TINY BUILDINGS (Krogzilla #4)

Uploaded by ShutUpCartoons on 21.06.2012

You know, like a Gigantamasaurus Rex!
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Born at the edge of the world, Product of science, a fire-breathing giant,
At war with the folly of man And man nearly destroyed him,
The change unemployed him, He's KROGZILLA: the monster who got down-sized.
Can I help you?
Sorry. I couldn't resist. You stand next to these and you feel so gigantic!
These are models for the city plaza project. They are not play toys.
Do you even work here?
I'm a temp. Started yesterday.
So that's where all the donuts went.
Who are you? A cop? Why don't you write us a ticket, tough guy?
Cool it, Jeff.
Let's leave the barnacle at home tomorrow, okay?
Leave the--? You obviously don't know what a barnacle is.
So then she says this man Darrell is taking her kids to a water slide park. I said "water
slide park?"Ł You went out two times and you're gonna trust the safety of your
children with this man?
Mmm-hmmm. I hear ya.
I don't blame her. It's hard to meet somebody, you know what I'm sayin'?
Not really.
Man, I gotta change that ring tone.
Hey, it's Marcus. What's up?
I'm in the middle of a big power lunch. Big deals going down.
Yeah, so do you like movie theaters?
śCause I'm working at one! The Megascreen 27. You should come down here and get a job
with me. We get free popcorn and everything.
I don't know. They've got tiny buildings here.
You think about it and then decide I'm right and I'll see you here later. Peace!
Mmmmm, who was that? You making a date?
Are you kidding? That's just some dude I know... trying to lure me into the seductive
world of ushering.
So what about the ladies? You should get out there and meet a nice she-beast or whatever--
like a gigantosaurus rex, or a tyran-- what are you?
I don't know if there's a name for me. I'm sort of one-of-a-kind.
I hear that. I'm one-of-a-kind too.
Sing it, sister. To one-of-a-kind!
No, no. I was the jerk who went and grew a tail.
Krogzilla, do you know anything about the missing models for the Madison Towers project?
You don't have those models under your desk or in your cubicle?
Is that what you think?
Are you lying to me?
Are you accusing me of lying?
Are you just answering me with questions to avoid answering me?
Mmm, it just got real up in here.
What about that guy? Handsome devil.
Sea monster, please.
Just looking out for you.
I don't need your help.
Come on, Shayla. It's my going away present. I'm obviously getting fired in about ten
You don't know that. Just play it cool. Don't get all caught up in all the politics
and the gossip. I don't gossip.
Not like Rhonda. Have you heard what she says? Talking this and that, especially about Kendal.
You're gossiping right now.
Corner office and she thinks she knows everyone's business. And you know how she got that office?
You don't see what's happening? How ironic this is?
Eat your sushi roll.
I'd rather take a bite out of this first.
I'm a weak man.
Okay, now you're fired.
What are you, a cop?