CGRundertow NFL TOUR for PlayStation 3 Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 01.08.2012

Arcade American Football has its place in the gaming culture. From the over the top
violence of the NFL Blitz games to the style focused NFL Streets games, many people like
to take a break from the Football sims like Madden for a game that is less concerned about
portraying the game realistically for something that is just fun. NFL Tour can be seen as
a spiritual successor to the NFL Street series, but with many key elements taken away.
The game eliminates the helmets, shoulder pads, leg pads and most other equipment and
has the players playing in shorts and t-shirts. There are also less players with each side
having seven on the field at a time. The action is fast, with receivers running down the field
and being open more often than not. In my opinion this game is less a fantasy and more
a prediction of the NFL is fifteen years, which is 7 on 7 passing drills that see teams
scoring on practically every drive.
The football itself is definitely more focused on big plays and big hits, rather than real
football strategy. There is some big balance issues as the gameplay favors the offense
much more than the defense. Defense wins championships, but not games on the NFL Tour. You select
your scheme and hope they throw to someone who happens to be covered or you sack the
QB before they get the pass off. But if you love big plays more than meticulously thought
out schemes, than you will find entertainment in the gameplay.
The biggest issue with the game is the lack of game modes. There are exhibition matches,
where you select your teams and venue and play the short halves. But the only other
real game mode is the NFL Tour. You create a player and take them to the Tour. Through
playing matches and having your player play well, you can increase your stats and have
them become a legend of the tour. The problem with this is it basically just boils down
to a string of exhibition games that have your player involved in every play. Because
why wouldn’t you want your player to build stats and put up the best numbers.
The multiplayer redeems the game, with both online and local matches, as it is much more
fun to play against a friend. The game has the style and quickness of a great arcade
football game but without any real special features. With the limited game modes, and
less than refined gameplay, NFL Tour gets tackled at the goal line instead of taking
it in for the score.