CNA Skill # 1 Handwashing, Arizona Medical Training Institute, AMTI

Uploaded by AZMTI on 28.01.2010

all right we're going to demonstrate how to wash your hands
the first thing you want to do is get your paper towels prepared
you are going to wand ti and have it ready
I'm going to turn on the water to a comfortable temperature
and a safe speed. Don't want to fill the sink too high.
Get our hands really, really wet.
We want to be able to create a good lather.
I am going to get my soap
Now I am going to start washing my hands
with pointing my hands downward.
We want to go from the cleanest to the dirtiest.
Our wrist is the cleanest and our fingertips are the dirtiest.
So we are going to get a good lather.
We are going to clean the back of our hands.
Going to clean my fingernails.
If you have rings please be able to get underneath those rings because the harbor bacteria.
and we are going to do this for 15 to 20 seconds
you can sing "Happy Birthday" twice, do your ABC's, or just count
ok, once I have done that I am going to rinse my hands
pointing downward making sure I do not touch the sink or the faucet
If at any time I do accidentally touch the sink or faucet
please let the attendant know that you are going to start over again
If you are caring for somebody you will want to start over again because you would have contaminated yourself.
So you will go through the whole process again.
We are not going to flick. Just let our hands drip a minute.
and then take our paper towel,
and dry our hands.
If i got a very small paper towel
we are going to get a longer one.
You want your hands completely dry.
for this process
Wetness will whip through bacteria.
So we want to make sure our hands are dry
before we turn off our faucet.
Now with a completely separate paper towel
I am going to turn off my faucet.
and with the same paper towel I am going to turn off my light
and throw the paper towel away.