Cooking a Christmas Turkey : Removing the Wings & Breast of a Christmas Turkey

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.01.2008

My name is Brandon Sarkis on behalf of Expert Village. Today I'm going to show you how to
make a holiday turkey. Alright so we kind of mopped some of that up. So let's come back
over to here and turn our turkey on its side. You can see part of this wing joint is still
attached, so we're just going to slice up in there, and get the tip of the knife in there. Do
a little twist, there we go. That's the rest of the wing on that side. Now let's go ahead
and tend to this breast on this side. So what you're going to want to do is you want to
take your knife, and run it straight in like this, and just straight across the breast
of the turkey. The reason why, is now as you make these vertical slices, your turkey comes
off in these nice pieces, just like this. You can see that you end up with these really
great sliced turkey breast pieces. They almost just kind of serve themselves as you slice
them because they fall off, because you cut straight through the bottom here just like
this. See I'll just show you again. See you cut right there, then as you slice, when it
hits that point, it's already cut. It just falls right off. Then eventually you're going
to hit the ribcage. When that happens, you just kind of cut around it. You don't want
to cut through the ribcage because that'd be bad. And you can sit here and take some
time, and you know, come back later and really clean up this carcass, if you are feeling
so inclined. Or you could also throw it in a stock pot and make yourself some soup. So
that's basically how you clean off this half of the turkey.