Kuselan Friendship Climax Scene with English Subs

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I don’t see just students in front of me,
I see the geniuses of the future,
I see future scientists, philosophers, artists..
and so many more who would serve and bring glory to our country.
I respect all human beings.
But I bow to the teachers who are gods in human form.
The teachers who stand and teach us while we are seated
Still remain standing there till the end
While we have grown and progressed by leaps and bounds.
No matter how great we may become in the future,
we should never forget such teachers.
Today, everyone is aware of who Bill Gates is
But how many of us are aware that his mother was a teacher?
I just would like to say one thing to all the children seated in front of me
Choose a good friend at this stage of your life.
The friend who is seated beside you,
clad in just plain uniform,
would have no expectations,
no jealousy, no enmity.
He will only have truth within him.
He does not mingle with us with the knowledge of what we would become in the future.
It is this friend who will correct our flaws,
immaterial of how great a person we might become in the future.
As I speak to you all about this, my childhood memories flood me.
Now you all have good clothes to wear,
good food to eat,
and necessary books and stationary
Can you all imagine an Ashok Kumar
that had none of the above?
Then I was just plain Ashok..
The son of the pauper Rajakumari.
Without money to buy a decent uniform
I was the Ashok Kumar who went to school
clad in a shirt with patches over a trouser torn beneath my knees.
With no means to buy an umbrella,
I was the ashok kumar who went to school,
shielding myself from the pouring rain with merely a banana leaf above my head.
In every man’s life
there will be someone who was the key lever behind his success.
I too had one such friend.
My dearest friend who wore red studs.
A friend who was determined to make something out of this Ashok who had nothing.
It is he who is responsible for my current success.
My friend Balakrishnan.
As dear to me as my life.
My Balan.
During evening lunch break,
It was this Balu who saw me just drinking plain water
And fed me by offering me his lunch box.
Back in those days, with the money he took without his father’s knowledge,
We sat on the floor and watched numerous films.
To be honest, the first cinema I watched was with his money
He would buy me ‘kadalai’ sweet knowing that I liked them very much.
He was more concerned about my future than of his own.
He truly wished that I should become someone great in the future.
When his father was not around
he would seat me in his shop
crop my hair, and beautify me.
It is he who identified the actor within me.
I saw the world through his eyes.
It was he who lit the dream of ‘cinema’ within me.
After completing my tenth grade,
I had no money in hand for further studies.
I didn’t know what to do.
The whole world had darkened for me.
It is then my friend Balu who advised me to consider acting.
He reassured me that I would become a huge artist.
“Me , an actor, how is that possible?” I asked him.
And he replied
“Dey, do you remember acting in the drama Gurusekthra during school days,
Everyone praised you for your performance as duryodhana in it.
They did not only praise you for your acting skills,
but they also marvelled at your stylish mannerism”
“You will become a great actor, go to Madras” he said
and with the money he obtained from the sale of his two ear studs,
he sent me off to Madras.
I asked him “How am I ever going to repay you for this”
and his reply to that still lingers in my mind.
“There is nothing that you have to repay me for Ashok.
But one day, when you are successful and in a position to help others,
If someone approaches you for help,
just remember me for a moment; For me, that is enough ‘.
It is that Ashok who left for Chennai with Balan’s money
who stands in front of you as the actor Ashok.
I am standing in front of you here today
But my friend..
I don’t know where he stands today.
I don’t know where he stands today.
I’m sorry, I’m sorry...
My Balakrishnan left his village due to some heart affairs.
But he still has not left my mind.
It is that Krishnan, my Balakrishnan
who transformed this pauper into a prince.
and he still remains part of my very soul.
Oh my friend,
Today when I am in such a good position,
The angst that you are not beside me,
makes me wonder why every minute of the day.
The elders would say “love your mom,dad, teacher and then god”.
I don’t know why they left out ‘friend’ from this equation.
In my opinion,
It should be “love your mom, dad, teacher
,a good FRIEND
and then only God.
Long live the tamil people.
May Tamil Nadu prosper.
Victory to India.