savvisdirect - AtmosFox

Uploaded by savvisdirect on 25.10.2012

This video will show you how to upload your files into your Cloud Storage Account using
a plug-in for the Firefox browser called AtmosFox. The first thing you'll want to do is to go
to the management console located at, log in, and navigate your way to the Cloud
Storage tab. Once you're there scroll down tot the bottom of the page and you'll see
in the lower left hand corner a number of resources to help you get started using Cloud
Storage. Look for the AtmosFox link, that will take you right to the page that you need
to go to to access the plug-in for AtmosFox. Go ahead and do that and install it and once
you've done so you'll have a screen in Firefox that looks like this. The first thing you
want to do is to create an account that will target your files into your Cloud Storage
Account. Click on Manage Accounts. What you'll be presented with is a series of inputs here
to add your token and shared secret that will give you access to your Cloud Storage Account
and allow you to move files. What you'll need to do is to go to your Cloud Storage Management
Console, choose one of your tokens - and in this example I'll use a token I've created
for the Accounting Department - click on it, and it will give you all the information that
you need to enter the credentials into this first part of setting up AtmosFox. Go ahead
and highlight the entire token ID which is this string here, copy it, and we're going
to paste it right into this field here.
Next go back to the management console, highlight your shared secret, copy it, then we'll come
back over to the Firefox interface and we're going to paste it right in this field down
here. Once you're done click Save - that's step 1. Step 2 is to then come over to Preferences
and in the Preferences you'll need to enter a URL.
This is the location where your files will be uploaded to savvisdirect Cloud Storage
and you have two options: one is just to store your files in our Sterling Virginia Data Center
location and the API URL for that is noted here, secondly you have an option to store
your files in our Santa Clara California Data Center location and if that were your choice
you would change this part of the URL to SC. This information can be found in the Getting
Started Guide located in the lower left hand corner of your Cloud Storage Management Console
tab. Once those are configured that's all you have to do.
Next in order to move your files up to your Cloud Storage Account access a file on your
hard drive which is represented in this window here on the left side of the screen. Go ahead
and highlight it, click the right arrow, and you'll notice down here at the bottom of the
screen the interface will give you progress on uploading your file to your Cloud Storage
Account. And it looks like we've successfully uploaded this Word document to the account.
You can do this so on and so forth with audio files, video files, graphic files, etcetera
as a means to store your content on your Cloud Storage Account.