Mahabharat - Episode 93

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Time stands in the ruins of your life’s values ...
... narrating the story of this Great War ...
... which has ended and yet, still to end ...
... because I had said on the very first day
This war is the late of every Present and Future
Which is why I am taking various roles ...
... that of a Sage, a Teacher and a mother ...
... while narrating this Epic tale to you
This tale is not only the Past
It is the Present and Future
Hence, come with me to Hastinapur and ...
... see what happens after a war like this
You have returned after so long!
Look at the tear-stained lace of your elder brother
I am sure you have come here to mourn for me
Should I bless you with a long life?
No, Brother! No!
Then express your sorrow and go away!
Leave me alone with my tears
Maybe you never got the news that ...
... my dear son Duryodhan is dead
Bhim broke his thigh during mace warfare
Won't you even express your sorrow?
Our Politics was never worthy of ...
... expressing sorrow over his death
My enemy was not Politics
My Duryodhan was not Politics
Gandhari's other sons were not Politics
They were my sons, Vidur! My sons!
They were your sons but ...
... they lived like pawns on the political chessboard
They marched ahead, and ...
... were beaten and removed from the chessboard
Don't forget, it was you who staked them
And you lost!
Victory and Defeat are a part of Dice
It is I who is unhappy
Bonded to them, I walked ...
... between Justice and Injustice ...
... merely watching the game ...
... unable to do anything
My hundred sons died during this war ...
... and you call it a game?
Do you have a book on Ethics in place of your heart?
Are you so hard-hearted that ...
... my tears have no effect on you?
Is this your Religion?
Don't talk of Religion, Brother!
Religion is not a parrot which will repeat ...
... whatever you teach it!
You cannot use Religion to your convenience because ...
... Religion spreads itself all over the Universe ...
... and beyond it!
Religion means keeping the air pure for breathing
Religion means keeping the water pure for drinking ...
... and protecting the trees
To light against you in this war is also Religion
Hence, bless the Pandavas
They have laced innumerable hardships ...
... to protect their Religion
Was I the only Evil One?
Is Dhritirashtra evil?
His powerful arms cannot carry his sons' corpses
Had you not strayed from the path of Religion ...
... you would not be mourning for your sons
In this crucial moment of test you proved to be ...
... more of a lather than a King
That is your misfortune and Hastinapur's
Your ambition and filial love ...
... drove out Religion from your court
Religion does not mean dividing the kingdom
But you did exactly that!
Religion does not mean raising walls between hearts
But you did exactly that!
Religion means breaking down walls between hearts
But you did not do that!
Surrendering to temptation is not Religion
For you, Religion is a bitter truth
Accept it! Welcome it!
You still haven't lost everything
O devotee of bitter words!
What is left but the corpses of my loved ones?
You still have your Soul
And God reigns supreme in your Soul
Try to save both of them!
Stand at some crossroad of Hastinapur and scream :
O Hastinapur! Forgive me!
Should I ask forgiveness of that Hastinapur ...
... which did not even mourn with me ...
... when I lost a hundred sons
Why should it come? You should have mourned for it
You lost a hundred sons but ...
... Hastinapur sacrificed innumerable sons
But the warriors you claim to be your sons ...
... are also Hastinapur's sons!
Will Religion take away even my son?
Will it not leave me the right to cy over my sons?
Why not?
But Religion is like the river ...
... which gives water to all nearby fields ...
... to wayfarers and residents but ...
... none can claim to own it!
It is a lather's duty to love his sons but ...
... Religion does not have a family
You did not think of that!
You placed the flame of ambition on his hand ...
... and told him it was the moon
Why would he not believe his beloved lather?
You placed one flame after another ...
... till his whole hand caught lire
It was this lire which destroyed him
It was your ambition which dragged him to Kurukshetra
Therefore, my brother ...
... History will hold you responsible for this war
You are the Past ...
... which tried to stop the Future ...
... with a wall of your sons' corpses
You speak the bitter truth as usual but ...
... why does your voice seem moist with tears?
My voice seems moist with tears ...
... because I am crying
Will you listen to a request?
Yes, my brother ...
... because there is none left by my side
What do you want?
The victorious Pandavas have entered Hastinapur
They'll come to pay respects
After you bless them, let's leave for the forest
Hastinapur seems to be a forest of crying eyes
You are Hastinapur's Past
It is your duty to welcome the Present ...
and then lost yourself in the darkness of Time
Therefore, try to forget your unhappiness
Queen Gandhari and Queen Kunti ...
... have decided to leave Hastinapur with you
I cannot lace them, Vidur!
Face them you must for that is your salvation
That is your punishment and your repentance
They are two mothers ...
... who stood at either end of Kurukeshetra ...
... with the corpse of their Fate
When you are with them you'll realise ...
... what you did to Hastinapur ...
... which was once dear to you
Your being with them will make you realise ...
... the price Hastinapur paid for your ambitions
Long live Emperor Yuddhistir!
Wipe away your tears and ...
... welcome your victorious sons like a warrior
Welcome to this unhappy palace of tears ...
... Emperor Yuddhistir
Won't you let us pay our respects
First pay your respects to Elder Father
I won't run away!
Welcome, Krishna
How are you, Mahatma Vidur?
This question has no meaning in today's Hastinapur
But you have asked this question
Maybe it is I who is mistaken for ...
... you'll never ask a meaningless question
I don't know how I am!
My heart is a palace of mourning ...
... where there are no mourners
I think you should be the first to meet Elder Brother
As you wish!
Come one at time so that I can recognise you
This broken man welcomes you, O Krishna!
Krishna pays his respects to the King of Hastinapur
I thought you would first ...
... express sorrow for the death of my sons
I don't believe in formalities, my King!
Those who died had chosen that path
Besides, expressing sorrow opens old wounds, O King!
Why do you keep calling me King?
Don't you know I have been defeated in this war?
Yuddhistir is now the King!
You were right when you said ...
... History will hold me responsible for this war
It will hold you responsible because you are responsible!
Don't keep calling me King
When I was the King ...
... Grandsire sat on my left
Then sat Sage Drona and Sage Kripa
Duryodhan took his place as the Crown Prince
My hundred sons graced the court ...
... like nectar graces the wine jar
Even if I am King, it is of a vacuum
I had every right to the throne, Krishna
After me, my son Duryodhan was the rightful heir
Like a true warrior, after my defeat in war ...
... I vacated the throne
But that does not mean ...
... I have no blessing for Yuddhistir
My respects, Elder Father
May you live long!
May you be famous!
Welcome to your palace, O Emperor
No, Elder Father! You are still the King
No, Yuddhistir! I am also a warrior
Don't insult me by gifting me an empire
Call your brothers!
Come near me!
Don't touch my feet!
Embrace me!
O my dear Pandu!
Forgive me, Pandu!
I have killed your son Bhim
No, O King!
I knew how angry you were
So, I did not let Bhim come close to you
Is my Bhim still alive?
I am waiting for your blessings, Elder Father
If you are still angry I'll embrace you!
No, my son! Don't say that!
A lather who has lost all his sons...
... will not dare lose his younger sons
May I wipe off the blood from your chest?
May you live long!
My respects, O Sage!
May fortune favour you!
My luck lies shattered in Kurukshetra, O Sage!
It does not befit you to be angry
You refused to bless your son with victory because ...
... he was straying from Truth
How can you think of cursing the Pandavas?
The Gandhari who refused to bless Duryodhan ...
... was the Queen of Hastinapur
The Gandhari who thinks of cursing the Pandavas ...
... is a mother who has ...
... Lost a hundred sons in just one war
Wipe your tears with the shrouds of ...
... Abhimanyu and Draupadi's sons
Don't try to recognise the corpses ...
... in this war between Truth and Evil!
Every corpse lying on the battlefield is your own!
A Holy War should be fought according to a Code
Why am I so unhappy at Dushasan's death ?
Bhim should not have drunk his blood!
This is not the time for analysis, Gandhari
Leave the analysis to History! It is good at it!
History never makes mistakes
Even if you still want to curse them, do so!
They'll consider it a blessing!
With mothers like these ...
... the honour of the county grows!
Blessed is this person
Blessed is motherhood !