Nike5 Lunar Gato Volt Video Review -

Uploaded by SoccerProVideo on 09.10.2012

Hi, I'm Caty from I want to introduce you to the Nike5
Lunargato. Super bright shoe in a volt color. Super awesome soccer shoe, super cool street shoe.
Alright, let's go take a look.
Look at that stitched toe.
Really good for durability.
Same with that
textured lining. Also good for durablity, good for getting the ball around.
And have you seen that leather upper? Super soft.
Gets even softer the more you wear it.
A shoe that gets better the longer you have it? Yes!
that's really soft leather. Super soft, super good for ball control,
and softness. And,
there's mesh lining.
Really good for breathability. Super good.
And let's get down to the cushioned midsole!
take a look at that cushioned midsole.
That's a thick guy right there. You can play longer, keep them on longer, just walk
around longer. Alright,
let's flip this bad guy over!
Wow, flat bottom.
For in the court.
And a textured bottom is good for ball control.
Really? How much more can you ask for? I'm asking you
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Check ya.