Local Linearity

Uploaded by DrPhilClark on 02.06.2010

so here is that correct
I agree
the incumbent has a function of time
gronstal axes
and so if you're harassed section of interest in what was going on at the great it one second
estimate one
that may change was at one second
so obviously for return
the one second
they're kind of nonsense about twenty six feet
in and
don't need to use our action is imminent
on that point
watch what happens is we zoom in
Mississippi here on that point
starts to get frustrated early in the year
and as I continue to zoom in
it's trader mystery
so ago
the right time
megan almost perfectly straight word
that's still up the planet well
I worked easy for one
and so what we have
the almost living in fact make your honor I object
that's exactly straight
who were you referring to the governor
they can represent that space surrounded by a leading her party
the nice thing about that is where part of the constant rate of change
so the instantaneous reach age is the slow
well my at this four
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