ENGLISH SUB: Alleke meets Xavi (Behind the Scenes Footage with her Daddy)

Uploaded by kellycrull on 16.12.2010

Champions. Oh eh oh eh oh eh.
You don't sing it.
Champions. Champions. Oh eh oh eh oh eh.
Champions. Oh eh oh eh oh eh.
I want to go now.
Now. Now. Now.
Where's Xavi?
>> You want to see Xavi, don't you?
>> What is that?
>> That's the video camera.
>> Alleke, hi.
>> Hi.
>> Tell us what happened.
Xavi didn't get off the bus, did he? And you wanted him to.
She's with her dad, Kelly. They're Dutch, and they're living in Madrid.
She wanted Xavi to get off the bus and say hi to her.
We have a gift for Alleke. Yes. Alleke, we have a gift for you.
Do you see this jersey? Can you hold it?
I give you a lot of credit for being from The Netherlands, living in Madrid, and being a Barça supporter.
If we go over there, Alleke, Xavi will sign this jersey for you.
What do you think? Should we do that?
Do you want to go? Ok.
Say "yes" because if you say "no" you'll ruin this TV program. [laughs]
>> Right.
>> Do you want to?
Xavi, I think you owe this girl something.
>> Yeah.
Hello, beautiful. How are you? Good?
Give me a kiss.
Very good.
>> Let's sign the jersey because we want to put it on Alleke, with her dad's permission.
Xavi, you didn't expect this, did you?
>> No, I really didn't.
>> Alright, let's put this jersey on Alleke.
This arm goes here.
>> Thanks a lot.
Done! Very good!
Thank you Alleke!
Look at that face! Look at that face! Look at the camera! Look at the camera!
>> Xavi, Xavi, Xavi [singing]
Alleke, lots of kisses with affection. Xavi