TNTHII - meme

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 29.08.2012

Hello people, we would like to talk to you about memes, because it seems that many people
are absolutely missing the point of the word itself. People usually thing that meme is
just a funny picture, which is not true for two reasons, first these pictures are usually
not that funny, and the word has a different origin.
The word was created by Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene, it originates from
a Greek word "mimema", which means "Something imitated". Richard Dawkins used the term to
refer to cultural phenomen or knowledge of any sort, which gets replicated and passed
on to another human. In a same way as it works with genes that are passed on on next generation.
In this sense we can talk for example about religion as a meme, basically someone came
up with that shit one day and it was passed from person to person and modified. Other
examples could be fashion and music styles.
Memes were, and still are, very important part of survival of our species, since are
own genes are not able to adapt through natural selection as fast as it would be needed in
ever changing enviroment. Memes are concepts that get passed on and they are replicated
in almost a viral form, which ensures that almost every individual knows how to survive
in the nature. Of course this not exactly how it works now, compared to fifty thousands
years ago.
Everyone knows how is the word meme perceived now, it's a funny picture that goes according
to some kind of format, but people are forcing it, you can see threads around the internet
say "let's create and spread a new meme", this is not how it works, meme ensures its
on survival by its own quality, in a same way as it was when memes were something that
survival of the whole human race has depended on. The drive that once helped our ancestors
survive is not bastardize by twelve year old kids on the internet.
And yes, this won't make sense if you don't believe in evolution, there are no memes for
creationists, this video was made with an assumption that we all actually understand
this process, thank you for watching.