Jambers - interviews lottery winners part 1 Lottowinnaars

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I don't know if you ever thought about what you would do if you win the lottery....
...or when you suddenly get rich, or get an would get an inheritance...
...or when you will receive a few million on your bank account for whatever reason.
I went to look for people who really experienced this.
I spoke to some lottery winners, and people who suddenly got rich in a short time...
..and I asked myself in what extent it changed their lives, if those people...
...were able to achieve their wildest dreams, if they still were able to keep their friends...
..or if the whole social circle had changed, I asked myself: What happens with a person when you suddenly get very rich?
At the Molenveld in Balen lives Felix Verwimp.
In 1977 he won in the national lottery, but you look at Felix Verwimp house it shows little appearance of wealth.
You are Mr. Verwimp? - That's right.
We are just visiting you. - Good day.
You live here?
May we come in for a while? - Yes.
This is my living room. - Voila. Here we are.
Here I'm comfortable.
Yes, yes. You are the lottery winner?
You are the winner, aren't you...? - Long ago, I won the lottery, yes.
And how much did you win?
15 million at the time.
15 million I won then. - That's a lot of money, 15 million?
Yes, but it caused a lot of problems and suffering.
A lot of problems and suffering? - Yes.
The 3rd of the 2nd month in 1977. - In 1977.
Then I was watching the lottery in the evening on the TV.
And I just had our newborn, Els, on my lap.
And when we saw that we won on TV, the feeing bottle fell out of my hand, you understand that, do you?
The 15 million did not bring the winner much luck.
Verwimp lives now alone.
At the time he was married, and he lived together with his wife and a family of 7 children.
The children received each 1 million right away.
The rest of the money melted away like snow in the sun.
But then I also bought a Mercedes.
Right? I bought a Mercedes.
I thought I had bought a new one, but it was not a new one.
It was not a new one? - It was indeed not a new one
But you had paid for a new one? - that's right.
How did that happen then? - I don't know how that happened.
The car was a standing in a dark corner when I bought it. But it was just the car I had always wanted.
And the knew that I was a man with a lot of money.
Yes. - Do you know what I mean?
It was not easy to be a new millionaire.
His wife left him.
A huge amount of money was taken from the bank account.
And Verwimp could not understand how that did happen.
When he gave his wife a check of 5000 Franc, sometimes half a million would be withdrawn from the account.
Mr. Verwimp thinks of a conspiracy between his wife and the banker.
Verwimp still does not know what happened to his money.
My wife had power of attorney on the bank account, even before I won the money.
And she still had the power of attorney after you won the prize, so she could withdraw as much as she liked?
She could withdraw whatever she wanted. - So she also did that?
I think she did that, yes.
It is quiet in the living room of Mr. Verwimp.
'After a while, I was afraid to go out' he says.
People were always watching me.
The man of 15 million.
I got afraid.
The people here all know...
That I did not spend all that money, they all know.
And that I' am a honest man.
So the money has all been spend on your kids, your wife, and a banker who ripped you off.
Ripped off...that I can't really say.
He abused your trust?
That is a fact. My wife goes to the bank to withdraw money..
He says: 'I gave the money to her'. And she says: 'No, I did not get that money'.
And then she left me. My family is broken.
Who broke up my family? I don't know.
Verwimp also spend 3 million to the the renovation of his house.
But he was forced to sell his house later.
I'll ask him. - Yes.
This was all your property here? - Yes, this was my property.
Also all this, you see.
Hi Rene. They earlier asked your wife for permission to film.
Are you ok with that? - This is the new owner.
A new owner, yes. He bought it from me.
These are the men of the TV. - Ah, from the TV?
Yeah, they liked to take a look how I lived before, you see?
I said: I first need to ask Rene for permission.
You see? Better let Rene go first.
Just come in, don't worry about me.
You can come in if you like! - Can we come in?
How do you feel to be back in your old home?
How does it feel? - Well, it feel strange, really.
But well...you can do nothing about it, right.
And the fireplace and everything...it cleaned I see.
Ok, you can take a look now. - Let's take a look then.
This was the living room before.
Ah, don't worry about it.
Let's see the room here.
This was your room? - This was my room, yes.
This was my room. The bed was against this wall.
And here was the closet.
Here was the kitchen.
This was the kitchen, right here.
In his current little house Verwimp things back a lot about the good times.
1 million to each of the 7 children, cheated when he bought his Mercedes, his wife left him with a part of the money....
and 3 million for the renovation of his house.
The house was was extended with a kitchen, bedrooms.
A bigger living room, new floor and everything.
And a douche and bath too.
And do your children come and visit you here?
2 of my children visit me here. No, 3 children I mean.
But the others I never saw them here.
After one year all the money was gone.
1 year. All gone. I had lost 15 million.
And also my children and my wife were gone.
So all that money did not bring much happiness?
It did not bring happiness at all. Nothing.
Some people say: Felix, if you win the jackpot again tomorrow, what would you do?
It is simple, I climb on the roof, and I let it fly. All of it.
You see? Then at least you enjoy it, you understand?