FinalCut Pro vs. EDIUS 6 - performance comparison

Uploaded by dvdlernkurs on 04.03.2011

Final Cut Pro and EDIUS 6
performance comparison
In this video, i will make a comparison between the performance
of Final Cut Pro and EDIUS 6
Both editing applications are installed on the same machine
A MacPro Quadcore 2.66 Ghz
Final Cut Pro on Mac OSX and
EDIUS 6 on Win7 64Bit (via bootcamp)
The video material used for the comparison
is FullHD (1920x1080) in h.264 codec
Playing one video in FCP is no problem...
Playing two videos is no problem, as long as video two is covering video one totally
If video two is modified in size, FCP needs to render...
Rendering two videos (07:16 in length) takes about 3 minutes
Now that rendering is finished...
playback is possible, but still stuttering and dropped frames
Now the same example with EDIUS 6
modifying clip layout...
realtime playback in full frame rate with EDIUS 6
realtime playback with two overlay clips is still possible
rendering the same scenario in EDIUS 6 is finished within 5 seconds
playback without stuttering or dropped frames...