Assembly (Ji Jie Hao) English Subs

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Winter 1948, Northeast China
Our brothers of the Nationalists' 168th Division
This is Captain Gu Zidi of the 139th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 9th Company
the Special 2nd Division of the Liberation Army
On behalf of my company, I'd like to greet you
You are completely surrounded
If you keep fighting
you won't like how things end up
We offer you two choices
You can get bullets
Or maybe you'd prefer dumplings
We can keep the bullets coming
If you have had enough
trade in your weapons for chopsticks
Sit down with your brothers here in the 9th Company
We can all eat dumplings
Quit the bullshit
Let's move in
They're already cooking in a pot
What's the hurry?
Something doesn't look right
Have they already retreated?
The battalion ordered a hasty attack
What are we waiting for?
Take six men and get a closer look
Find them six helmets
Smoke grenade
Take cover
Take cover
Up there...
Give me your hand
Pull me up
Help me
Take out those two up there
How many are there?
I don't know
Cease fire
Cease fire
Help the wounded
Covering fire
I'm going to die, save me
Hurry up
Slowly... slowly
Hurry up
Get the bandages, hurry
Hang in there man
Hurry up
Move him
First platoon
Follow me
Second platoon
Protect the flanks
Don't bunch up
Spread out
Keep spreading out
Keep up
Get down, take cover
Fall back
Captain Gu
Get down, get down
Everyone get down, don't run around
Get down
Get up
We've been ambushed
Take cover
Get down
Second platoon, attack
Reinforce first platoon
Third platoon, save the wounded
Leave the dead
Tend the wounded first
Luo, get on the roof
Lu and Jiang
Stop cowering
Let's go
Bring up the heavy weapons
Yes, sir
Follow me
Get down
On the ground
Get down
Move in, now
Get the machine gun
No one moves
Set up a base of fire
Send in the assault forces
We're pinned down
The enemy has artillery
Let the troops regroup
How can we stop now?
I disagree
I am the captain
I'm in charge
That is cowardly behavior
I won't let that happen
Are you moving in or not?
I'm going in anyway
What for?
If you want to get yourself killed
no one can stop you
Political Officer
Political Officer
Don't shoot
We surrender
We surrender, don't shoot
Don't shoot
The enemy has surrendered
Let them pick up their weapons
No surrender accepted
Pick up your weapons
Pick up your weapons
No one move
No one move
What are you waiting for?
They have already surrendered
You cannot kill POWs
Stop pretending to be a saint
The Political Officer was blown apart
Those in the back, keep up
Including the wounded
anyone who were not carried away by stretcher
we still have forty six men left
A hundred seventeen minus forty six
Our company lost seventy one men
Get me a casualty list
Report the final count
On the double
Fight a battle, report a funeral
Don't keep making me do this
You are the only one who can read
The Political Officer is gone
Who else is there?
The Nationalists have good uniforms
but their fighting is not up to snuff
We found a wheel
See if it fits
The 7th Company found three howitzers
Two ten-wheelers
All we find is a small, crippled mountain gun
Bite your tongues
Feel the pain?
That means you are still alive
What is the use of all these metal scraps?
In our last battle
The 3rd Battalion's 9th Company
Fought bravely without giving up
They suffered heavy casualties
We were going to commend them
But Captain Gu Zidi
ordered the POWs shot
and stole their uniforms
He disobeyed army discipline
and disgraced our entire regiment
The Division Commander has ordered us
to punish him
for his misconduct
the regiment's Party leadership has decided
to punish all those involved accordingly
the 9th Company's troops are to be transferred
Captain Gu Zidi's forty six men
will all move to the regiment's Advanced Guard
until further instruction
Captain Gu Zidi of the 9th Company
is to be punished for his mistake accordingly
He's to be locked up for three days
Captain Gu
Have something to eat
The food is getting cold
You know when I last had a bed under me?
I am having the ball of my life
Food can wait
I guess I caught up on my rest
This is the best I've felt since joining the battalion
This barn is huge
How much grain can it hold?
What a waste locking us up in here
What's your name?
Wang Jincun
What's your job?
I was a teacher
You were busy writing when I first got here
You were still writing when I woke up
What are you writing?
A letter home
To your wife?
And this?
Did your wife knit it?
I heard them say
A teacher in the 1st Battalion
pissed in his pants in battle
and he was disciplined
Are you the one?
No? Not you?
Who cares if it is?
All you did was pee
That's better than getting killed
Bullets flying everywhere
Grenades exploding down your pants
Even a god would pee
Don't get the wrong idea
Moving you to the front
it's not part of the punishment
It shows our trust in you
I've seen the old mine battlefield
The location is good
It's much higher
than the north bank
They won't be able to see our movement
We'll get the upper hand by securing it
We planned to
transfer two companies from the 2nd Battalion
But now
the defensive area has expanded
I can't spare the troops
Are you following?
Say something
Damn delicious
Only girls wear down their shoes here
When will you learn to walk like a man?
Stop messing around
Tell me what you need
I'll do whatever I can
What you want?
In that case...
I don't have enough artillery
I need Maxim machine guns
give you two machine guns
and three thousand rounds
I want to keep that mountain gun
Shells are hard to find
The quartermaster will check
You can take whatever he finds
My troops are good in the trenches
Especially with explosives
You've got to let me take all I want
Go ahead
Take as much as you can carry
I don't have enough men
Give me thirty more
No way
After all, I'm the provisional captain of the advanced guards
How about twenty more men?
No way
That's not a lot to ask
The regiment's troops are all deployed
I can't spare a single man
There really are no men left
The Colonel's bodyguard is dead
and there is no replacement
I now serve as the Bugler and his bodyguard
It's the truth
Then just give me one person
I need a Political Officer
You've only got half a company
What you need a Political Officer for?
In the last battle
If the Political Officer hadn't died
I wouldn't have made that mistake
Now you know
You can be your own Political Officer
Can we...
keep the helmets and boots
we took from the POWs?
Okay, keep them
Get the stuff for him
What are the goodies?
Yellow Dragon cigarettes.
The Colonel won't even smoke them himself
Why is there only half a carton left?
Give the rest to him
You're always so stingy
Giving half a pack at best
What's so special this time?
How many of us are left?
I mean from the old guerilla unit?
You. Me
Anyone else?
Have the troops get ready on the double
The defensive position
has already been built by the 2nd Battalion
Take good care of yourself
I have one last request
I'll find myself a Political Officer
You can't say no
I want my cellmate
He'd be shot anyway
He might as well die in battle
That bent up bugle dangling on your butt
Is it busted?
It is fine
You better blow as hard as you can
Don't worry
You've heard my bugle call before
My ears are already wide open
Repeat the orders
By tomorrow twelve noon
no matter what it takes
we must secure the old mine on the southern bank
What else?
Always listen
for the assembly bugle call
Fall back whenever we hear it
If you don't hear the bugle call
even if you're the last man standing
you will keep fighting
Yes, sir
In this open area
It's impossible to last even four hours
Move the small canon to the rear for now
Yes, sir
Push harder
Get two more people here
Put them inside
Put them all inside
If a shell lands on them
we'd all be gone
Put them inside
Bring more bags here
Pack it in real tight
It's for your own protection
Yes, sir
Pack it in real tight
Yes, sir
Hey, Lu
How many times have I told you?
Don't tie it straight
You have to tie it at an angle
Wrap it around twice
As tightly as you can
Got it?
Last time we tied it at an angle
They ended up not flying straight
They landed on the 5th Company
No shit?
Why wasn't I told?
Jerk, I'll kill you
These make obvious targets
Gather everyone together
Place them like you're supposed to
Make sure they're twenty paces apart
No, not this time
Put three in front and three in back
I found him for you
Over here
Come over
Your message bag
Your rifle
Hey guys
I have someone to introduce
This is our company's new Political Officer
Wang Jincun.
Let's welcome him
What's wrong?
Are your fingers frozen?
Do I need to chisel them apart?
Political Officer Wang can read and write
He's your man if you want to write home
Lieutenant Jiao
When we had our victory party at Luoyang
he was nearly choked to death on flapjacks
Lu, Demolition Specialist
Jiang, Sniper
Sergeant Meng
Old Hedgehog
Luo, Machine Gunner
Gong, Ammo Bearer
Call me Blacky
I wrote a letter home
I don't know how to write some words
Can the Political Officer fill them in for me?
Get down
Get in the mine
Hurry, get in the mine, and stay there
Something doesn't seem right
It is raining shells
Leave two men behind to keep a look out
Tell the rest to get into the mine
Take the Political Officer with you, hurry
Yes, sir
Get up
Follow me
Don't be scared
Hurry into the mine
Yong and Shun, you two stay behind
Hurry up
Get down
Everyone get into the mine
Stay focused
What are you praying for?
Are you praying for the firing to stop?
So you won't be hit?
Stop screwing around
Pray with me
It works
Show me how to pray
You've killed too many people
Prayers won't do you any good
But they were the enemy
Political Officer
If we make it through this one
help me write a letter home
But forget it if I'm gone
It'd be less work for me
And less work for you, too
Make way, make way
Just leave him
We'll drag him away later
He's dead
It stopped again
Forget about the time
Just listen for the bugle call
Keep your ears open for the bugle call
Has everyone rested up?
When the bastards come to the door
we'll give them what they deserve
This new guy's a wimp
Don't worry
He will get over it after seeing some blood
Stay calm
Let them come closer
Fire when the grenades explode
Do you know why dogs bite people?
People smell funny when they're scared
Dogs only bite those who are scared
Bullets are like dogs
They only hit those who are scared
If you aren't scared
the bullets will go around you every time
Check your backpack
Leave the useless stuff behind
Stay calm, wait for my orders
Wait for my order before fire
Do you see their officer?
Let's take him out
I've got him in my sight
Let them get right in front of you
Political Officer
Looking good
Follow me
Remember where he is, he's all yours
Medic, come with me
He's dead
Bring the dead into the mine
Political Officer
Blacky, hang in there
Bandage it
Let's go
Retreat, hurry
Cease fire
Save your ammo
Have a smoke
Come, give me a hand
Help him up, slowly
Eleven dead
Nine wounded
Two seriously wounded won't make it
Forty seven minus eleven
Minus two more
Only thirty four men left
If things keep going like this
we'll all be gone before we hear the bugle call
Get some men
Carry the dead and wounded into the mine
We'll go in
Forget about the dead
They will be blown apart
if we leave them out in the snow
We won't be able to collect the pieces
Carry the dead and seriously wounded
into the mine
No one could have saved him
If I get wounded like that
Don't bother with the bandages
Save them for someone who needs them
He's in the way
Take him into the mine
This is his letter home
Finish it for him
Your worries are over
Rest in peace
When I was a kid
I tended livestock for a rich family
Take this
I accidentally
lost their pony
The old bastard
beat me with a club
After I got home
my father was even angrier
He beat me with a long pole
My family had half an acre of land
We had to hand over half of it
That's not him
I remember he was an officer
Take care of the fields
Look after our elders
It's getting cold
Don't let our son play near the well
The ice is slippery
Don't let our son near the livestock
Don't let him walk behind them
I don't want him injured in the wrong place
Political Officer
That'll do
That's all for now
I'll add a good ending
Wishing the entire family
peace and happiness
Not bad
After the war
I'm going back home
What about you?
I'm not going back
I've got to make something of myself first
At least I have to get the land back for my dad
Over there
It's him
Is he wearing a watch?
Now Captain will know what time it is
Don't move
He got a watch for you
Who told you to go?
We saw your watch was broken
Trade a life for a watch?
For a watch
Is it worth it?
Hang in there
Enemy tanks
Move Lu into the mine
Fire after the tanks get closer
Get the Molotov cocktails ready
Bring them over here
Bring out the mountain gun
Demolition Team
Get the explosives ready
Hurry, wait for my orders
Aim at the infantry behind the tank
Point it this way, hurry
Load the shell
When I say fire, pull the cord
Will I be okay?
You'll be okay
You'll be fine
It's cold
So cold
So cold
Warmer now?
Get down
Give me the torch
Take it
Don't throw the grenades
Let us get over there first
Go that way, now
It's too dangerous, come back
Get away
Listen to me
I just heard the assembly bugle call
My hearing is not good
What did he say?
He heard the bugle call
You heard the bugle call?
They played the assembly
Who else heard it?
Did you hear it?
Tell me if you heard it
I did
Assembly was played
It's been playing all along
You're deaf, you didn't hear it
Let's go
Get us out of here
Did you hear the bugle call?
The bugle call?
When was it sounded?
Who else heard it?
Did you two hear it?
Did you hear it?
Political Officer
Political Officer
Tell Captain how many of us are left
Thirty two dead
Thirty two dead
Our company has fifteen men left
Six are seriously wounded
We're all who's left
The two in the mine took care of themselves
I have always listened to you
Listen to me this time
We have to leave
If we don't go
we'll all die
He said
we always listen to you
Listen to him for once
Let's get out of here
If we don't
we'll all be killed
Wang Jincun
You're the 9th Company's Political Officer
I want to hear your advice
Did you hear the bugle call?
I didn't
I didn't hear it
You want us all to die?
Why don't I just kill you now
I also didn't hear it
What are you trying to do?
Are they still fighting across the river?
Is our Regiment still there?
All our troops retreated long ago
If anyone dares run away
my grenades will follow you
Since when did you become...
so courageous?
Back off
Sergeant Jiao
Sergeant wants us to make it out alive
Sergeant Jiao
Sergeant Jiao
I never heard the bugle call
I haven't heard a thing
I can't order a retreat
Sorry, guys
Carry him into the mine
Leave a space for me next to him
Leave if you heard the call
I won't stop you
I didn't hear it, so I'm staying
Let's get the explosives ready
These were written by our dead brothers
Some are martyrs
The rest are mine
If you're scared, start yelling
It works
The entire 9th Company was sacrificed in the battle,
only Gu Zidi survived.
The People's Liberation Army found Gu unconscious and heavily wounded.
As he was dressed in enemy's uniform,
he was captured as a POW.
His wounds have healed well
His hearing has nearly been restored to normal
Two of the three broken bones have settled
His shell shock is quite severe
He is emotionally unstable
Still unnerved from the trauma
Over there
Doctor Zhang
Do you think he's telling the truth?
Could he be lying on purpose?
It's hard to tell
But he's in a better mood today
Wang, the noodles look good
I told you already
My name isn't Wang
Okay, I'm sorry
Then what's your name?
Gu Zidi
As in "son of the army"?
Gu Zidi
No, it means "millet field"
You should know
The registration records are clear
The 85th Army, 254th Division
2nd Battalion, 5th Company, Private Wang
That wasn't my uniform
The name on the uniform
Has nothing to do with me
It was never my uniform
Then why were you wearing it?
I already told you a thousand times
It was too late to retreat
I was hiding out in an old mine
I climbed out to look for something to eat
Didn't I have to change my uniform?
While I was looking for food
I also blew up their ammo transport
You blew out those tanks
Who saw it?
What are you laughing at?
You want to screw with me, too?
Lucky for you we didn't meet in battle
You're blessed by your parent's good deeds
Go light incense for them
What losers
You were captured on the Wen River's south bank
Will you admit to that much?
I was in the advanced guard of the 139th Battalion
I was ordered to secure the south bank
I was with my troops
You mean...
before we took you prisoner
the enemy had already taken you prisoner
Is that right?
Taken prisoner?
The unit you told me no longer exists
All unit numbers were changed last year
Didn't you know?
The Central Plains Field Army changed to the 2nd Field Army
This hospital belongs to the 3rd Field Army
It was previously called the Eastern China Field Army
We can't find the Division you said you belonged to
We have no way to confirm what you say
It's also not the hospital's duty to do so
The 2nd and 3rd Field Divisions are all preparing the next campaign
Do you follow me?
What do you mean?
Stop messing around
I sympathize with you but it won't help
Your wounds have mostly healed
Get your travel pay and hurry back home
The hospital will issue you a pass
Travel pay and passes are only given to POWs
You don't have to go home
You can go look for your troops
If you think you can find them
I entered the army in 1939
I fought the Japs and then the Nationalists
I'll be real blunt
This field hospital
can't verify your true identity
You'll only be a burden to our hospital
In addition
What good would come of it for you?
We've identified other men of your age
Pretending to be a Private
Some were Generals
Others were Colonels
I hope you'll recover soon
Any artillery men?
Has anyone served in artillery?
You're all soldiers
I was
in artillery
How many years were you in artillery?
Not that long
But long enough
What kind of artillery have you used?
The normal kind
Barrels are at least...
What artillery do you have here?
Are you from Central Field?
That's right
And you have done artillery?
Sure have
I've even blown up tanks
He doesn't seem like it
What's the traverse range of a howitzer?
Minus five degrees, straight 45 degrees
This is the range for what?
How old are you?
Our Captain fought the Japs in 1940
He's been in the army as long as you
Give him some money
Tell him to scram
Yes, sir
You old dog
Come on
What's he laughing at?
He's asking you
Why are you laughing?
One of my men used to eat flapjacks like that
He was always stuffing his mouth
When the battle was over
he ended up not making it
Let him stay
1951, Hoengsong-gun, North Korea
Yes, sir
Yes, sir
The American tanks
are assembling across the bridge
The Division Commander
ordered us to get behind the enemy line
And post a lookout
We'll blow them to pieces
before the main attack
I'll go right over
I need two men from the Scout Platoon
The Scout Platoon is out locating
the enemy's front line
Then transfer over two guards
I will go, too
I can't do much with artillery
I can be of more use
as a foot soldier
Get the enemy's uniform
then we can get up closer
The American's uniform?
Would you pass as one?
Get the South Korean's
I stepped on a mine
Don't move
Walk back along your footsteps
Keep an eye on the road
Don't come over
It won't explode unless you move your leg
Don't worry about me
Continue on with the others
I wouldn't know which way to fire
They know
A tank
An American tank
Just leave me
Don't get yourselves killed
Put the guns down
Put them down
We are the allied troops
Er Dou
This uniform decides if we make it out alive
Sir, look up ahead
Hold your fire, hold your fire
On our side, on our side
Keep moving it ahead forward
But we don't know how to speak Korean
We don't speak Korean
The Americans speak even less
Where's Hoengsong-gun?
How do we get to Hoengsong-gun?
(Chinese gibberish trying to sound Korean)
No, no
Where is Hoengsong-gun?
Yeah, yeah
Stop messing with him
How do we get there?
He stepped on a landmine
He's on a landmine
Don't move your foot
It's not your lucky day
Looks like a French anti-personnel mine
If you're lucky
Just the leg get blown off
I know this will blow my leg off
Well, good luck to you
You're gonna need it
Let's get out of here
They have more important things to worry about than us
Stay still
Stand still
Stand still
Lift up your foot
What will happen?
I've got a plan
You are the eyes of dozens of cannons
Lift your foot and walk away
It might cost me a leg
But you'll be blown to pieces
You know what?
I can't even hear the artillery sound
The assembly call keeps ringing in my ears
It never stops playing
All my men heard it
I was the only one who didn't
I might as well be dead
Then I could see my 47 brothers
You can't die
Hurry the fuck up
03, this is 01, over
Order the battalion to blow up the bridge
Aim at 475
075 to the right
Fifth Company, four cannons
Minus five
003 to the left
On my command
All fire
Let's go
Lead us out of here
If we don't go
we'll all die
If the bugle hasn't sounded
even if you're the last man standing
you must keep fighting
1955, Wen River Battle Site
Li Fucai
Killed in action
700 catties of rice
Man Di, Zhang Wancai, Xu Fugui, Zhang Shunxiang
Missing in action
200 catties
They're not missing in action
They were war heroes
Five men came from my village
Three got killed
Two are deemed heroes
And my brother?
Missing in action
That's not fair
Yeah, so unfair
Please be fair
My brother didn't come home from the war
Wasn't he killed in action ?
He's still dead either way
But he's got to die for a reason
The family of a hero gets 700 catties of rice
Families of the missing in action
get 200 catties of rice only
A difference of 500
? hat kind of gun is this?
Haven't seen it before
I wonder what this is
Let me ask you a question
Are you from the local military office?
Has anyone come looking for troops from
Central Field's 2nd Special Division?
Central Field's 2nd Special Division
This is your department
Have there been?
Central Field's 2nd Special Division?
So many troops have come back
I can't remember
Hey, Comrade
Take a look at this
What kind of gun is this?
British 77
I used this in guerrilla warfare in Pingxi
Hard to use
My husband's name was Wang Jincun
Troops from our town saw him in Yang village
He was a teacher
His letters said he didn't fight in the front line
In war, it doesn't really matter
whether you fought in the front line or not
He's either dead, ran away, or taken prisoner
That's why he's missing
People from town keep gossiping
And say he was executed by his own troops
His mother died with shame
Excuse me
Your husband was Wang Jincun?
I was his Captain
Battlefields lined both sides of the Wen River
Hundreds of thousands of troops were assembled here
And if all the reinforcements were added together
they'd outnumber everyone in this county
Of course
Many people died
This should be the place
But it looks completely different
Any entrances to the old mine?
There's one below, it collapsed
Take me to it
Let's go
This isn't it
Are there any other entrances?
This is the only one left
The others were destroyed in 52'
Were any bodies found?
Not that I heard
My men were all lying inside
You didn't see them?
They were all lying inside
Why couldn't you see them?
Calm down
Did you find this helmet here?
This? We've got tons of them
The miners pee in them at night
These were worn on the heads of soldiers
And you pee in them
Don't listen to them
Your husband was a good man
I can prove it
I can prove it
He shed his blood on this soil
I can prove it
I will prove that my brothers
are buried under this mountain of coal
I will prove it to them
I'll prove it
He was studying at the provincial teacher's college
He left without saying a word
His mother missed him so much
She became ill
and never got out of bed again
At first
we received letters from him
After receiving his last letter
on August 13, 1948
I never heard from him again
He wrote to you everyday
His clothes were filled with letters
tell me how he died
Please tell me
He was very clean
His hair was always perfectly combed
He looked the same when he died
He was hit by a tiny bit of shrapnel
About this big... on a fatal spot
You couldn't see the wound
He looked as if he was sleeping
His hair looked perfect
There's no point in looking
Not a single one has a name
They're all anonymous soldiers
Their parents gave them names
How did they become nameless men?
Where is he?
Reporting, sir
He's squatting over there
Er Dou
I've come to see you
Of course, why else would you come?
Easy does it, Flapjack
You know you're going blind
What if you fell into the river? Not so hard
Why didn't you tell me you were coming?
Not so hard, you'll choke me
Your troops are watching
What are you smiling at?
No smiling allowed
Yes, sir
Don't forget
This is my blood brother
Who is that?
Come over
Let me introduce you
Sun Guiqin
My Political Officer's wife
I'm Zhao Erdou
He's the Colonel I told you about
He's just like me, uneducated
In artillery school, he could never sleep
He ended up getting kicked out
I applied to leave
Stop making things up
She went to the County looking for her late husband
How could she find him if I couldn't?
I brought her here to ask for your help
I know you can help
How can I help?
She has a fever
Must have gotten sick from the rain
Hurry and help get her stuff
Get the car
Is her temperature down?
It's down
It was over forty degrees
You haven't slept?
I dozed off
I had them make some noodles
What are you laughing at?
That's for the girl
But you didn't bother to ask if I'm hungry?
Take it
I'll order some more
It's no big deal
I'm just messing with you
I came to ask for three favors
First get me another job transfer
I'm not going home
A retirement home for veterans
was built by the Wen River
Forget it
You can't stay in a place like that
It'll turn you into a ghost
If you don't want to go back home
transfer your work papers here
You can stay with me
You're not my son
Why should I stay with you?
You can be my godfather, okay?
A piece of that landmine is lodged in your skull
Sooner or later you'll go completely blind
What will you do then?
No more bullshit
Stay here
Stay with my regiment
Do whatever you want here
Look at your power
Go on
In North Korea, you made a promise to me.
You said you'd help me find my troops after the war
Millions of soldiers
Troops who lost entered new units
Even if we think the world of ourselves
we're just like drops in a river
Why would they care about us?
They don't care
We must care about it
Tell me the truth
That report I made
Did you ever pass it up the line?
Of course I did
But I'll bet it just got stuck in the pile
They said
the headquarters received many letters like yours
Hundreds of thousands of them
They couldn't open them all
Be patient
Is she awake?
Not yet
Report when she's awake
Yes, Colonel
I've said the first two
There's one more
I found a wife for you
She's down with a fever
Stop kidding around
How about it?
You don't like her because she's a widow?
I'm no golden boy myself
It's just not right
Seems right to me
I think you should be with her
We're brothers
So I'll be blunt
A blind person doesn't deserve such a woman
It wouldn't be fair to her
Tell me
What does her face look like?
A beauty
I can't see clearly what she looks like
If she is so beautiful
it's a waste to leave her with me
Tell her what you should
If you can't find the words
I'll talk to her when she's better
Listen to your brother
She cherishes a loved one that's passed away
She will devote herself to a living one
What do you want for dinner?
If during the holidays
A few of us friends
Can celebrate together
We will remember
All the memories we treasure
A song filled with joy
We will remember
All the memories we treasure
A song filled with joy
At the end of the battle
You were the only one left standing?
That's right
I was the only one left
How'd you get the enemy's uniform?
We need to know in detail
the order of events
After all this time
you are still missing the point
Since you claimed to be the only one alive
Who is to verify your story?
What else do you want to know?
Just tell me
I want to hear it out
you intentionally snuck into the enemy's ranks
How did you do it?
Why did you do it?
What were you thinking?
Did you consider the consequences?
We hope you will take these questions seriously
The Party needs to make the record straight
and you need to make the record straight
Your employment is registered in our county
It is our duty to review our cadres
Comrade Gu Zidi
Take your time
Before you answer
Think it through
Try to remember
No rush
I've said all I can say
What else do you want to know?
Please answer the questions I just asked
Fuck you
What did you say?
I said, fuck you
Watch your mouth
Comrade Gu
You must calm down
You are full of shit, and I am to be calm?
You are responsible for your words and actions
I've already died hundreds of time
Who cares about this bullshit?
Write this down
Take down what he just said
Don't just take down my words
Write this down as well
He can take care of himself
This is outrageous
Absolutely ridiculous
He's got a bad temper
See the two officials off
Give my regards to the Director
Try to cooperate
Don't be like this
It's not fair
It's so unfair
You can't see your way around
Don't come up here
My eyesight is poor, but my nose is keen
If the forest caught on fire
you wouldn't see it
but I'd be able to smell it
Nice view
Look towards the road
They've been found
What's been found?
Er Dou just got the notice
They found your old regiment
My girl
Er Dou isn't fooling around with me?
No, it's true
You mustn't fool around
It's true
Come back with me
What's wrong?
Be careful
It's true
You must not fool around
Memorial Cemetery for the War Heroes
Director Qin
Thanks for waiting
Colonel Zhao
Thanks for coming
This is the person I told you about
Our battalion's hero
Volunteer soldier, Bronze Star for distinguished service
It would be better to say
I'm the Central Plains Field Army's Special 2nd Division
139th Battalion, 3rd Regiment, 9th Company, Captain Gu Zidi
I've come to report to Colonel Liu
This is Director Qin from the Chemical Defense Regiment
He is handling the cases associated with the 139th Regiment
Comrade Gu
On behalf of the regiment's Political Officers
I welcome you
Your regiment is the same as the old 139th Regiment?
Not entirely
Our regiment now includes
Part of the Western Henan's Training Corps
And a part of the old 139th Regiment
We haven't been able to handle all of the Regiment's cases
We checked the MIA name list from the Wen River mission
Your name was listed
Colonel Liu
was transferred to the Branch Military Cadre Academy
as the Deputy Commandant
After the Korean War started
he re-entered combat duties
as Deputy Commander of the 280th Division
Captain Gu
You are?
I'm Liangzi
I am managing the Memorial Cemetery here
You don't recognize my voice?
I was the regiment's Bugler
You twerp
You're still alive
During the fifth campaign
he led two infantry battalions
to cover the division's retreat
When it came time for our own retreat
it was already too late
More than five hundred men died
Only thirty escaped alive
His back was blown apart
I had to carry him back
He was in the hospital for more than half a month
but he didn't make it
Why not retreat earlier?
The transmitter had been destroyed
We never received the retreat order
We couldn't do anything about it
They could only keep pounding forward
He's one tough son-of-a-bitch
Trained by the old school
Stubborn ass
No one sent to the old mine survived
How did the Regiment evaluate this?
After the battle, Commissar Zhang inspected the area himself
He couldn't find anyone, dead or alive
Everyone was listed as MIA
My ears belong on pigs
I never heard your assembly bugle call
Some troops heard it
but I never heard it
I've always felt guilty about this
But I never blew the assembly call
They all heard it
I never played it
I'll tell you one more time
I never played the assembly bugle call
Why not?
The Regiment suddenly received the order to retreat
At that time
you were in the old mine
holding up a lot of the enemy
If we ordered your retreat
the entire regiment may have been in serious trouble
even wiped out by the enemy
Colonel Liu
Never ordered the assembly call to be sounded
You were afraid of being wiped out?
You were afraid of being wiped out?
What about us?
The 9th Company
The Colonel felt terrible about this
Even on his death bed
he talked about nothing but you
I was with the Colonel for more than ten years
He was a good person
Blame me instead
I never played the Assembly
Not for the Colonel nor for the 9th Company
I'm so sorry
The Colonel is dead
The Colonel is dead
You were afraid of being wiped out
The entire 9th Company was wiped out
Let me apologize for the Colonel
I am the only one left I beg you
Brothers of the 9th company
Colonel Liu offers his deepest apologies
I wish I was wiped out long ago
Damn Liu
I was waiting for your bugle call
My men were always waiting for your call
They died one by one.
Waiting for your call
Gu Zidi
Why can't you just let go
People die, it's part of war
Lots of soldiers died, not just your company
Let me remind you
I was Colonel Liu's bodyguard
I still am to this day
If you don't stop this nonsense
I'll rip your head off
What are you doing?
This is the Memorial Cemetery
I didn't want you to go down the road
But you would not listen
Aren't you just picking on your own wound?
All his men died
He's been searching for them all these years
He won't hurt anyone by shouting
What's done is done
Don't bring it up again
You, too
Calm down
Liu, my man
I'm not...
I can take the fact
that the call wasn't sounded
But all my men
My forty seven brothers
all fought to death bravely
How could they be called MIA?
You are buried here
Who can prove what really happened?
Repeat the orders
By tomorrow twelve noon
no matter what it takes
we must secure the old mine on the southern bank
What else?
Always listen for the Assembly bugle call
Fall back when you hear it
Have a good rest
I'll bring you cigarettes and wine from now on
We share the same fate
You go first
I'll catch up with you soon
Just wait for me there patiently
What are you digging for?
What bodies?
Dead bodies
Do you have permission from the mine?
Let go
What are you really up to?
Did you ask for permission?
If you didn't, then you can't dig here
Let go of me
You can't dig here
Let go
This old soldier has lost his mind
He's crazy
This old man is crazy
Comrade Gu Zidi
You're obstructing the mine's economic development
You are a decorated veteran
You should know better
It's been more than a month
He keeps digging like crazy
He's interfering with our schedule to store the coal
Soon snow will cover the mountains
We must finish storing the coal on time
You can report any issues to your superiors
Just don't make trouble here
I've written nine letters
Asking others to help me dig
No one responded
Even if we all helped digging
And removed the mountain of coal
What if there's nothing underneath?
Then just bury me there
I told you he was crazy
Let him be then
Just don't let him get hurt
Send him food at meal breaks
Don't let him starve
Get back to work, hurry
He lives here
It's one of the miner's huts
Is there heat?
Fire. Otherwise he'd have frozen to death
This veteran must really be suffering
With Liangzi's help
Er Dou found the 139th Regiment's Commissar Zhang
He realized you were still alive
And that your men were all killed in battle
He wanted to meet you
The military gave an official notice to the local government
Your eyesight is poor
I'll read it to you
I have to wash my face first
Wen River Military Official Notice
Regarding the Central Field Army's Special 2nd Division
139th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 9th Company
Notification of the Martyrdom of Revolutionary Heroes
The Local Government of Wen River County
Wen River County War Hero Cemetery
In accordance with the recommendation of our leaders
The People's Liberation Army
Formerly the Central Field Army, 2nd Special Division
139th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 9th Company, Political Officer
Wang Jincun
Lieutenant Jiao Dapeng
Soldiers Luo Guangtian
Lu Kuangou
Jiang Maocai
Gong Liangguo
Meng Shilin etc. Forty seven soldiers
In the Wen River Battle during the Civil War in 1948
Honorably completed their field duty
All died as heroes
For the liberation of the Chinese people
They sacrificed their lives
Now they are posthumously decorated as revolutionary heroes
Special Official Notification
People's Liberation Army
Wen River Military, Political Office
December 19, 1956
My brothers
Why can't I find you?
Come out for a breath of air, my brothers
The 9th Company
In three defensives against the enemy
Destroyed two enemy tanks
And killed many enemy troops
Including Captain Gu Zidi
Forty seven men
All perished
No survivors
Political Officer
Wang Jincun
The lunar calendar's 4th day of December
The enemy is attacking again
Do we have any ammo left?
I can't move my leg
The enemy must not get their hands on our brothers
I didn't disgrace you, did I?
We'll be brothers in our next life
In the winter of 1958,
a reservoir was built
on the south bank of the Wen River for an irrigation project.
During the construction,
the bodies of forty seven men were found inside a collapsed mine tunnel.
9th Company, Monument of 47 Soldiers
Reporting, sir
Central Plains Field Special 2nd Division
139th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 9th Company, Captain Gu Zidi
My company
was dispatched to the old mine on the south bank of the Wen River
to intercept the enemy's 254th Division
We destroyed three enemy tanks
And killed many enemy soldiers
Except for Captain Gu Zidi
All forty seven men were killed
Not one survived
This concludes my report
Thank you
9th Company is assembled
for your review
In the battle of Wen River
the 9th Company resolutely followed orders
Honorably completing its duty
All soldiers in the 9th Company are awarded
Medals of Valor
Heroes of the 9th Company
You can all rest in peace
Present arms
Parade rest
Yes, sir
Sound the bugle call
Yes, sir
Guzidi passed away
at the Wen River's Retirement Home at the age of 71.
When he was only three months old, his parents starved to death while fleeing from famine.
A shoemaker found him lying in a millet field (guzidi)
and named him after the place where he was found,
as he was left with no name.