Arcade Repair Tips - Safely Discharge An Arcade Monitor

Uploaded by varcadegames on 09.06.2009

Hi, welcome back to the Arcade Repair Tips Video Series. Today we're going to discuss
how to discharge a monitor safely.
I know you guys have all heard horror stories, and some of you possibly have been shocked
by a monitor. So by all means, this is a very important step for you to learn how to do.
But once you've done it several times it won't be any big issue to you.
The first thing that I want you to learn how to do is to unplug the game. Do not try to
do this with the game plugged in. Number one, it won't work and you might find out the hard
way that it won't work. So unplug the game.
With the power off, you've got you long cord that we talked about in our Arcade Repair
Tips on tools. It's got an insulated screwdriver. You want to do a flathead screwdriver. You're
going to hook one end to the chassis mount here. As you can tell - I can't read Chinese
very good but I do know that this means warning right here and also up here. On American made
monitors you'll notice they will say warning and high voltage and trust me, it is. It's
very high voltage so please be careful.
A lot of times, you want to make sure of course that you're not doing anything stupid like
standing in water or anything like that. Wear rubber soled shoes. Take all those necessary
precautions. But once you've done all that and you've got your wire hooked up to the
chassis somewhere, to the shroud or the frame, then you take the other end and you go up
under the cup. It's called the anode but it looks kind of like a suction cup, ok? Never
take this off. Contrary to some videos on Youtube, do not take that off by hand. Use
this. Put it up under there, slide it up under there and go all the way until there's a hole
up under there, until you touch the metal and you should hear a pop. That's it.
The monitor will discharge the electricity. Wait a couple minutes and do it at least one
more time. Make sure because sometimes a minute or two later it will build up a little more
charge. Do that twice. We already did it once. We're going to do it again. And that's how
you safely discharge a monitor.