120626 JJ Project MTV Diary Cut Ep 2

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June 19th go to the night market in Dangdaemum
JB: Now,he is recording the video for fans. Oh no,he is taking picture.
JB: Pretending to be cute as much as he could
Jr: How to take the self-camera, i don't know
JB: Maybe I need to frame it out once.
Jr: 1,2,3
JB: Oh,i'm in the pictrue, like this. Stop taking more pictures.
JB: Checking?
JB: How many mark he can get?
What do you think?
Jr: Oh is this good?
Uhm, this is really good, this can get full mark.
JB: its cute.
Jr: I'll use this tricks after this.
JB: How many marks it could be?
Ten marks, full mark.
JB:Full mark? Oh! Lie.
This picture was taken by me.
JB: What's the subject of today's filming?
Jr: I am done with the self-camera.
Jr: By the way we'll go to Dongdaemun.
Jr: So we'll decide the theme when we arrived there, yes?
Jr: we'll do this later, so we...
Jr: are you shooting?
Jr: We're going to Dongdaemun
JB: After you go there, please find us.
Jr: here.. like this
JB: Start
JB: Reached...reached
Jr: Finally here, Dongdaemun
JB: Firstly, we're going to hangout here and there.
Jr: This is second time I came to Dongdaemun
Jr: I came here one year ago
JB: firstly, where to hanging out
JB: Come, this way
JB: I can't see the whole see sight on this floor
Jr: Second time came to Dongdaemun
Jr: Feel very good
Jr: I would appear in the pic now.
Jr: Enjoying time like this
Jr: Not too much time
Jr: What time is now?
Jr: 1:32 am
Jr: Ya~we'll go to school tommorrow
JB: Like this
Jr: What should i do?
JB: Its really not funny
JB: Oh!the camera is going closer
JB: Oh~ really womanly
JB: Wow you really emanate attributes womanly
JB: Expression expression
Jr: Oh! i'm going crazy
JB: Expression expression
JB: How to make this expression
JB: Ja,it look very interesting
JB: Really happy now
JB: Go!
JB:My super like style T-shirt
JB: Some pattern in front of it
JB: I really like this style like this
JB: But, I forgot my state of my business account
Jr: Hello
Lady: what are you doing?
JB: Helping me to do one?
Lady: Ah, really?
JB:Meeting a person who makes me happy
JB: This is stylist sister
JB: she is stylist, right?
JB: This sister who is in camera
JB: Last time, we were doing our hair style the beauty parior of Jamsil. She was soing my hairstyle
JB: Really happy to see her again. even we are meeting in Dongdaemun.
JB: This is luck
Lady: This is suitable to JJ's style
Lady: On that way, there are many styles that suit you
Jr: But this is really like our clothings
JB: This is really good for our style
Jr: It's similar with what we wore
Jr: Absolutely good sense
Jr: Oh, this skull are suitable for us
Jr: Brother7x
Jr: This is useful as a dorn when we are on stage
JB: Seeing a person who make me happy again
JB: His face is deep-felt
JB: Likely? or not?
JB: Sorry
JB: I do not want to change with you
JB: You know?
JB: I love you (brother)
Jr: Everything here
Jr: It is very good place
Jr: You can come here to play in current life
JB: Fashion's leader
Jr: You can see it, fashion's leader over there
JB: Do you want to eat something?
Jr: When i came here at the first time, it's strange for me
JB: I want to order all different taste of kimbab
JB: I want to eat all of them
JB: I want to show all of them in this show
JB: but finally i only order 5 tastes of them
Jr: who'll pay the bill?
Jr: It is like the winter's atmosphere
Jr: It's very aural and especially at wee hours
JB: Hot
JB: I seem that I can't shoot the ramyun cf
JB: Just eat some sweet turnip
Jr: I am the person who is a cute actor
JB: Like ramyun
JB: Just because i really like this
JB: Ramyun
JB: When you eating it on rainy day or night. It's the best thing
JB: Hardtack is like this,right?
JB: Playing rock paper, and scissor if anyone wants to eat
JB: The loser can't eat
JB: There was a second winner when the next turn started
JB: Remember
JB: Then you can challenge the place No.2
JB: This game called me "Im Jaebum must win" XD
JB: It's not that easy to eat like this much
JB: It is 2:27 am
JB: How much?
Jr: Really awesome
Jr: Jaebum bro pays the bill as well before
Jr: This way
JB: Really nice
JB: Ramyun is really tasty
JB: This is the way of coming home
JB: Because there's a schedule tomorrow. Coming back home quickly.
JB: If you sleep too late, you'll dream something
JB: Be quiet
Jr: I know, sorry
Jr: Let's practice phonation in here
Jr: We're doing this everyday
Jr: Ma comes here. Ma come here
Jr: Here's people come in
Jr: Can he hear
Jr: It's time to comeback home for JJ
Jr: We'll go to school tomorrow
JB: Don't take. Don't. Sorryx7
Jr: Today, we came to Dongdaemum
Jr: It's really good place
Jr: If i am free next time
Jr:I'll come here to buy something i want
Jr: There're too many pretty thing
Jr: and a lot of people
Jr: iam glad to see the crowd
Jr: Anyway, i'm happy today, and it's good experience
JB: Now,it is me
JB: Changing a mode
JB: That's it
JB: Can you see?
Jr: Shooting me
JB: I am just so happy in Dongdaemum
JB: I do not have a free time such like today
JB: really interesting
JB: Today is really interesting
JB: Everyone should come here
JB: Together
JB&Jr: Good Bounce
JB: Bye, please be a good bounce
Jr: Bye,bye, i love you
Jr: Ma, How dare you came here?
JB: We'll do better next time. Please look forward
JB: Is it very hard to play?
Jr: Because it's not the real one.So, i'm doing like this
JB: It's smaller than the real size
Jr: But i am just playing for fun
Jr: Just using this for practice phonation
JB: We create a song?
JB: Can't
JB: No,No.Really can't
JB: Even grandpa and grandma can enjoy this melody
JB: Check it out
Jr: Mom!
JB: Let's have fun
Jr: How's it going on?
JB: Can't sing, wait a second
Jr: Father, mother
Jr: I miss you
Jr: Even we are in different places
Jr: but i miss you so much
Jr: I 'll be stronger
Jr: Mom, dad, i love you
JB: Why are you getting it end here?
JB: Why is it off here?
Jr: Sorry!