Watsky's Making an Album Episode 6

Uploaded by LOUD on 13.08.2012



KURT: So now I gotta baby proof the house every time I
leave for work?
WATSKY: I cut my gums up something wicked, man.
KURT: Jesus Christ, Fisher Price!
It's like I live with a toddler!
And you don't even live here, man!

WATSKY: Is this what I have to do?
I don't have the pain tolerance for tats like that.
Definitely don't have the follicle distribution for a
beard like that.
And his head is cocked back like a freaking Pez dispenser,
and you know I have a weak neck.
It is an unrealistic expectation.
KURT: Look man, do you remember that episode of Boy
Meets World where Cory auditions for Hamlet and then
he backs out at the last minute?
WATSKY: Because he doesn't want to wear tights.
Of course I remember that episode,
because I'm not a [BEEP]
KURT: OK, well what happened in that episode?
WATSKY: Minkus gets the part and Cory regrets it for a
super long time.
KURT: There you go.
WATSKY: But I'm not Ben Savage playing Cory
Matthews, all right?
I'm trying to make it in the hip hot game, dude!
It's a completely different beast.
KURT: Dude.
Rooti tooti, fruit louie, what I usually do.
WATSKY: We've had this conversation, and you promised
me no more Cam'ron quotes.
KURT: Don't you dare disrespect Cam'ron.
He is a lyrical genius.
WATSKY: What I know is that Cam'ron
lyrics make zero sense.
KURT: Dude, it's like you're awake but you're not even
listening, man.
Think about it.
Rooti tooti, fruity louie, what I usually do.
Dude, Cam was the first person to rock Louis Vuitton rooti,
tooti, or fruity, OK?
People used to think pink and purple was gay and then he
made it hot.
With the minks and the fur?
He made it hot, OK?
And he didn't do that by following other people.
He did it by just doing him.
And that's what people want in life and in the hip
hop game, all right?
Just do you, man.
WATSKY: Let me tell you something, Kurt.
All right, it's 2012, man.
It's not 1996, all right?
And if you're going to make it in this industry, you have to
be a leader.
Not a follower, OK?
You can't be a lemming, leap off the cliff with everyone
else and expect your career to explode, OK?
It just doesn't work like that, all right?
You can't be a sheep or an antelope.
You have to be a lion.
You have to be a hungry, hungry hippopotamus, bro.
You can't, you cannot be an apple seed.
You have to be Johnny Appleseed, OK?
You have to do you, and you have to lead.
KURT: Do you?
WATSKY: You understand?
KURT: Wait a second, you just said what I said.

You totally just swagger jacked me, dude.
Do you realize that?
WATSKY: Hold up a second.

It's almost like fresh out of the box like that though, huh?
That's kind of fly though.
KURT: Dude, you are a cartoon character, man.
This is embarrassing.
Asher Roth is laughing at you, man.
Dude, please don't ask my advice going forward.
Just don't ask for it, OK?
MALE SPEAKER 1: Yeah, something's not--
OK, now leave the bathroom.
MALE SPEAKER 1: No, put that back.
Yeah, leave the bathroom.
MALE SPEAKER 1: And cut.