Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM) BigFix - Core Protection Module (CPM)

Uploaded by jairzhino on 12.03.2012

Open the Tivoli Endpoint Manager CPM overview report
In this window we can see the security posture of all the endpoints
Refresh the screen to obtain the most up to date report information
In this demonstration all the endpoints are at risk and need attention
Open the protection status report and see additional details
Five endpoints are in risk and their components are out of date
Review the status checklist then create a pattern update task
Select the latest update directory and check the content and versions
Locate and press the "deploy" button then select "a one time action"
Make sure the target endpoints are selected for this task
Excecute the task and wait for the status message "completed"
All the endpoints report that the task finished successfully
Open the "overview status" section and verify all endpoints are fixed
The check list report all sections with status "Passed" in green
Thank you very much for watching and stay tuned for future tutorials