Pythagorean Identity Proof Pt1: Trigonometry Math Help

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I don't know if that makes sense
now we're going to get it the standard against various that he chuckled
so I I don't want to go on to something a little bit you sir
these manatees doesn't matter
the fact is that I tried a little interest in a circle
as although
so I have a better handle on it that's mister great it was about that
described as as
it's our custom a couple of questions
there's a pretty sight officer us
now I'm going to hold
they had here
the idea is that of people in this case there
the state the cease-fire
receive is that I I suppose that the
%uh the way so
you don't realize that
nothing new here
I don't need that to be a hostage each on
this upset
and she said
okay well
that's fine but the what
I don't know
juliet so little
we haven't really trade
it is a signpost side and he in Alaska
how do you view that
overall the issue
signs that ratio also trent lott
cause that's a real issue is a burr lives
and Canada
at issue the issue of
signed her up to the parties
what it
strategy to use one
it's unify for example
what's going on
which we don't shoot that's perfect
i'd also say
do you agree with that
yes agree with that
all of these divided by
the same number
you know actually what has been what changed out you
well it's it's
how is that
if numbers of citizens of resistance
what that is
as for the democrats
by that I have
whatever subsidy shouldn't be too different but with some very bold
I have this people's lives
to remain true
so I don't not holiday
so in a
in order to get to be shot
again he's because time
I did by used by a caucus
whatever it is
of course because the citizens day
this will remain sure we're going
so I will show
that up here
satisfying office
it uses less often
well perhaps there
and he sees the violent scene members
they're orchestras are will remain true just like any other cases
now all
I also realize that side
plus so
this is scott simon
well it's frightening
they're the jurors
what's clear
so this
it was the initials are not very attractive again you
we see
%uh the biggest right
that's it that they are here
with all the hostages
three about cities are
she the value of this is about
disrupting the truth
true the news of people's lives true
and then he was and the greatest
%uh and reiterated a small city
I listen to his audience out here
is this
each of you and that is the same thing
just ahead
it's really an initially hundred is grieved by the moment