Bree Olson Wins the INTERNET! & everything else that mattered (4.25.11)

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Before we start, I just want to say
no, that is not a green screen behind me
apparently a lot of you thought it was

but anyways, welcome to the Monday Philip DeFranco Show
if you are not familiar, I am Philip DeFranco
and this show really isn't a show
but just me talking about some of the stuff
that mattered to me today
before we jump into stuff, a quick note, after this video
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but more importantly
I've wanted to start featuring and profiling
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so I did that today, not going to say who he is
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but moving on to the first and possibly favorite story of the day
Antoine Dodson was arrested over the weekend
hide your weed

hide your bowl

I love this story way too much
because as you know
I became very annoyed with Antoine Dodson
still being there after a month
mainly from the George Lopez Show and BET
draining anything they could get out of the guy
but here's his lovely mugshot
Antoine was arrested for marijuana possession
which, of course, if you know me
I don't think it's a huge deal
he wasn't under the influence or anything
but I do find it amusing that Antoine was arrested
before the guy that attempted to rape his sister
which if you do not know Antoine
is what he's know for.
But guys, if we can move on to something more serious
Chrissy Lee Polis was in the news over weekend
for getting bet down in a McDonald's.
The reason this story hit so big on the web
is because it was actually recorded on camera.
One of the people at the McDonald's literally just stood there and recorded it.
It got uploaded on one of those trashy websites like "world star hiphop"
where like literally the only videos are like
oh dick slip, nip slip, black people beating up white people
in the parking lot of *insert trashy place*
but the video shows 18 year-old and 14 year-old black girls beating down

what looks to be a white girl
so at first, they were like "Oh okay,
we're going to charge these girls for a hate crime."
Then it turns out that it gets hate crimeyer because
Chrissy Lee Polis is a transgender
and some people said the fight started because Chrissy went
to the bathroom in the female restroom
and the girl didn't like and decided to beat her down
now what sickens me about this video is that the McDonald's
employees really didn't even care about Chrissy
they seem more bothered by the fact that she could've bled
on their floor and they would've had to clean it up
and nobody in this McDonald's helps the girl because she's getting beat down
McDonald's has fired at least one of the employees
they might fire a few more, currently the police are investigating
the situation a little more and then they're going to
press whatever charges come out of it but it really
sickens me that we still live in a place regardless of if
you're okay with something where you get beat down
for being you not throwing who you are
at other people's faces just being you it makes me sad
to see people out there like that sucking down my oxygen
and yes I do believe this should be charged a hate crime
because that is what it obviously is whether it's about
race, sexual orientation, or
sexual identity it is obviously a hate crime
now what's crazy is that's not the most sickening story of the day today
is a weird day for news there is a new bill
in the United States call the Zadroga bill
after the Zadroga bill, 9/11
first responders will finally be able to
recieve their much-deserved compensation and
health care coverage which is a great thing but first
the FBI will have to go and
have to make sure they're not terrorist
because Representative Cliff Stearns
where's he from? Florida.
of course he's from Florida says he wants to make
sure that no terrorists get
medical benefits really? you think
Al-Qaeda took out the Twin Towers
sent people into said towers
to save American lives and then
clean threw for years so they could aquire
respiratory infections and just
all sorts of other problems, and then bleed
the country dry in healt care
genius, it's genius. Only someone
smart enough as Cliff Stearns could see
through the fog, so and I say this in the nicest way
Cliff, you are a fucking idiot
you are an idiot you do not deserve
your position it that's what you're
concerned about that fact that pricks like you
can get voted into office sickens me
you can't just streamline a way to help those that helped us?
and something else I want to put out there to break
up the depressing day that today is
news wise is Tavia Spizer
probably pronoucing it wrong but
it doesn't matter she's just a hot pin-up model
she's from Australia and so I put up a nice gallery of her
to help ease the pain of today's sucky news
link down below in a much lighter news story
the Russian goverment annouced today that there has been
no sex in space! at least
by cosmonauts saying there is no official
or unofficial evidence that were was every instances
of sexual intercourse or the carrying out of
sexual experiments in space.
And this goes along with what NASA said NASA said
"No, no sex in space." But to that I would
say What real guy
not even saying having sex with female
or male astronauts, you know no
sex together How could you not resist
giving yourself a little one on one love
in space? I think that would be hilarious and then when
one of the other astronauts comes over you're like "Hey,
let's eat some space yogurt!" And then you
laugh and laugh
oh is that just me?
I don't know how you could resist maybe it's because I'm still like a 12 year-old
boy in my head but so funny
it would be so funny then of course, in news that really doesn't matter
Charlie Sheen was dumped by Bree Olson
no! Why did one of
Charlie's girlfriends break up with him? that's not
really what I care about first thing I care about
vegan pr0nstar that's hilarious
the shear about of meat in her mouth jokes
you could make
paralyzes my brain the second was the
way she broke up with Charlie she
texted him and then put out the most
epic tweet every saying: "Don't cross
me If so I'll butcher you brutally
in my hotel bed and dispose of the body.
I'll just tell the housekeeping I
was having a heavy flow."
It is official!
Bree Olson wins the internet!
Death threat mixed in with a period joke
done sorry no one could top that
and if you're "AHH Bree Olson looks ugly in that picture!"
yeah but when she cheats on being a vegan
she looks like a pro but easily one of the biggest stories of the day
today is the WikiLeaks leak
of Gitmo files over 700 pages
of what's happening at Guantanamo Bay
who's there their files for several years
and obviously people are still looking through it but the big
things right now are: it's actual
documentation that shows that innocent have been interrogated
there for years on just the slightest
whim. Children, elderly, and mentally ill
have been among those wrongly held
and 172 people are still there
and with that I would say Guantanamo Bay is one of the most
confusing situations in the United States
it's definitely a dark spot, but what I think
many people agree is a necessary dark spot
at this point, when Obama went into office about 3 years ago
he said "I'm going to shut down Guantanamo Bay!"
and then he got there and he was like "Oh my god!
How could we do this? We can't do this?
Who's going to take the prisoners, the prisoners we've rightfully
accused, they might be able to get away and attack us again
people we've wrongfully accused, may want to get out and
attack us." And so even people that want to fix situation
are essentially given two hand fulls of crap
and then are told to make them dinner
and everyone's like "Why does this taste like shit?!"
because it's shitty, it's a shitty situation
main thing with this, it doesn't look good
on the United States and if you want to check out the specfics
more and more people are looking through the full 700+ pages
of documentation and so
more stuff is going to come out, as well. I'll include a link
so you can check it out yourself, but guys, of course, that's everything
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but guys that's really all that mattered to me today
as always, my name's Philip DeFranco
and you've just been Phill'd in
and I will see you Wednesday