Learn Remote Viewing Step 1 -- "The Cool Down"

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Well hey! It's Dr. Simeon Hein here and I wanna talk a little
bit to you about the process by which we can connect our
awareness and our consciousness to non-local, people, places
and events and so forth. It's a process that I call Virtual
Viewing and I've been getting a lot of questions recently about
how the Virtual Viewing Process works, what its all about. So,
what I wanted to do for you right now, is just to break it
down, step by step, into the processes by which it's uh able
to work. Now when you actually connect with a non-local um
event, person or place and you get the information coming from
over there, over to where you are, over here, you know, it can
seem like a magical process and because you can't see how it's
happening um sometimes it's hard to get a grasp on what
actually you need to do, to actually make that type of
contact. So I want to break it down for you into five easy,
pretty simple steps, so that you can do viewing too and I wanna
show you it's not really all that hard. So, the first step
that you need to do, when we do viewing, is what we call uh the
Cool Down Process and let me just show you here on the
whiteboard what the Cool Down Process is all about. Now look
at that, just like magic, the board is seemingly erased.
So, it's the magic of the video age. In any case, let's take a
look at what we need to do, to do a Cool Down Process. Now,
the Cool Down Process is, before you start the Virtual Viewing
Session, you wanna be able to quiet your mind down, so that
you can perceive these very subtle signals that come through
us, through the quantum space-time matrix
from the Akashic records,
whatever you want to think about it as, the signals are very
subtle and they are very quiet and very fleeting. So you need
to be able to perceive them when they come across your
awareness. So, to illustrate it here on the board, it's like
what we want to do,
increase the signal strength
and decrease the amount of noise
in our awareness --
noise! There you go!
the signal is there and we want it to get
stronger and we want the mental noise, the so-called chatter in
our mind,
the so-called monkey mind, you know, that part of our
minds that are always talking with internal dialogue and uh
creating a lot of chaos in there of the disturbing kind, so that
we can't hear and perceive the subtle signals. You know, you
could think of it as an internal judge or some sort of internal
sort of um chatter that basically keeps you from
perceiving the much more subtle signals that come in through the
Virtual Viewing Process. So we wanna lower that noise level
down, so we can hear the signal because the signal is coming
across to us
if the noise level is higher than the level of the signal,
and this is the noise,
we won't be able to perceive that signal because it's too
quiet. So we wanna get that noise level down. We wanna
turn the volume down, on the noise, so we can hear
the signal. It's really that straightforward! So there's a
number of ways you can actually do this. Um some people like to
do uh a meditation on -- on a regular basis. Something I
you could uh practice any sort of mind, body exercise
uh things like uh Tai Chi or yoga or any sort of exercise
that works for you.
You wanna be able to get into what we
call the zone.
You know, you want to get into that place of
uninterrupted awareness so that the etheric uh signals that come
across through the space-time matrix by contrast to the noise,
appear to be louder, stronger so you can pick them up and
write them down. Now what we do in virtual viewing is, we do a
a little mini cool down where when we start our session and
we have our piece of paper, what we'll do is, write down
all of the little
distractions that are in our minds,to begin with.
You know, we can call this a process of justification,
whatever you'd like to call it, where we actually take any
distractions that we have in our awareness, at the start of the
session and we write them down. And that is one way to do kind
of a mini cool down, is basically to uh bring out an
objective by any distractions you have before you start your
session. So the Cool Down Process is really pretty
straightforward and you could do it in your own way before
you start your session, sometimes it's good to do
a little slow breathing, to imagine you're exhaling
attention, exhaling the stress
and so forth uh you know uh
there's lots of different techniques in Taoism for
releasing stress and tension
where you kind of imagine the uh attention and
stress kind of exhaling it as you breathe and that's one
way that can be useful too, to kind of uh reduce the amount of
tension when you start the session and lower the noise
level in your mind and your body. Now,
one of the things
here that's very important to remember is,
it's not just your
mind that you need to calm down. You actually need to kind of
calm down the whole system because, when we do the Viewing
Process, the signal doesn't just come across through your
mind. It comes across through your body too or some will
call it the body mind. It comes through the whole system here.
So if the whole system has attained a sort of coherency
and a sort of quietude about it, then we'll be able to
perceive the signal much more easily, we'll be able write it
down and we'll have a much more accurate session uh when we're
done at the end of each uh viewing project. So that's
the basics of the cool down. It's something we incorporate,
you know, in every session and you know, you can try it in
different ways, through different practices, in your
in daily life. It's something that -- it's a good idea to
do before we start each viewing session.
So I hope that kind of clears it up
and I will see you in the next video.
Thanks for watching,
and we'll see you later.