Paper Bag Book

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 06.07.2011

It was great fun to craft with the kids
cause their little imaginations are just so full of wonderful things.
Well I have a great craft to show you today,
that mom or dad, you can do with the kids
Let's take a look at this one
and here we have our little wooley worm
and just some fun little things
the kids can make up, all the pictures
and maybe make it into an alphabet book.
We're actually going to make a little texture book
but we're going to make it out of fun little craft bags.
So what we've done
is I have two of them here
what we're going to do
is we're going to take and we're going to
Mom, you need to do this
and we're just going to cut the handles
Now what we're going to do
is we're going to take the first bag
and we're just going to fold it in half
and we're going to crease it
Now Mom, some of this you will have to
and then the kids can have the fun part.
They get to make all the fun things that go inside
So this is going to be the center of our book
so what we're going to do
is we're going to insert
this into this one
and then we're going to use
our Cropadile
which has got two sizes of holes
so we're going to use the big hole
So let me show you here what we have done
We've got this one all put together
So we punched the holes,
and then we just took some fun ribbon
and Mom, it's a little hard
to get it through the holes
so you're going to want to do this
Now you have this fabulous canvas
that the kids can have so much fun with
You know what?
We just took some chenille stems
twisted them together,
and the kids can make a fun
little wooley worm.
But you know what?
If you don't want to do a texture book,
I think this could be fun too
It could be a little photo album.
So we've done the same thing,
We've put our bags together
this time we actually used
an additional bag
and look, they can put their photos in here.
What's even more fun is, look
they can put their little treasures
so if you're on a little vacation or something,
they can pull out their little treasures
they can keep their photos or
or whatever they want to
in their little bag book,
and they've got a fun little
photo album to take with them anywhere
they want to go
This could be a great party idea
let all the kids just get together
put a bunch of craft stuff out there
wiggle eyes, chenille stems,
pom poms,
and of course some glitter,
and they can have a fun time
being really creative.
All the instructions for this are