Mr Vampire 2 1986

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Who told you to travel? Keep busy
Professor, how much can this antique get?
Afew dimes
Only a few dimes?
Go and see foryourself
Made in Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Professor, overthere's cave from
which these things were found. Look
Go and have a look
Let's go
So slow. Go in first
I'm afraid
This will boost you up
Go in, quick
Go away
Professor, help
Unzip it
Help me, help me quick
Calm down. Don't be afraid
Splendid. Atonic
Professor, it looks like a grave. Let's go
Go? Look, what's this?
It's gold teeth
We're rich
You're no longer needed here
You scatterto find. Don't swallow it up
You're swallowing it again. Show it
Are you going to show it?
How can you eat this?
It's a tonic
Professor, look
Open it
Want to get rich?
Go then
Don't look
Lend a hand
You're good for nothing
I mean what's inside her
Don't touch her. It's more valuable intact
You mean including the body, Professor?
If we find a buyer, we'll be rich
Come and lend a hand
Professor, a small one too
Mother and son in the same coffin
That's empty, the corpse is gone
Where's the corpse?
Where's the corpse?
Maybe out for games
Yes, he's out to find you
He hasn't gone out
He's right here
He's got weapons
Signs of fight
For a sake of money?
For girls
Who cares? Take them away when dark
Come on, move him down first
Don't pace up and down. Clean the dust
She died peacefully
Not peacefully, beautifully
The face is still elastic after a century
See if your heart still beat
My heart's pounding hard
It doesn't beat
What are you doing?
I want to have her clothing cleaned
What? Don't tear it, it's an antique
Let me bathe herthen
Bathe her?
Bathe yourself! Stop making trouble
You're up to no good
Right, he tries to molest a corpse
Is that any of your business?
Sure, because you want to undress her
Not your bloody business!
Is that any of your business?
Don't think I am afraid
You're interfering
See if you dare to interfer again
What are you doing? Let go my little bird
Take it back
I long it only next to my mammy
Little bird, get up
Little bird, don't die
Don't die
Month-to mouth resuscitation
Don't toy with the little bird, Professor
What a nuisance
Mr Nelsson
I'm Kwok Tun-Wong
I've something good foryou
Corpse of the Chien Lung reign
Show me a sample
Sample? I'll show you a small one
You smoke too much, you may get lung cancer
You eat many worms, you may get cancer
Professor, so corpse can make make
How much can these get?
What do you mean?
Afraid I may take away your share?
You've nevertaken my share into account
I'm going too
There's little hope for us then
Hope? We're out ofhope
Can't I hear it?
Sonny, you're getting naughty
I've already switched it off
My hands are on the steering wheel
Don't frame me
Why run so fast?
Well, why I am running so fast?
Professor, the corpse's moving
A moving one gets a better price
Go back and see
Hurry up
Professor, only the spells are left
Bad. What about the two things in the studio?
Go back quickly
Each time I stare at you
Your eyes are full of tears
It makes no difference even with a General
Corpse-appeasing talisman
So scientific?
It's all right
Ghost tamer Chung Kuei sketched it
It touches Yin & Yang and links the 5 elements
It can exorcise all kinds of spirits
It's called the Corpse-appeasing talisman
Any corpse pasted with it
may get provoked
Descendants shouldn't ter it off
or it may resurrect
So horrible?
Damn it!
Advance, retreat
Advance, retreat
Crouch down
Little bird. Finsihed
Little bird, you're free
What about me?
Professor, those...
Those two corpse can move
Then spell must be torn then
How do you know?
I should have warned you
How are the things inside then?
I overpowered that female corpse
What about that male one?
He's out to get able-bodied men
Non sense, he nearly overpowered me
What now? Professor
Get the things ready
They're inside
Look out from the transom
Open up
I watch here
I'll run if anything happens
Don't worry, I won't go in
Go and get the things
What are you up to?
Saw him into two pieces, then mince him
For making soup?
I've nevertired it
Get a rope. We must take him alive
Professor, where's that corpse?
Bring me a rope
What shall I use them?
Hands, like a successful man does
Get the gun under my pillow
Gun? When did you buy it?
Yesterday. Go ahead
Why are you kicking him?
You may provoke him to pursue me
Profesor, he's still moving
Chicken', where's that talisman?
I've torn it
Has it become a dud?
Maybe it's too small
Professor, he's still trembling. What now?
Get a rope to tie him
Get back the small one before dawn
Don't let anyone know it
Lend a hand
Come to the garden to play
Dad, dad
Dad, I need a bamboo stick forthe lantern
I'm busy
Get it from the greenhouse
All right
Dad, dad
What's it now?
Dad, the greenhouse...
No, dad
Don't disturb me. Go out
Let's go and get help
It's inside
Let's break in
Why? Are you afriad?
Go in. Shout and we'll come to your help
Run quickly
What's the matterwith you?
You promised to help me
We've been fooled, only one plane
This shows I did't lie
But you fooled us
I really didn't lie. Never mind if you don't believe
I really saw it
I believe you
They all don't believe me. Do you?
You must be lying
Her again? Switch on the TV
Eat with them
Lowerthe soung volume
Come here on holiday
You children may not like me
They will
Let's talk about it later
Be sure to come to see you
Dad's here. Let's eat
You're naughty
You're a pest
Dad, stop that, the food's getting cold
Eat now
Here now is the News Report
This morning polive seized a fishing boat
Carrying illegal immigrants
including Small Human Snake
They had drifted forthree days and nights
Before being discover by marine police
Dad, what's Small Human Snake?
A chiild illegal immigrant
They're so called because they can't stay
Poor little things
They're cold and hungry
To avoid getting arrested
Dad, I'm full
Where are you going?
To play with puppy
Dad, there are two men and a woman here
Why are two men washing dishes but woman goes out?
Had they been two adults and a child
It's logical forthe adults to work
Why is that adult not working then
to let the childre go out to play?
Can't we make the children work?
And let the adult play?
What would you play then?
Since your mom died, there's much to play
Feeding, changing diapers, cleaning bedsheets
washing clothes and dishes
You call that play?
Go to play yourself
I'd bettertake anotherwife
You're rude. Why don't you knock?
Go away
Go away
Sorry, sorry
Come out, don't be afraid
I knew you were here
Don't be afraid
I won't tell Uncle policemen
We are friends, OK?
It's cold here. Go in with me
Hold out your hand
Let's go
Chia-Chia, what are you doing inside?
Dad, keep away
Go in quick
It's rainning. Why did you go out?
Never mind
Never mind?
What's hidden in the wardrobe?
Nothing, nothing
Come on, let me see
Bad, I must go to bed. Go out
Good night
Good night
It's real fun
Who's it?
Brother, come in, I'll show you something
What is it?
Come in quick!
What's the noise?
Dad, I grimaced to scare him
Don't run wild
Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid. He's friendly
Stand up!
Brother, isn't it fun?
If dad knows, he may call the police
Let's not tell dad
Let's cross ourfinger
Let's cross finger
Daddy won't know it
When the thumbs touch
the secret won't be leaked
Hu, hurry up
It's late
Hurry up
Don't run wild. Watch out forthe flowers
Why are you so early?
Fine, later cloudy with intermittent rains
Dad's out
Tell him to come out
All right
What has become ofhim?
I know
Dad says a 'Small Human Snake' can't see the light
Let's draw up the curtain
Why are Chia-Chia & others still not here?
Go in to find her
Let's go
Let's go in
Don't come in
Why don't you let us in?
Go out
Who's he?
Don't touch him
You may scare him
I'll open it to let you see
Don't be afraid, they're my friends
I'm Glutinous Rice Chicken
I'm Spring Roll
I'll Trussed Duck Feet
I'm Layer Cake
What's his name?
No idea. He can't talk
Just call him 'OK Boy'
OK Boy?
I must make it straight
Are you giving me te hand of Gin?
No change in half a century
Uncle, please think it over
We were childhood friends
I have my principle
I'm only a reporter, but I'm hardworking
If she leaves me, she won't find a better man
No more nonsense
My late fatherwas your good friend
You must considerthat
Try to win sympathy? No!
There's no hope for us?
Maybe there is. Inherit my medicine shop
and I'll make you my son-in-law
Anyone taking her must take my shop
I'm not interested in medicine business
I'll turn it into a photo studio
Idiot, I'll find somebody else
Work hard, and this shop will be yours
Thank you, boss
I must tell you the truth
I've already done it with GiGi
What? How dare you lie?
I've already done it
Yes, dad?
Did he take adventage of you? Tell me
He does that every day
lmpossible, she must've got me wrong
Yes, dad?
Listen, did he?
It's all right
Dad, the die is cast
The die is cast
Are you lying?
Why should I do you in
Since I've already done her in?
What do you mean?
Take yourtime to think about it
Sir, want a prescription orthe doctor?
The doctor
The doctor?
Boss, a patient
Come in
Sit down
What troubles you?
Just a small matter. Look
A small thing
Does it still hurt?
How did you get this?
I was playing with a child next door
and he bit me when excited
Children are inhuman when excited
I'm not sure it was a child's bite
But the one who bit you is inhuman
Excuse me
Husk some old-vintage glutinous rice
Why is Uncle so excited?
It's a rare case, and a rare prescription
Friends, how did you get this?
I was playing with a child next door
Are you a doctor?
No, I'm a reporter
I'll take a photo
Jen, stop making trouble
Jen, stop making trouble
Are you sure it doesn't hurt?
Calm down
Don't worry. You'll be alright
Tell me frankly what caused this?
A child next door bit me...
All right, you may go home
Thank you, doctor
Jen, I must go out. Watch here
What's up?
Watch the shop. I'll follow your dad
Watch here. I'll tail them
It's you!
Father-in-law, get in
Follow that car in front
What happened?
The tiger in the zoo bit
Tiger? Must be a vampire
What then?
Why are we going then?
To fix him
Blast, I forgot the things
Follow that car in front
Don't ever go in
Get out
Open up, I'm back
Professor, open up
Go and tell your dad it's here
Open up
Where are you going?
No more nonsense. Go and get that little one
Quick, quick
German-made lock, 1982
You can't confuse me
Sedative, any such things?
They can still move
A photo with them will make me famous
It works
This way there's no sense of reality
Can't I walk?
Get going
Sounds like Jen
That bastard?
Jen, what's going on inside?
Open up
Lend me a hand. Come on
Come on
Don't be afraid. I'm here
What a smell
It stinks
It's dangerous
He's up again
Watch out
The cloth is not cut
Watch out
I'll stab you
Save dad
Give it to me
It doesn't work
He's powerful
Dial 999 at once
Hang up
I'm passing out
Police, come on
Don't go away, help me
Don't you believe what I told you?
They're real vampires
Vampire? Crazy
A police raid
Corpse-rifling is a serious crime
Yes, let's go
Professor, I don't want to be rich
I want no money
Money? What about life?
You were bitten by that vampire
Unless you get the corpse's blood
You'll die for sure
Why didn't you tell me till now?
The police are already here
You didn't want me to live
Luckily, I wasn't bitten
Professor, I'll quit
That's not friendly
No point in considering that now
I'll bite you
It makes no difference
Let's see where they're taking them
Why are the police not taking away the corpses?
What are you quarreling about? It's simple
Someone dialed 999
The polive arrived and found 2 corpses
Hand them overto the police
Are they to be handed overto a museum?
Yes, our museum
They're antiques, not corpses
What makes you think they are antiques?
Because they don't decay
How long have they died?
At least 2 centuries, judging from their costume
What if someone put animal skin
On the corpse after killing him
Does it became prehistoric relic?
Are you an archaeologist or a sucker?
Make no wild guess
Don't guess. Hand it overto us
And we'll operate to find its chronology
They can't be exhibited afterthe operation
That's easy
Put yourwife in a Ching dress in a coffee
It was you who said they're antiques
You'll be held liable forwhat you said
You only talked nonsense
Quite. This corpse...
Corpse? It's an antique
Yes or no, I'll operate on it
No, I must protect antiques
Hand it overto us for custody
Okay, but it must be operated on first
They don't fit anyway
Well, what now?
Use forse
Don't be tough
Well, take them to the police station
Sorry, everybody
I'm No.2 fireman No Water
Our Commissioner gave orders
Not to remove the corpses until he arrives
Is that any ofhis business?
I haven't finished yet
The lmmigration and Anti-Smuggling Commissioners
Said they must decide on this too
Father-in-law lies inside
The wind are chilly
Nonsense, it's the air conditioning
What are you doing?
Close the door at once
Sorry, everybody
Open it
Take it down
Freeze it hard like ice-picks
He'll be all right then
Even snow can melt
Stab it and let me take a photo for souvenir
Frozen too hard
Not too hard, yourfather-in-law's too old
Let me do it
Can you?
Aim at the heart and stab
Harder, to pierce his heart
All right
Take a photo for me as souvenir
Push the shutterwhen I count up to three
Come on, quick
One, Two, Three
Bad, the sword's broken
Father-in-law, what now?
Use fire to burn them
Here? You may burn many to death
Many people will die as a result
Many will die if the corpse flee
Bring kerosene at once
Father-in-law, someone's coming
Play the corpse
Bad, two corpse
Let's look around
We can't find it among so many
That one without dress is it
Come over
He looks familiar
Crazy, in hell?
I seem to have seen him before
Over here
There's a way out
Sure, orwe wouldn't have been here
Whose blood shall we draw first?
the female, of course
The man fooled around before death
He might have got AIDS
Take the female out
Hold it tight
So hard
Finished, all finished
I'll get another syringe. Soften her
Hurry up
What are you doing? Move it quick
He's flaring up. Take them away
Father-in-law, they are taking away the corpses
Follow them
Hurry up
Don't make trouble
Step on the gas
I'm stepping too hard. Where are we going?
Find a place to burn them
So fast!
Make it soft
So hard
1,2,3,4. 1,2,3,4.
Soft now, bring the syringe
Hurry up
Father-in-law, the checkpoint
Break it, step on the gas
Break it?
What is it?
Atruck is speeding off
Stop it by every means
Father-in-law, what now?
Break it
Long Live the Queen
We really can't stop
That's no way to talk to an officer
Father-in-law, what now?
Rush over
Why don't you break in?
Father-in-law, not my fault
Not yourfault?
So you enjoy driving, go
Go and I'll shoot. Go!
Sir, listen
I have no time forthat. You may choose not to speak
What you say will be used to testify against you
I'm suing you for dangerous driving
resisting arrest, murder, etc.
What's inside? Open it
Can't be opened
Don't take me for a moron
Come on
You don't have to
3048, 2040, open it
Yes, sir
Stand it, don't let him come out
Go away
What? I'll be finished ifhe gets away
Stand it by every means
Keep away
Father-in-law, there's a crowd
Disperse them
Stand it
Stand it
What's it?
Those two inside are vampires
Disperse them
Don't try anything foolish
Don't worry, sir
Stop! Stand back, all of you
Father-in-law, what now?
Make way
What do you want?
A narrow escape
Let me take a photo for a souvenir
Bad, we're finished
Come and help put out the fire
The car's on fire
Yes, vampire
There's a way out
Even the gun doesn't work
Follow me
Draw their blood
Go and strangle him
Yes, go ahead
Out of the way
Don't be in the way
Run quick
Make way
Father-in-law, what now?
Follow them
Here is a News Report
Two suspected vampires appeared in N.T.
Lowerthe sound volume
They are still chasing and killing citizens
The situation is extremely chaotic
Two vampires, according to TV news
Vampires in a movie?
They found two OK boys
They're not cute at all
Don't cry, father may hear it
Don't cry. Let's go into the room
I won't see it anymore
I'd better return to watch the children
Tell Ying to watch the children foryou
No need. I'll come back later
Come here
Come here quick
Vampire boy
Dad, don't
OK boy is cute
Hello, 999?
Vampire here
The divine guidance says southeast northwest
No point in making rounds here
Quiet, can't you see I'm reciting?
Data Section informing TV news Team
Vampires were found at Castle Peak Road
Please rush to scene
Rush to the scene at once
Don't recite anymore. Sit still
What took them so long?
Why are you so late?
The Vampire is here
OK boy
Turn on the light
Follow them
Go in
Blow out the house, if necessary
Don't. Mr Hu's family of three are there
Don't worry, we'll help them
You two go in
Me, too?
Go quick!
Sir, it won't help
You again. What's your background?
Father-in-law, tell him your quali
Put down your gun first
My master Samo had Spooky Encounters
Now he's met The Dead and The Deadly
Last year I caught a Mr Vampire
My name is Lin Cheng-ying
Mr Lin, what do you want us to do?
Switch off all the lights
Get some chloroform for elephants
I'll take care ofit
I see
Switch off the lights
Jen, follow me
Sir, who's Lin Cheng-ying?
No idea
Who cares?
Stab on the chest of the vampires
Father-in-law, stab on his chest
Give me the sword
What about me?
Lure him to strangle your neck, then I'll stab
Go quick!
Lure him in
OK Boy
Come back
Switch on the lights
Prepare rockets
Follow me
Put out the fire. Clear up the scene
Fire anaesthetic bullets
To kill them all
Shoot calcium sulphates, KISS
It would be too brutal
The body is yours only in name
You are reborn from your own ashes
Will buddha give you an early new life!
Buddha be praised
Come with us to the station
Don't let Uncle Cop take him away
Let's adopt him, okay?
What ifhe grows up?
He may suck human blood
I'm not afraid, I've much blood
Don't, Uncle, don't take him away
I really don't know what to do
He helped us once
Uncle, are you arresting him?
Little girl, you like him?
Yes, he's nice, he never bullies
Don't cry, don't cry!
Uncle, he's asleep
Let Uncle take him to bed
Don't worry. I won't hurt him
Don't go away
You'll be caught once you're out
I have an idea
How about the small one?
Let's help him into early, happy re-incarnation
Uncle, goodbye!
Uncle, bring him when you're free
Come when you're free
What about him?
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