Medical Interventions/ Biomedical Innovation PLTW @ Summit Technology Academy

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(female narrator) Healthcare careers are hot.
As a biomedical engineer or other intervention specialist
you could help discover new healthcare processes and equipment
that shape the future of medicine.
You'll provide support and information to raise awareness,
diagnose illnesses, and find new ways to treat them.
Salaries are excellent with health diagnosing
and treating practitioners often making $65,000 a year
and biomedical engineers nearly $79,000.
In this program you will learn new ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.
You'll be exposed to immunology, surgery, genetics, pharmacology,
medical devices, and diagnostics.
You will design and conduct experiments
and work with a mentor or advisor from the healthcare field.
And you can earn up to two credit hours
at Missouri University of Science and Technology.
(male student) Science is my favorite subject and this is science at its best, I think.
I feel very challenged here, it's a lot of work but when you finish it you're like,
"Yeah, I've actually accomplished something."
So, yeah, it's-it is challenging but it's good.
After I leave Summit Tech I will hopefully go to undergrad
and get my biology or chemistry degree and then go to med school and become a physician.
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