get me that type of a plane.
I will bring it for you.
Really? - Yes.
- Promise? - Yes, I will bring it for you.
Prakash, one should not ask for things like this.
Let it be. He is only a child.
And then I am not a stranger.
Can't his aunty even buy him a toy?
What happened?
Excuse me.
Prakash has become so big & intelligent also.
When did you come to Bombay from Delhi?
6-7 months ago.
I'm ruined. I'm lost.
After taking divorce from you, I got bored sitting at home.
Because of my stubbornness I lost my job everywhere.
I got tired working for different people.
Then I married a rich man.
His wife is dead & he has two grown up children.
I got everything in life. Wealth, house, car & luxuries of life...
...but I didn't get my husband's love & my child.
I remained incomplete.
Who is responsible for this?
I am!
I am only responsible.
Leaving a loving husband like you & my lovely child...
...I myself have dug a pit for myself.
But I have suffered a lot.
You got a loving wife.
You have become happy.
You can have more kids.
But my child...
Give me back my son.
I beg you.
Kamini, you have always done what you wanted.
Did you ever think what would have happened to us...
...after you left us.
I brought him up with great difficulty.
And when he grew up, he started asking for his mother.
What will I answer him?
Today he thinks Radhika is his mother.
And Radhika has also started loving him as her son.
Kamini don't separate a child from his mother again.
But you...
Prakash, come.
After coming out of the bathroom he went and sat in the shikara.
I have brought him here with great difficulty.
He's insisting.
We should move now.
Thank you Mrs. Agarwal.
Say bye to aunty.
Alright aunty, bye.
Bye. - Son.
When the boat of life starts shaking...
When the boat of life starts shaking...
Someone comes to rescue it.
Someone comes to rescue it.
Someone sinks at the shore.
Man is a traveller.
He comes & goes.
On his way, he leaves behind memories.
Man is a traveller.
He comes & goes.
On his way, he leaves behind memories.
This evening Mrs. Agarwal seemed to be slightly sad.
Everyone has some sorrows in his life.
What she asking you something?
She was asking me about someone whom she knows.
Whom? Her husband's friend.
I cannot remember his name.
Radhika, it's been a long time. Now Prakash is also with us.
Come, let's go back to Mumbai.
I want to spend a few days more here with Prakash.
As you wish.
Hello - Hello.
How are you? - Fine. Thank you.
Mrs. Agarwal, what are you looking for?
Have you lost something?
Yes. Will I find it?
Kabir has rightly said.
What is the use of crying over spilt milk...
Mrs. Agarwal it is wise if one forgets his past.
One should keep safely what one has.
And look forward for a bright future.
Mr. Agarwal.
Excuse me.
Tell me.
Get something so that she can spend her time.
Every women wants a toy to play with.
I just remembered something. - What?
We have to live in this world & die here too.
When we have got place in your heart what do we have...
...to do with heaven.
Shall we sit on the horse? - Yes.
But three. - Why?
One each of each one of us.
Today leave mummy & papa. You sit alone on the horse.
Then call the horse.
Hey, horse rider.
Bye, dad.
What do we do in the evening?
I will tell you later.
Bye, son.
Bye, Prakash.
Papa! Mummy!
Papa! Mummy!
Prakash! No!
I only said that we should stay here for a few more days.
Nothing happens with someone's saying.
Bad time had come. The child had to fall, he fell down.
If He has given pain, He will give happiness also.
Have confidence on Him.
How is the child? - He is very serious.
It's been 7 hours. He hasn't regained consciousness.
We're trying our best.
The pulse is falling.
This is the blood report of child's parents.
Oh! My God.
It is very urgent to give blood to the child.
Both your blood group don't match with that with the child.
There's no one in our staff with this blood group.
If you permit can we test your blood.
I am sorry. I can give him blessings.
I can give him everything but I cannot give him blood.
I am sorry.
Doctor, take my blood.
At times the blood of strangers also gets matched.
Please come in.
I just came to know. How is your child?
The child needs blood but no one's blood is matching.
You can test my blood.
If your child is saved with my blood I will think that...
...this life that I have got has become fruitful.
Mrs. Agarwal's blood has matched.
Transfusion is taking place.
How is he? - Better.
But if he doesn't regain consciousness in next 12 hours...
...he can be critical.
If something happens to him I won't be able to live.
Don't get disheartened. Your child will be alright.
Your door isn't opened, Goddess.
Give your love, Goddess.
Give your love, Goddess.
Give your love, Goddess.
I'm dear to you, Goddess.
Give your love, Goddess.
Give your love, Goddess.
Give your love, Goddess.
Give your love, Goddess.
Give your love, Goddess.
I'm dear to you, Goddess.
I'm dear to you, Goddess.
I'm dear to you, Goddess.
I'm dear to you, Goddess.
Give your love, Goddess.
Acclaim... - Hail Goddess.
Say it loudly. - Hail Goddess.
Say it loudly. - Hail Goddess.
Everyone say... - Hail Goddess.
I didn't hear... - Hail Goddess.
Everyone say... - Hail Goddess.
Hail Goddess!
Hail Goddess!
Say it loudly. - Hail Goddess.
Everyone say... - Hail Goddess.
Hail Goddess!
Hail Goddess!
Hail Goddess!
Mother, you are the mother of this entire world.
Today a mother has come to you.
I have suffered enough for my sins.
Mother, please forgive me.
Please save my child.
I promise you I will never ask you for a child.
Please save him.
Make him alright.
Your child.
I am near you.
Yes, Prakash.
I am in front of you.
My child!
Today we will go back to the hotel, will not we?
And after a few days to Bombay. - Really? - Yes.
Hello, Rajasaheb.
How is the child?
With your blessings, he is absolutely alright.
Please come.
Namaste, sir. - Namaste.
I told you to have faith on Him.
Hello. - Hello.
May you have a long life.
May you have my life...
May God bless you.
Here take this. - What is it?
It is a token of love.
There are certain things for the child, you & Anil.
Why did you bother? - Keep quiet.
When will you come again to Kashmir?
Now we will have to come here every year.
Now your love will bring us here.
Then you keep this.
Next time when you come stay in my house, not in a hotel.
Why this? You will be there, isn't it?
Keep it.
I cannot stay in one place.
At times I'm here & there.
And if God calls me then...
I'll take leave now.
I have planted trees of fruits for you. Do eat their fruits.
Good Morning Mrs. Mehra. - Good Morning.
Mr & Mrs. Mehra were in room 112. Where are they?
They left a little while ago.
Where did they go?
About half an hour ago they left for Jammu in a taxi.
Mrs. Agarwal!
Hello Mrs. Agarwal. You here.
You people are going. Without telling me & meeting me.
I got a trunk call from my office. There is important work.
We had to leave suddenly.
It's okay.
I was thinking that you people will stay here for a few days.
Aunty, you had promised me.
I remember my promise.
See, isn't it like that one?
Yes. - Is it nice.
Very nice.
My child! May God bless you!
Mrs. Agarwal.
Be happy always.
We have to take the 2' o clock train.
Please permit us to leave now.
Bye. - Bye.
Aunty has given you such a nice present. Say thanks.
Hold toy.
It is alright.
The eyes cry.
The heart burns.
Man is a traveller.
He comes and goes.
On his way he leaves behind memories.