Tropic Thunder (9/10) Movie CLIP - I'm Not Gay (2008) HD

Uploaded by movieclips on 11.10.2011

They found me in an alley in burbank
Trying to re-enter the earth's atmosphere in an old refrigerator box.
(men yelling in mandarin)
Give me the flame thrower.
You gotta start the chopper.
No, fuck that! Just give me this.
No time! I'll take care of this!
All right. Give me your hooks.
Don't worry, I'm not gonna put them on again.
Just give me your goddamn hooks.
All right. Here.
Get those boys back to the bird, pronto!
Shit! Enough!
Fake shit!
Go get your guys! Get them to the chopper!
I'll take care of these yahoos!
You're gonna focus up now, motherfucker, and say it.
"it's me, tugg!"
It's me, tugg.
That's right! Now, tugg who?
Tugg who? I don't know. Who are you?
Me? I know who I am!
I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude.
You a dude that don't know what dude he is!
Or are you a dude who has no idea what dude he is
And claims to know what dude he is...
What the fuck are you guys talking about?
...By playing other dudes?
I know what dude I am!
You're scared. I ain't scared. Scared of what?
Or scared of who? Scared of who?
Come on, guys. We really need to go!
(whispering) scared of you.
What's going on?
The dudes are emerging.
He's right, you know.
I am not
Sergeant lincoln osiris.
We gotta roll out.
(in irish accent) nor am I father o'malley.
(in southern accent) or neil armstrong.