[ENG SUB] JYJ Happy New Year Message from JYJ 110109

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Subbed and Translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
Hello. This is YooChun.
It is now 2011.
On 1st Jan, did you all eat Deok Guk? (T/N: Deok Guk is rice cake soup; a dish eaten by Koreans during New Year~)
I think I ate Deok Guk on the 5th of Jan, or 4th of Jan...
I had a shoot with the members and the 3 of us gathered together and ate Deok Guk together~
Anyway it is now 2011, JaeJoong Hyung will already be 27, and Junsu and I will already be 26 years old.
I think time really passes by very quicky.
This is something I was talking about with the members.
From now on, for everything, for all of our actions, we will be more careful, pay more attention, and think more, while carrying them out. That was what we talked about.
Till now, While we have been getting older, all of you have always been giving us lots of support and giving us lots of love.
Compared to what we think, we seem to be looking younger.
Thank you very very much
If you give us even more love, even if were a rookie, even if I am in my 50s, won't I still be able to maintain this kind of face?
In any case, in 2011, please always be healthy, and it would be great if everything you aspire to achieve turns out well, and please support JYJ a lot.
I will continue to visit the homepage often with my natural appearance~
Happy New Year ^^
Hello, this is Junsu from JYJ~
Finally, it is the start of 2011!
It is the start of the new year.. if you have dreams or plans which you were unable to accomplish in 2010, I hope that you will be able to fulfill them in 2011.
And if you still have plans which you have not fulfilled, don't just keep them in your thoughts, but do make an effort to carry out actions to fulfill them.
YC: Be more natural~
Because of these two people beside me, I am uable to speak naturally.
I really thank all of you~
JS: This year, let's all, together, be happier! JJ: Ah----!!! Be happy!!! JS: Bye Bye ^^ JJ: Go away, Go away!
Why are all of your expressions like that?
Hello, I am JaeJoong who came to give you all New Year Greetings despite this noisy situation~
Will you pass it well? 2011...
YC: Isn't that a given? JJ: Yes, that's for sure.
2011 is a year that I am full of anticipation for.
For our situation, though there were many different things which happened in 2010,
For 2011, I hope it will be a year whereby all the small things which arise will be able to have better results and outcomes.
And everyone, for the sake of 2011, you must have worked very hard last year. And it would be great if 2011 were only full of happy things!
YC: In 2011, Junsu is a little... JJ: It would be good if he could give us a treat.. YC: and be more level-headed...
YC: and show more discretion [cheol].. and just have copper everyday. JS: Lead too!
T/N: In korean "Discretion" and "Iron" are the same word: cheol. so YC made a joke by saying Copper. and Junsu also responded by saying Lead! ^__^
Everyone, Happy New Year!
Everyone, Happy New Year!!!
omo~ Junsu you are too funny! LOL~~~
Happy New Year!!!
Subbed and translated by christabel88@twitter / christabel88@DBSKnights
Thank you!
Thank you!
Happy New Year~ >_<