Falta de medicamento preocupa família de Yussef em Uberlândia, Keppra 250mg

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The lack of a drug in the management of regional health
has concerned a family here in Uberlandia.
The child has seizures,
and need an imported product
it takes 90 to 120 days to be released.
In the small house Yussef,
care and concern go together.
The 9 year old boy
had pneumococcal meningitis at 5 months
how the disease affected the brain
that was in development,
were some sequels
as seizures,
that can only be controlled with medication.
Yussef need to take one pill every eight hours,
Keppra 250 mg, medicine imported
that is not found in any pharmacy in Uberlandia.
Each box costs about $ 500.
The seizure, if it does not take your medicine
can damage neurons,
he can come to death.
It has happened with the agent is seen here
begin the crisis
agent and check the clock and running to the hospital
you have to admit it.
In 2007 the family got a court injunction
requiring the Secretary of State for Health
provide the drug to the child,
only two months ago Keppra 250 mg
is missing in pharmacy management of regional health.
There remain few pills
that should not even last until the end of the month.
The drug was sent by a family acquaintance
who lives in Belgium.
Happened that day delay,
always deliver within the month.
Now coincidentally or not,
She fumbled in the election,
has 3 months I go,
yes one week, not one week,
always waiting.
I went there did not care to know,
After all he needs the medicine.
As you can see is 70 tablets,
it uses 3 per day, to give 20 days
then, until Friday I have to act.
That is, if the product does not arrive,
I have friends there that trigger
they try to buy and send it to me.
The family has sued the attorney
2 years ago that the injunction could
forcing the state to provide drugs
for the small Yussef.
If you can not answer a
must enter a new action in court
demanding money to allow parents to import the drug.
It has to be fulfilled the injunction.
If agent has not been fulfilled will be charged
organs that are responsible
case in the state.
Why the second agent has information that
Belo Horizonte is buying, but not yet arrived.
She's 2 months that they are purchasing.
Agent does not know why still not come.
So the recovery, usually through the state.
Of the state provides.
The pharmacy management of regional health Uberlândia
serves 10 000 people,
with 130 kinds of medicines.
To facilitate the provision of high-cost drugs,
State Secretary of Health does not require bidding.
The delay is justified by the difficulty of releasing imported
which can take from 90 to 120 days.
It made the purchase in September,
around day 2,
and we are waiting.
They ask for 90 to 120 days to deliver in Brazil.
Not just for us, you know.
I have a request in the state for 240 treatments
across the state.
As it was in September, October and November, we believe
that is coming should ai.
And the state, the Regional Health Management,
we strongly charge of supplies,
importers, for power is the product here.
Arriving here, you immediately.
This is the work that we have to do.
By e-mail the Secretary of State for Health
that the process of importing the drug is delayed,
but already placed the order of 240 boxes in September.
The prediction is that the remedy is available within 20 days.
Agent expects the child during this period,
not using, that it continues well.
Keep up the very good treatment,
accompanying doctors.
I mean,
that the agent may do, we're doing.
Unfortunately, you know ...
No delays by the state.
're Getting, the money is there,
was released,
already bought,
have all documentation
and we are hoping to pass on to the importing state.
While the drug does not arrive,
family saves and has the support of relatives and friends.
It is an achievement, I will assert his right.
That then I will always fight.