CGRundertow NYAN CAT ADVENTURE for Xbox 360 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 18.12.2011

Hello undertoads, so how about this, viral videos are turning into games now! Nyan Cat
was created earlier in 2011 by Christopher Torres when he decided to mix a cat and pop
tart together. Well this images gif and song nyanyanyanyan you get the idea, mixed together
allowed for a viral video to emerge and well, now on your Xbox live arcade there is a game
for this cute little kitty.
Nyan Cat Adventure is an indie game available on the Xbox live arcade for only 240 Microsoft
points. When purchasing this I wasn't expecting much from it except to be entertaining enough
to make me giggle, and well, I definitely got that and a little more.
The game is most certainly not something I would recommend for anyone with epilepsy because
the gameplay can get very shaky and psychedelic with its colors flashing. The game menu features
various options but when you click play you'll notice there are other characters then just
the original Nyan cat. I don't think there are any official names for some of them so
I came up with a few for myself. The ones I tried out playing so far are that of original
Nyan cat, Afro Nyan Cat, Taco Corgi, and space dog.
The art style in the game is pretty straight forward, it's a lot of pixels flying around
with a bunch of other objects flying around that causes crazy events to happen. Sometimes
you'll have gravity completely go away and be able to fly up and down and all around.
Other times you'll run into toasters that you shoot you to the next toaster.
You're given 3 hearts and can start back over if you die. It's very easy to die because
of how fast paced the flying is and how simple the controls are. Easiest way to keep going
is by finding gravity slow downs. They are truly the best thing next to hearts that refill
your life.
Overall, Nyan Cat Adventure is a great take on the little internet sensation. And all
I really expected the game to be about was guiding the little pop tart cat through obstacles,
and the developers at 21 Street Games LLC accomplished that in this game. So if you
like the Nyan cat, or just think the taco corgi is awesome like me, check this game
out. It's not something you'll want to miss!