Windows Defender v1.1 - Teste Preventivo (Preventive Test)

Uploaded by victorh2007 on 10.12.2010

Hello everybody!
I got a request and today we are going to test Windows Defender
Windows Defender comes pre-installed by default in Windows Vista and Windows seven
That is the version 1.1.1593.0
I have previously installed the software
I kept the default configuration
And as always, nothing has been changed
Let's update database signatures
Database is updated
It is a Microsoft's software dedicated to detect and remove spywares
Let's now check computer's resources usage
It uses about ten MB of RAM memory
Here I have a list of malicious links and let's start testing
Windows Defender can be used in combination with your favorite antivirus, but today we will just test it alone and see how it behaves
That is the Windows firewall
So far no response from Windows Defender
Internet Explorer has been suddenly closed
And it is not responding
Computer is locked, I will try to unlock it and I will be right back
I had to reboot the computer to unlock it
So now let's resume the test
I think this one was blocked
There are trojans running on RAM memory
I will await the end of this download and check this and verification and I will be right back
Download is complete, so let's run the file
I will start now a computer's full scan with Windows Defender and I will return at the end with the results
After almost half an hour of scanning process
Windows defender found one threat
I found a rogue software
Let's remove this threat
I will now restart the computer, then run CCleaner and I will return with the results from Malwarebytes
At the end of Malwarebytes scanning process
24 infected objects were found
And Hijack.UserInit
Let's remove all of them
As there are no malicious process running on memory right now it will not be necessary restarting the computer
I will start scanning with Hitman Pro and I will return at the end of this process with the results
At the end of Hitman Pro scanning process
It was found six trojans and one malware
Well, my verdict about Windows Defender
It showed a poor performance
In fact it does not guarantee protection of a computer if used alone in the machine
I only recommend it if used in combination with your favorite antivirus
It got a very low performance on this test
Well, that is all for today. Let your comments, suggestions, opinions and visit my blog:
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I will see you!