TEDxReset - Erdil Yasaroglu - Espri Yolu - Journey of Jokes

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I hope the speakers before me just relaxed you a little and...
...you are not nervous any more. Here is what I am going to tell you:
I don't like puzzles. Never liked them. Never been a huge puzzle fan.
In the 39 years of my past life,
I have never opened up a magazine or newspaper to work on puzzles.
That's how I felt. But when I grew up I realized I was wrong.
Actually what I do for a living is like a puzzle.
I find an idea, a joke and then I pack it,...
...send it to you through media and you work on this puzzle,
...you work it out and having worked it out you smile and...
...you become happy an you are glad that...
...you are able to understand it, you are able to open the package.
I also have a presentation. I have done my homework.
I am going to talk about a few processes which
lead to the joke, to the comics.
"Look different" This is the essence.
What we call is taking an overturned look at the way things are.
Look this is not a joke. This is just some graphics...
...I am going to use to explain to you what it is all about.
We have Umit Usta, our chef, he is going to cook fried chicken with eggs;
...here is a list of ingredients, this is the recipe,...
you break the eggs and you mix them and do this and do that and enjoy.
I am trying to find a way to make it look funnier. What can I do?
I can replace the chef with something. Maybe the chef could be a chicken.
It may give some of you chuckles, this is not finished humor but let's see:
Here is the recipe. First you kill a chicken.
And then without getting caught by the police,
you dismember the body of the chicken and then you take the children...
of the dead chicken and put them against one another. You break it.
After that, you fry the pieces of the body with hot oil.
Maybe this is not the ultimate humor
but still by replacing man with a chicken chef you can make it funny.
Here is our imagination of hell. Here is the demons.
It is a place you go and suffer punishment forever by being burned.
I think it will take me only 15 minutes to burn out and disappear.
This is the concept. Now it is a puzzle for me.
I have to create a puzzle out of this concept.
Maybe I can send someone to hell who will actually enjoy it.
If I can solve this puzzle then maybe I will be successful.
I think of all the possibilities.
Like a detective in time, in place, one thing that you find...
You are going to work it out...
Eskimos. It is like paradise for them.
They say "Oh my, this must be paradise,finally we are warm"
Another thing is the teachings... the teacher says,
all of them are talented but one... and the second one says,
"I can use my mental powers to levitate the whole class"
This is one part of the puzzle.
Another part is "never accept what is imposed on you"
because we are given so much crap from the day we are born,...
from the parents, from the schools...
Once you start growing up you start questioning...
Internally you say, no, it can't be that way.
Humor is similar to that. We know the girl,...
...we know the guy, this is the frog prince and the princess.
What is the story there? She is supposed to kiss the frog and
he will turn into a handsome charming prince.
Do you think she would act that way if she lives in Istanbul in 2010?
She would say, "you are going to give me the title deed of the palace"
I want a prenuptial otherwise I won't marry, I won't kiss you.
This is I think how it would work these days. Here is another thing...
And they lived happily ever after.
When I say happily ever after, I mean like 20-30 years. When I say happy,
I mean they lived happily for 3-4 years and...
...then they divorced and remarried.
Do you know this guy? Hulk? I used to call him Houlk.
When I grew up and learned pronouncing in English it became Hulk.
This is the guy who was exposed radiation and when...
...he gets angry he mutates into a giant. Very strong...Tossing around...
Tanks and cars... That sounds fine but what happens...
if he just turns into Hulk when he is making love to his girlfriend in bed?
Maybe she would enjoy it but anyway if this guy was an ordinary guy,...
...if he lived in Turkey, what would happen to him?
He says "don't shit in the toilet while you are Hulk otherwise it gets too big"
Now I am going to use some comics to explain how I come up with jokes.
The subject is important. Usually, if I don't have a lot of time,...
...I am going to choose an idea which is easier to produce of course.
So I can use a desert scene because it is easier to draw a desert you know.
Several lines, several dots, there you have a desert.
This is not one of my best jokes but it is a very good example.
That's why I chose it, what can be in the desert?
Maybe you can talk about an unfortunate Bedouin,...
...maybe a penguin, maybe an astronaut falling onto the desert.
Desert in the stone age...
Desert in the future...everything through time, through cultures...
when I was looking for this joke, the TV was on and there was the TV show-
Lost, it was showing the plane crash in one of the flashback scenes.
Here I thought, ok, I will have a plane crash.
This is not enough for a joke.
There is a need for something maybe somebody survived the crash,...
and he is just walking. Still there is no joke here.
This is not enough. I need to introduce something more.
Some kind of a conflict. A question. So that I can build a joke on.
Some other guy survived the plane crash. What happens?
He is usually met by someone at the airport.
He says, "Ercan Bey, I am here to meet you", here is the problem.
If I can solve the problem, how does he know that the plane
would crash at that exact point and who is this guy and what happens...
This is the problem. If I can solve the problem,...
then I have come up with a joke. Anybody read this joke before?
Anybody can guess what it is? What can it be? I found it before...
that's for the meeting of mediums, the psychics meeting.
He says yes, I know, he says, yes I know.
So he is all aware of the situation. And people were not like the psychics,
so I just tried to modify it a little bit so that...
they looked like psychic mediums. I am going to talk about one more thing.
I like using the hell scene. I have never used this device before.
Since I like the theme of hell, I am going to talk about a joke which
transpires in hell. If you are drawing hell,...
you must have, kind of a gatekeeper here.
A demon.
I'm sorry if I'm obstructing the view. Here you have one with sharp teeth...
They are usually cool... Because the people in the hell,...
the prisoners were always going to ask for something.
Is there a cooler place around here? Here is the pitchfork...The fork...
Normally I draw better. This is a goat with a belly. Goats with hooves.
Just like this. Tail. Just like that... Devil...
A little fire here and there. Funny. This isn't enough. You need something.
Somebody must come here to say something. I think about a lawyer.
I mean if you tell many lies in your life, that's where you will end up.
One person was saying to the demon, I want my lawyer and the demon says...
he will be here in a minute. That's the joke I remember.
I have to create a problem here. A guy is thrown into hell.
He is a lawyer. Maybe he is not aware that he is dead.
He is there, coming with a laptop, he is a workaholic apparently,...
...I haven't found the joke yet. Let's see a funny man...
Kind of a business person. By the laptop...
I don't know where the laptop came from maybe they died together...
Just like this. He has the laptop. When he goes somewhere with a laptop,
the first question is "is there a wireless network here?"
It is funny but not a full grown joke yet.
If he says, no, then he will have his purpose. It won't be funny.
Everything is ready but no wireless. This is not funny enough.
You can say "Yes, we have 300 MB connection"
Super. Let's write it.
Now it looks a little funnier but it is going for the better.
If it goes for the better, it is not always the best result.
I have to introduce something which brings it all down.
I am going to cover it first and then you will see it at the end so that...
...it is funnier. I haven't done that since grade school, it is very funny.
Can you see it?
"But your laptop will melt in 30 seconds"
So we brought it down again. We broke his spirits.
When you smash it like this into pieces, I mean if you see...
Adriana Lima in an autopsy, you won't think she is beautiful, I guess.
I want to talk about resetting. The greatest reset we use are swear words.
And there is the political discussion going on. You know...
When somebody is talking for hours on politics,...
...and then he just say, when somebody says...
"this political party will be coming to power with 30% of the votes",
and the other person says "get the fuck out",
...you will have reset that person suddenly.
We hear from many people.
Why do you use swear words? Children are reading the jokes as well.
I say it is necessary. It can't be your only material of course.
But whenever it is necessary you have to use the slang.
It is just like the Hollywood movies you know.
There is a guy whose family is killed, whose house is burnt down and...
so many things happen to him and he just says
"fuck you, you son of a bitch", but in Turkish,
the translation reads different: It is something like "Goddamn it",
it doesn't give the full sense. This is the same about comics.
Sometimes you have to use it. This is another joke I drew.
Family bear, the dad telling the stars, to the sons, the father says
this is the Ursa major and this is the Ursa minor.
And he says where is the Ursa Tiny?
And the middle son says there is no Ursa Tiny.
And the other one says "Faggots".
If you doesn't use this word like "faggots" or if he says "oh damn",
the joke is not that strong. It is just like the TV translations.
Damn it! I think it is not as good.
Here is another one:
"who wins the fight, is going to be with me"
"I will sleep with both of you" And then he says "bitch!" Slut!.
She deserves it.
This one also deserves it.
You sons of bitches!
If I am a bird, I am going to look for a worm...
...for couple of hours and I get back to my nest,...
...only to find my children having ordered takeaways from McDonald's.
When I was in Leman, comics magazine,
there was a story of Can YĆ¼cel,...
the judge asked him in the court,
"why did you use the word ass in your article", he said to the judge,
"I don't know judge, in our village, they call an ass, an ass"
that's why I used the word. Thank you very much.