Cubase Tutorial - Creating a Kick Drum (Monologue)

Uploaded by wisenevil on 17.01.2011

heya guys, here's wisenevil, introducing our kick-drum tutorial
and we're going to show you how you can create your own kick drum from screatch
using monologue synthesizer
now first thing we gonna do is add monologue
i would prefer to create a kick with massive...
by native instruments
but we will use here monologue just to show you
how you can create even from the simpliest synthesizer
you can create your own kick drum
okay so
first of all lets draw
some notes down
lets make them a bit shorter
now if you want to create a kick drum you need a sinus waveform
but since monologue doesn't have s sinus waveform
we will have to create a sinus waveform
by putting the resonance all the way to the maximum
now the filter will be our oscillator
and cutoff wheel
will use it to change the pitch
let's hear
now what we have to do we have to choose the frequency
that we want the kick drum to end at
Let's hear
Put the volume up
okay that's good
Now to make the kick we have to make
a drastic change in the pitch and we'll use the mod envelope for that
Let's hear
And we'll have to take the decay down a lil bit
You can create all types of kick drums
It's just really matter of taste
so just play with the decay of the mod envelope and see what's sounds best for you
for psytrance
I would go
something more like that
That's good...
you can make it even
if you prefer something more like goa
i would go with this way
take the release a lil bit
okay now we've got the kick let's move to the next step
now to make our work easier we're going to record the kick into an audio file
and what we gonna do - we gonna add a group track
sorry not a folder track, a group track
and an audio track
we change the input of audio 01
to group 01
and the output of monolouge into group 01
we'll have to wait a few seconds
now what the monologue does builds up again
the sinus waveform
okay now it's maximum
okay that's it
now we don't need the monologue anymore
we've got to kick drum on an audio track
let's hear
the next we're going to do we're going to add a compressor
we'll use cubase compressor
again you can use any compressor that you want
i just like the hard dance kick preset
really brings out the punch
Ok that's good
and i'm going to record it to another audio track
audio track number 02
we change the input to group 01
and the output of audio 01
we'll change to group 01
and let's record it
and we'll add another compressor
you can even use two compressor on the first audio track
i just prefer to use it on two different tracks.. it's really a matter of taste
let's hear
much more "punchier"
and we'll recorded to another audio track
change the input again
to group 01
and the output of audio 02
to group one as well
okay excellent
now we've got our kick drum
on audio 03
we can mute audio 02, audio 01
and lets choose
the best kick drum of all
lets see
this one looks to me
with the best punch
so we'll use just this kick drum
and remove the rest
audio - bounce selection
let's remove all the other tracks
and lets hear it with the bassline
ok now we've our kick on an audio file
and the next step is designing the kick the way we like it
so now when we've got our kick ready
we're going to design it
and its really a matter of taste how you design your kick drum
you can use an eq, compressor,
both of them
it really doesn't matter what i used here, is
waves equalizers
and also cubase equalizers and a limiter
i'll show you a step-by-step
first of all we use renaissance eq with six bands
i've made presets earlier
just to make this tutorial quicker
okay let's hear
and without (the eq)
what i did, i removed the very low frequencies, nothing's going on there anyway
i use band 3
to remove frequencies that make the kick drum sounds like a box i'll let you hear it
much better now
i did the same thing with band 4
and band 5 aswell
just... uhm, it didn't sound nice to me
insert number 2 will be renaissance eq aswell
again another preset i've made earlier
lets hear with and without
i did roughly the same thing with the same eq just to make it even "clearer"
i'll show you both of the equalizers
you can see it looks almost the same
now insert number 3 will be q10 equliazer
cause i think that its very very accurate if theres a specific problems
that you find
i used it mainly
because i felt that my kick drum still got low frequencies
around this area
i'll show you without and with
lets save it (the graph)
you can see this area
and now without the q10
much better
the next thing will be cubase equalizer
a preset i made earlier
the main thing i did with cubase eq
is to bring to punch out really
i'll let you hear without band 4
you can see it here
and with band 4
and the last thing just to make sure that the kick wont clip
will use oxford limiter
obviously when you mix your track
you'll take all channels probably
10 db down
and lets hear it with the bassline
thats it for now, thanks for watching - WISENEVIL -