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Based on Hebrews 4:12-13
What you believe about God
truly is the most important thing about you
I've been asking people that question for many years
what do you think about God who do you think God is
and I've got some pretty interesting responses from people
now the truth is that if your image of God is that He's
mad at you
he wants to punish you, that
that somehow he is
Mean and grouchy and nasty like grandpa is
whether he is like
A judge behind his rostrum just
waiting to give you are fine
send you to jail
if that's your image I can understand why you wouldn't want to get to know God
but those images to the idea that, well
God really isn't much of anything
he's kind of out there but he's too far away, to distant
To even worry about
I can understand you wouldn't try to relate to God who is too far away to
from the human scene
To removed from your life on a day-to-day basis
What I love to do
is to find out where people picked up what they really believe about God
who told you that where did you read
and most often people have a
misplaced view of God because they have not read the Bible
in fact take all of the
of literature written by all world religions
Put them side by side
and evaluate them on the basis of what
they say about God's desire to reveal himself to us
to love us
to have a plan for our lives and the Bible stands out
supreme very quickly
because one of the reasons God had that the Bible put together so to speak
is because
he wants us to know who he really is
today we're going to
we're going to begin a series of messages about looking at who God really
is how do we connect with Him face-to-face
today it's really all about
Us in a way
how does God see us
to understand how God sees us we need to
know a little bit about what God knows
That's where our scripture passage comes in
Hebrews four thirteen nothing in all creation and I want you to
note that first word
nothing in all creation is hidden from God that means what everything is naked
And exposed
before his eyes, now there's a word picture
And He is the one whom we are accountable
I thought I was accountable to me
It is what my therapist told me
well I thought I was
I was accountable to my spouse that's what my spouse told me
well I thought it was accountable to my
parents matter how
Old they are
they told me that that's the way that
it is
No, ultimately your accountable to God
and I know when we talk about God knowing everything
everything about everything
and being accountable to Him
all of those feelings are not positive are they?
lets sort out the positive ones and the
the negative ones by looking at how God really loves us, David wants us to know
he understands with no limits
the theological word for that as he's omniscient
that means God knows everything nothing this hidden from Him
that his knowledge has no limits
in fact the Bible is very clear about this first of all God knows
everything about himself it's interesting
you don't know everything about yourself I don't know everything about me, I've been
living with me for fifty eight years
fifty eight years
after fifty eight years I still don't know everything about me
and I've been living with me twenty four seven
God knows everything about me
everything about me
he knows everything about himself
there isn't one thing about God that he doesn't understand about himself
Number two he understands everything in creation
Go to Genesis three He created everything and said it was good God knows everything about
He knows about when creation fell
he knows everything about how he's going to intervene in history and reclaim the
reconcile the earth to Him
he knows it all
he knows everything about history past, present and future and he knows
everything about your history past
present and future
I like what Isaiah says in Isaiah forty six he says
he says
God is the one who demarcates
the beginning and the end
God is the one who
knows all of history from ancient times
to that which is not yet come to be
he knows everything about everything
he's omniscient
his knowledge is limitless and his knowledge about us is limitless
how does God see us
When God looks at us
he does see all of our faults and failures and fears
now for some of us that really
that doesn't strike a good notes to us
because the truth is that I believe this is true of all of us we always try
To hide from God
as if we can, we're all like the dieter
opening freezer compartment at three o'clock in the morning
we say to ourselves they'll never know
and have you noticed how good you are you get that ice cream, the tub
Put a little towel around it so you don't freeze your fingers and you eat out of it
but before you put it back you know how to take that spoon and smooth it out
so you don't get caught
because you know they're not paying that much attention to how much ice cream
Was in there, right?
We're the same way with God aren't we?
we think somehow we can hide our faults and our failures and our fears from God
and I know it doesn't sound like good news but it is good news
You can't
you can't, you can't hide from God
Proverbs five twenty one I take A verse
every week
from my message and I put it on a four by six card and
carry that around with me all week it's the one I try to memorize I
meditate on it and this was the one for this week because it just spoke to me
several weeks ago when I was looking at for our ways are in full
Of the Lord
he's got like x-ray vision
About us
and he examines all of my paths
he knows not only everything about me but he knows everything I'm going to do
everything I did do everything I am doing everything I will do
he knew the moment that I would be born and he knows exactly when I will die
now I'm like you I was raised in a tradition it was pretty conditional when
it came to God's love
and the idea that God loves me even though I falter and fail and have
these fears
that's really good news
because that's not how I grew up that's not how I was taught to believe in God
I was really talked to believe
Jesus came to this planet to make us pay
You do something wrong, there's a price
connected to that
and the parochial school I went to was that way and my parents were that way
you paid for all your faults and failures
you will pay God is going to make you pay
what's interesting that's not Ephesians two eight and nine is it?
That you're saved by what? grace
not by works
And the reason for that is that if it were by works
everybody'd be boasting around
Paul says
and we're not going to have any if you're going to boast Paul says boast in the Lord
boast about what the Lord has done in your life
he knows everything about you
he knows every fault and every failure
and every fear you will have as long as you live on this planet
And He loves you
we don't have to pretend
We don't have to hide from God but we also don't have to pretend
when were with God
David says my sins, O God, are not Hidden from you; you know how foolish
I have been
And we're really good at learning how to hide our faults and our failures and our
Fears, right?
our failures
We know how to
kind of dig a hole and thrown it in there and then covered it up, you know
make it look like nobody's ever been there
God knows
he knows everything that you've buried in your life
we don't have to pretend
when we're in the presence of God
we can be very authentic very real and very honest before God about what we've
failed to do
the mistakes that we made
the questions we still have
Why because he knows everything about you
all your ways all your paths
Are laid bare before God
he knows your sin
in fact he knows your sin better than you know you your sin
he also
wants to be sympathetic about
our fears
Look at Matthew six
Jesus says the don't worry your heavenly father already knows what you need and
then if you go to six eight this is six thirty one to thirty three
if you go back to
chapter six verse eight it says the same thing then he adds to it
don't worry your heavenly father already knows what you need before you ask
and he will give you everything you need
I don't know about you but that wasn't my dad
Wow, that wasn't my dad
and so with my
boys that as they left the house
you know, I've tried to you know, help them provide for their needs
and what's interesting is because they haven't lived
you know twenty-three and twenty five I know no there were things up ahead
that they don't know about
and so I've tried to prepare them ahead of time for those things that they will
experience in life
so they won't be needy in life more than and they need to be
and I've done that
out of love
out of love I've tried to equip them and help them with future that's the
same way God is
and what I love about God and what he says in this passage
Go the very end of the passage I will give you, I want you to circle that word
and then underline the last word
Need, everything you need, may I ask what do you need this morning
now let me help you out with this
the money parts the simple part
in fact I have a little saying
if more money or more time will fix it it's really not a problem
if more money or more time will fix it
it's not a real, because the real problems in life are the ones that can't be
solved with some more money or some more time, a little harder effort
and that's the category I always think of when I think about God wants to meet
every one of my needs
is those ones that just can't be
by human effort
By a little more concentration
and we have those, don't we?
sure do
there isn't a one of us that comes this morning that doesn't have a need that God
Can meet
that we want God to meet this morning
and the good news
Is that he wants to meet every one of your needs He will even give you some of your
likes too
some of your wants
Faults, failures, fears how about feelings and frustration
Oh, God understands your feelings
he understands your frustrations
what God wants to say to us in our moments of
and our frustration with life, he wants to tell us what we're not alone
we're not alone
You God have listened to all my troubles and you have seen the crisis of my soul
may I ask you this morning what's the crisis of your soul
chances are ten to twenty percent of us that are here this morning
are in some kind of crisis
might be financial and might be medical
might be
job related in might be relational but there's a crisis in your life
and isn't it great to know that God understands that
crisis panic that we all experience
that crisis worry
that crisis
He understands it all
Why, because he's a sympathetic God
he is like a father to us, tender and sympathetic
for he knows what you're made of, dust
now if you didn't have a sympathetic father you know, join the crowd
but our father in heaven is a sympathetic father
he's a compassionate fathers is a other way to say that
he realizes because Jesus came to this planet and lived just like you and I he
understands the human condition he understands all those feelings
especially those feelings of crisis
because he knows that you're just made of dust
and what the writer is trying to communicate is there's only so much
you can do
and you should do
all that you can do but don't be surprised when you do all that you can
and you need some supernatural help along the way
because the truth is as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago
God created this incomplete for a reason
so that we would
we would yearn to be in relationship with him
that we would call upon
his provision and his power for our life
because God has made plans for you
and you cannot fulfill those plans without his guidance
his power his vision
His giftedness
that he's placed in your life
God not only knows the crisis but he knows the cause
Of the crisis
he wants to know he's sympathetic for you
here's another way that Paul puts that same thought in
first Peter five seven he says cast all of your cares on the Lord
because he cares about you
now I like that term cast because it's a fishing term
and what he's really trying to say is what you need to do is, you need to take
that care and you need to throw it on
to Jesus
And cut
the rope, twine, string, fishing line that you
who invariably hook onto that care
because at some point you want to pull it back
and that's why Paul says no don't just place it throw it
Throw it onto God
and understand this there are things that you experience in life
That were designed to encourage you to cast it upon God
you were never designed
to deal with all of your life all of your feelings all of your frustrations
all the things that worry you
stress you out cause you to be depressed make you feel like you're alone like
people are attacking
you were never designed to deal with all of those feelings by yourself
because it's in that moment that moment of crisis
Of worry, concern
Put whatever label on it works for you today
and God wants you to know that you just give it to me
and I will give back to you
what it is that you need
isn't that what Jesus says this is my yoke is easy and light
take my yoke upon you
Paul takes that thought says then cast it on to Jesus
Hey, how have you been doing with that big crisis of the soul all by yourself
is at working for you
it's not working for you; you were never designed
to work this life out on your own so those circumstances, those relationships
that issue
will take
the caring and the love and the direction and the empowerment of God
but here's the thing about God
he will not take it from you
you must give it to him
God does not kick down the door of our life he
Stands at the door and knocks and invites us he does the same thing with what you
worry about what stressing you out whatever your crisis is today same thing
you want to hang onto it and solving yourself go-ahead but how are you doing
With that all by yourself
and if we're really honest we're not doing too hot
how do I know that because I know that the number one
prescription in the United States has to do with stress and
as were stressed out we're worried to the max
we got a crisis of the soul
because we think we're all alone
We're never alone God's always with us
he knows exactly how you feel he knows your frustrations
another thing that the Bible says is that God sees the future and we all want to
see the future, don't we?
sure we do that's what astrology is all about and
horoscopes are all about and Ouija boards are all about and
palm reading tea reading card reading psychics
we're all trying to get an
edge on what the future might hold for us
we care deeply about the future of our life and the lives of those around
And we'll do almost anything to peer into the future
how does God see you, he knows your future
he knows your future
he doesn't know just a little bit about your future
he knows everything about your future
of my life David says was recorded in your book before any of them ever
and we think some people think they're here by accident
God says for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to give you a
hope and a future
hope and a future
in fact as I say
as a Christian you know you win
no matter what happens in your life
you go to bed tonight
and you don't wake up tomorrow morning guess what you win
Because you'll be in heaven
you go to bed tonight and you wake up tomorrow and you win because now you
have another opportunity
another opportunity
To love God to love your neighbor as yourself
God knows your future
and isn't it great to know that your future is in
the loving hands of God
A sympathetic God who cares about you and knows everything about you
and he has not left you
he's always wanted you
he always will want you
and finally God sees all the good that you've ever done
all your faithfulness if you want
stick with the same letter
we should not grow weary in doing good because we will reap a harvest if we do
not give up
I was taught that God was recording all the bad things but not the good things
we think that, God he's taken you know
he's taking note of all the bad things we've ever done
But does he even noticing the good things that I do and the
answer simply is his yes he does
yes he does
and that good that we do
is a good
That God not only notices but he works through
that harvests that he wants to do is he wants to do something great through your
and it might be this much greatness or it might be this much greatness I don't
know but I can tell you God has a great plan for your life and that greatness
is always actualized
In parted at least
through the good things that we do
because God blesses us as we do good do good to others
so how'd we do today
in terms of what you thought about God when you came
what do you think about God now
as we get an accurate picture
of how God sees us we realize
we're not troubles
We're in the best position we can ever be in all of life
getting to know, getting face to face
with a God who knows everything about us
who loves us unconditionally
who really does have something glorious in store for our future
Let us pray
Lord you know we have trouble loving ourselves
just in the parts that we know of because we know all of our faults and
failures and
negative feelings and fears and frustrations Lord, we know enough
that we're not perfect by far
and we're thankful for the reminder this morning that
our imperfection our sinfulness does not cancel you out it does not cancel
out your plan for us in life
Lord we're thankful that we can know the real you through your word
because the more that we learn about you
the more that we experience you the more we're convinced
that you are the way
the truth and the life and that no one comes to the Father
except by You Amen
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