Raw Food Diet: Healthy Lunch Ideas : How to Use a Mandoline for Spring Rolls

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.01.2008

Hello, I'm Denise Bennett and I'm here on behalf of Expert Village. The first thing
I want to do is to introduce you to this item right here which is called a mandoline. Now
a mandoline is a manual slicer. It's very basic as you can see. Extremely sharp and
it is used to make the, the zucchini is going to be laid out flat, and you'll see it in
a minute. And you can roll it up around these items to make a spring roll, because we're
not going to be using rice paper, that's cooked. And we won't be using a wheat based, deep-fried
roll of any kind at all because that's all junk for your body and we want it to be something
healthy. So we don't use wheat and we don't use cooked oils. This is going to be absolutely
beautiful, in presentation and nutrition. So, it's the best thing, it's probably the
goal of raw foods right there. Ok, so we're going to take this little mandoline and we
have our zucchini, I'll cut off the ends. Ok, so looking for a flat end here, as flat
as we can get it, and the first few slices, are going to be, well, made into soup or fed
to bunnies. Because we don't have a slice that we can use yet, hang on a second, ok.
So, these three are not quite right yet. I just want to show you perfect. That's what
it should look like. That's the zucchini that is going to be rolled up and made into a spring
roll. And we're going to make probably, a zucchini this size will make, about, oh, my
guess is about seven. As you can see I'm sliding the mandoline across as I pull it, this one
is beautiful, look at this, absolutely perfect. That's what they should look like. And if
you don't slide it I've notice that they can break, so I'm pushing and I'm keeping my fingers
away from that blade which is very sharp. And i just move it along so it won't break.
And there's another one. That's what they should look like.