Легенды Атлантиды 3. Тайные Пророчества Апокалипсиса

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Subtitles made by Mauricio Prado
words that have an asterisk* might be spelled wrong
Now is the time .
this is the last message .
before the Christ comes back to Earth
hear this message .
for a long time mankind has been hanging on the cross
I am the spirit that lives in everything
I am the voice in the cosmos, in the wind and in the nature of all that is
I am also the voice within you only you have forgotten how to listen to it in silence
(Send this now*) to the message on the outside which is important during the last days of this old world
because every ending is also a new beginning
as a spirit of this planet you are a part of my being
as much as I am a part of you
through you I have lived thousands of lives to gather my experiences
concealed within you I’ve experienced a numerable of cultures and personalities
within the eternal cycle of life
When life reached its peak after having evolved from the minerals through to flora and on to fauna
the Snakes of Wisdom, the already completed angels
descended in order to grant man his higher inner guidance
therefore two voices now lived in each man
through reincarnating from one to the next life
he felt drawn towards his higher self
now the time of awakening has come when each human being can unite with his higher self
in order to accomplish his Ascension
I’d like to discuss opening to inner guidance because I think that is the key that’s required
for the coming of the second Christ as has been foretold
this Christ consciousness is within every single being
for the essence of God is what keeps us alive
that pure energy source as discussed by quantum physics
it is imperative at this time that we develop discernment
the ability to discern what is right for us
to listen to our heart and to feel, to go with our intuitive guidance
what a lot of us are now doing all, becoming aware of the necessity of doing
is really learning to listen the Christ within
to open up to the inner teacher, to open up to our inner guidance
and the way you do that is again simply aligning to the energy that sustains you
through breath work, through light work, through conscious awareness and mind mastery
When the sleeping God, the master of all that exists
became conscious of himself, the indefinable split into being and non-being
into spiritual world and material world
into the higher heavens of transcendence and the lower worlds of duality
the cosmos formed with all its dimensions and parallel worlds
the world of opposites which we call duality came into being
so there are immortal worlds which never experience change
and there are worlds which experience life through constant change
in order to be able to experience himself in infinite diversity
he created out of himself unlimited part consciousnesses, cosmic monads
who gathered infinite possibilities of experience in worlds of duality, for the source of all existence
every cosmic monad can gather experiences
through the world of opposites also known as polarity
because such a part of God never descends into the mortal world of polarity
but only has to gather experiences
it separated apart of its universal mind and created the souls
a vessel for the universal experiences
the souls on the other hand worked in such a way
that they needed many individual experiences
however they could not identify themselves with these experiences
therefore they created a vessel which we call the physical body
so that they could gather experiences by reincarnating from one life to the next
in a world of opposites and slowly become perfect
this parting is the rising of the cosmic Christ
or the cosmic crystal which grows during the exhaling cycle of the Source
one could also compare the growth of the cosmic cycle with the tree of life
matter is the slow transformation from spirit into light and sound
and ultimately into alchemical crystallization
we are condensed shapes of light, like leaves of a tree
which after falling in Autumn are reborn in Spring time
our experiences are preserved in the souls
the cosmos is like a school with many class rooms
and therefore there are as in a school different grades of maturity
these grades of maturity of the worlds are separated
by different levels of vibrations of matter in different dimensions
thus different material and spiritual worlds may exist in one place simultaneously
the physical eye which perceives everything on the frequency of the three dimensional world
can see only the three dimensional world
there are twelve planets in our solar system
seven on the material frequency which are inhabited by higher developed beings
and five inhabited in the spiritual dimensions
Good afternoon, we are here it is our pleasure to be in your reality once again
we are of course the Pleiadians and as we’ve said it is our pleasure
to be here at this time to communicate with you
to give you an opportunity to understand our energy and who we are
this one that speaks through us we call her our vehicle
she has given you an opportunity to listen to her interpretation
of what she feels is taking place as a result of our contact with her
we would like to share with you for a few moments what we feel is taking place
you are sitting in what is called as a specie on your planet in a crack in time
you are integral as humans to events that will change
the entire course of the history of the universe that you occupy
there's restructuring of prime Creator's creations
as to let us say it has accelerated in certain places that are pockets
your Earth is one of these pockets, in actuality your Earth is a library
it was originally designed as a place to store and hold tremendous amounts of universal data
you have occurring at this time what is called The Return of the Gods, who are these Gods?
For Eons it was understood that the Gods came from space
until only recently in your very short memory have you separated these Gods
thinking that the Gods are the religions
have nothing to do with what lie in the great cosmos outside of your planet
now ideas are being fused together within the human species
you are beginning to understand that the story of who you are and the space you occupy in existence
is much grander than anyone ever dared to tell you
the big secret that has been kept from the human race
but it is no big secret any longer
you are surrounded by thousands
hundreds of thousands of forms of intelligence, millions of forms of intelligence in actuality
that are magnetized to the Earth plane at this time
because you as a human specie must transmute yourselves
you must move into an entire new consideration
a reorganizing of your basic assumptions of reality
this is not so easy, it is challenging
and there will be much chaos that will come first in order to bring about this restructuring
many of you are confused and do not understand what is taking place
the best advice we can give to each of you is to go inside
to listen, to become like the child full of wonder
My name is Omnec Onec and I come from the planet that you know as Venus
but in one time we were a physical society, now we reside on the astral dimension
I manifested a physical body in the spiritual city of Reds*
that resides on the physical as well as on the astral level
and 1955 as a child to come into your societies and I walked to a spaceship with my uncle Oden*
who also manifested a physical body to work as a scientist here
and together we came and there I resided on Earth for a year in a Temple in Tibet
that is used by the aliens to adjust to the physical gravity and to the environment here
so when Venus was going through this change
into the process of;…from the physical to a higher dimension
there was a gradual process of change where they went from the physical to the astral
their whole societies where transferred there
their vibrations were changed by their level of consciousness and the way that they thought
and the way that they lived their daily lives
the Venusian people knew that this process was taking place
and preserved one city, the city of Reds* under a climatic dome on the surface of the physical Venus
for the;…to give them the ability to come into the physical and work here
to raise the consciousness of mankind on Earth
now Earth is going through similar processes of change
where their consciousness is gradually changing and getting to a higher degree
and if this continues, if we continue with our work and spiritual development here
this process will take place on the physical very much the same way
it's not a dramatic change, it's so gradual and so natural
that it's almost undetectable by the people that are in the process
Mankind has always asked where it came from and where it is going
scientists of all ages have tried to find the origin of life through physical evidence
they have split matter, studied the microcosm and macrocosm
but even so, they only observe life from a certain perspective
adding rows of parallel interpretations of reality
but they overlooked the most important thing of all
the Creator of matter, the Spirit that lives in all things
the blueprint and information which forms all matter
they see only subjective partial truths
because the objective reality is an indefinable state of existence
out of which all conceivable partial truths emerge
they will keep splitting life down to the atom
but will not be able to prove the existence of the spirit
the experiment compares with attempting to capture beams of light
human beings can never catch up with light unless they themselves become light
the same applies to mankind
it will never be able to prove the existence of spirit
but can only become spiritual itself
a process which the initiated call metamorphosis
until then even the most splendid achievements and inventions
as well as attempts at explanations of mankind
are an unconscious dream of being still asleep within the development of humanity
All of the original races on Earth came from other planets
that are the older planets in your physical Solar System
which is Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter
Venus the home of the white race, Saturn the home of the red race
Mars the Yellow and Jupiter the Black
they brought colonies to Earth when it was a younger planet just developing
and only had plant and animal life
and setup these colonies as you know
Atlantis, Lemuria, Aztecs, Egyptians just a few of the societies here
and all of the dimensions above the physical, the parallel dimensions that run
the astral, mental, quasol*, etheric and soul planes
there are vast universes that exist, that are parallel to the physical universe
there are in other words, they're astral dimensions
that absolutely are a duplicate of places here on Earth
just as there are on Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter
in other words on all the different dimensions above the physical
these societies and these planets in the whole Solar System
and everything that exists in the physical is duplicated on the higher dimensions
until you get into the planes of;…or dimensions of existence
where there is no reference to the physical
and this is a crossover called the etheric plane
and when you cross the etheric plane there you leave behind any association
or anything that identifies with the physical
For millennia, after the sinking of Atlantis during the Dark Age
man has been separated from himself and has been in search of the Holy Grail
the Holy Sacral, also called Grail was man himself
man himself is the holy container into which the spirit of God flows
for thousands of lifetimes mankind's developing soul
has searched for itself during the descent of consciousness
nations and people have been the classrooms of reincarnation
in order to develop until that point in time where we enter again a New Golden Age
and where man and God are reunited
In the New Testament Book of Acts at the time of Pentecost
there are flames of fire that appear over the heads of the Apostles
this is a type of manifestation of the light body
in a very small way it is the opening of the light over the head
the early Christians on Ashwens* they used to mark the forehead with ash
symbolic of the power of the inner spiritual eye
to use the light in a fuller context of Ascension
in the mystical traditions of Christianity and the mystical German thinkers and philosophers
a time of come-about that through divine grace
the outpourn* of the holy spirit, the highlight of the geists
would allow the light to come around the body
and wrap the human recipient or the believer with such power of light
here we call this light super Lumina light or greater light than the conventional or common light
which such power of majesty that that person can go directly into the higher dimensions
this is normally called the rapture or the Ascension process
it is clear that in the context of altered terrestrial intelligence
large members of the human race will experience
through the tons of fire or the miracles of the holy spirit
or the conjunction with the altered terrestrial forces of divine intelligence
the upliftment or the Ascension into the higher Christ race of the universe
Therefore becoming human has only been a cycle in order to gather new qualities
for the cosmic source through suffering and happiness
and once again we have arrived at the end of a cycle of the cosmic plan of humanity
the survivors of the inner and outer period of cleansing which have already started
are the seeds for a new spiritual mankind which will emerge from all nations
it will be the first root race of the fourth planetary cycle
which will rise again into higher consciousness
for some it will be like the past sinking of Atlantis
for others like a return, a rising of Atlantis and of its teachings of wisdom
because fundamentally every event can be viewed from two sides
from a positive side or a negative one
even the slightest change in the universe is being guided by the cosmic plan of evolution
the limited human mind fundamentally fears any change
and its biggest fear is death, the wall behind which it cannot see
but nothing gets lost in nature
all elements only change into different more refined states when they return to the light
so mankind is on the verge of the greatest changes within this planetary cycle
a global metamorphosis
And the Mayan calendar is never heard in all the years that it existed
and it states that in time when the incoming consciousness
which we would commonly know as the Christ consciousness, comes in
all things must change, government, science and religion
unless they accommodate incoming spirit or incoming consciousness
the Christ consciousness if you will
will either fall by the way side or will go through drastic and dramatic changes
now we see a lot of that happening in the world right now
we've had a coup in the soviet union which failed
down came the Berlin Wall
transformational changes taking place in places like Romania, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary
now we have Azernajan and many others
and all we have to do is follow the news and see these great changes taking place
now these great changes of course are heralding changes yet to come
changes which are transformational in nature
and must come if we are to survive as a planet and the peoples
These changes will not only touch the lives of all nations
but it will reach beyond all boundaries of life's disciplines
which have already, really only existed in thoughts and the actions of humans
not only does planet Earth change its exterior, its alchemy
but also there is nothing on this planet which is not now in the process of structural and spiritual change
every process which is not understood brings along a crisis of creation
until the process of change has been understood
thus the future human being finds himself in metamorphosis
like a caterpillar which does not know that it will become a butterfly
everything in the cosmos, in our planetary system
on Earth and within ourselves, humans
will step further up the ladder of evolution according to the plan of the Creator
until a point in time when the cosmic night of creation
the exhaling of God will come to an end
we need not fear any of these changes
because everyone will as at the end of a school year
progress to the next grade according to his development
or repeat the last year
Heaven and Earth will be new
even a new planet in our own galaxy will be born into a second Sun
that part of the mankind which opened itself
will experience the resurrection into the fifth dimension of consciousness
You probably noticed in this period, starting from 1983
that there were many changes both in human outside behavior
and in the feelings of our physical bodies
they were also manifested by non-social movements
reaching the pattern is not a gift, it is not a convenience either
sitting in order is sometimes painful, sometimes unpleasant in feeling
this is the price of the truth forcing its way through all forcedness
which we have all created on the planet
leaving fiction is very painful, sometimes our physical body suffers
sometimes man's inner self or his soul suffers
because he has to accept and fit to the program which we have brought down 8 billion years ago
which means we are returning to this ideal pattern which lets a man live forever
just now through painful experience
the Earth as well as mankind's introduction to the pattern
entered the final period of metamorphosis from the 3rd to the 4th of December 1983
this process will be finished finally in the year 2000
these last years are the time of enormous inturbulence in mankind
and in the planet because the Earth equally as mankind has emotional, mental and physical bodies
the Earth has to come back to the pattern in other words to the spherical form
it is logical then that the Earth will undergo quakes, floods and other disasters
but not as an expression of some God's punishment
but simply as a process of coming back to the primary pattern
The Mayan Calendar and many prophecies, ancient prophets and cultures
predict the transition from the Dark Age into the New Golden Age to happen by the year 2011
the inscriptions of the great pyramid also point to the year 2011
however time is a relative factor
during this period mankind slowly awakens out of its sleep of thousands of years
to realize the great reality
that the whole universe is alive with different spiritual and material dimensions
God would never have sown a field of flowers like our universe
if only one flower, our Earth, would germinate
from the year 2011 on prophecies predict the birth of a planetary consciousness
that is that we will recognize ourselves in one another
that we are all different but that we are one in spirit
The Mayan Calendar and the prophecies from the Mayas is a very big topic
I feel Scott* interested in this after doing the research for Mass Dreams of the Future
and when I found that so many ancient prophecies from all around the world
seem to converge on the time period that we are now entering into
between the middle of the 1990's and the next 20 year period
the Mayans I found had a very specific calendar that;…of a cycle of 5200 years
and interestingly enough this cycle goes all the way back to 3100 BC
and if you add that up to make 5200 you find that it comes out to 2012
which isn't very far away
so that in fact the Mayan prophecies about coming into some form of New Age
or some form of changing of the world
seem to be headed right in the near future in the next 15 to 20 year period
What are the prophecies of the Hopi Indians?
I was very privileged to be invited by the;…one of the Elders of the village of Hotevilla
which is probably the most traditional of the 13 Hopi villages in Arizona
to witness some of their prophecies and to see some of their stone petroglyphs
that they have carved out of the desert for maybe as long as 2000 years
their prophecies are very long and complicated but again they follow the Mayan example
and point us to the next 20 years as a very important period in world history
one of their prophecies concerns three great catastrophes or crisis of the 20th century
and we’ve already gone through two of these crisis
and we’ve perhaps started on the third one with what was commonly called the Gulf War
or the invasion of the American embradition, other Forces, the UN Forces
into Iraq following the Iraqi takeover of Kuwait in 1991
so this to the Hopi was a very serious sign
that we might start a general conflict between the people who follow the moon
that is to say the Islamic peoples and the Western peoples of the world
they finally indicate that this conflict will become really catastrophic
only if people whose color is red also somehow get involved
that there would be a color red involved
and I’m not sure that this will happen
but it is possible when you think the only people left in the world
who really use red as their main color are the people of China
one of the biggest nations on the Earth
Then will follow one thousand years of spiritual completion of mankind
the kingdom of peace of a thousand years when the masters of wisdom will appear
until that time not only will parts of mankind step back into the 4th and 5th dimensions
but also the cosmic fall of the Omega Cycle will end
God’s exhaling flows into the inhaling
the Alpha Cycle commences
everything returns to the Source from which it originated
we are concluding the spiritual involution and the parallel evolution of the physical body
our forefathers passed on this mystery in the shape of the sphinx before they left this planet
the descending spirit of the Sun also called Sol embodied in the human beast
has experienced the crucifixion of the soul through reincarnation
after the death of the human beast
it symbolically represents the animal qualities of the human ego
man will be reborn in spirit through the completion of his ego
this crucifixion and resurrection will be experienced by many people
during the following years of the Apocalypse
until the planet and its entirety experiences the resurrection
after that the marriage of Heaven and Earth follows
before the Alpha Cycle begins we have a non-time
when the Source itself enters into us, reconnects with us
so that we are able to feel that we are a united being
the birth of the planetary Christ and the Buddhic Consciousness
the return of the Christ, the return of the teachers of the worlds
the returning of the extraterrestrials or heavenly master teachers
therefore all point towards this event
the planetary birth of the Christ Consciousness
the neural webbing of mankind into a collective consciousness
however until the conclusion of this quantum leap into the 7th dimension
the greatest changes will happen on Earth
All great religions of today are familiar with the idea of a Second Coming
Way-Christians await The Return of Jesus
the Apostle Lucas and Marcus write about it
"he will be enthroned in the clouds" .
the Apocalypse is supposed to have been written by St. John which is not true
because the essential passages are older than the Apostle John
in the Apocalypse we read about the signs and plagues that will come upon humanity
a star would fall from the sky, the moon would light up
and the heavens would roll up and unfold like a manuscript
earthquakes and false prophets would come
and man would wonder about not knowing what was happening
a group of men will finally survive The Second Coming of the Gods
the so called final judgment day
but this is not only so in the Christian community
the Muslim community is also awaiting their Mahdi
and the Jews their Messiah
overall this story is much older
let us go back to Babylon and to Mia* where we find the Gods Baal and Bael*
which are one in the same
in old Egypt we obviously find the Sun God Ra
all these Gods have promised to return in the far future
and since that time the belief of The Second Coming is kept alive
I am absolutely convinced that none of these so called Jesus or Mahdi
or whatever we may call the Messiah will appear
but that it will be a space event
if somebody does appear which is fine with me
then it will be extraterrestrials
With the Ascension of mankind into the higher dimension of consciousness
and the return of the knowledge of Atlantis and Lemuria
the purified continents of Atlantis and Lemuria will also rise out of the oceans
because human consciousness is synchronized with the planetary consciousness
humans who have decided to open up to the higher dimensions
are beginning to feel a part of an ever increasing learning process
where life is the playground
on the other hand, humans who have subconsciously decided
to remain in the 3rd dimension with their consciousness
will not feel any great changes within themselves
but we will all experience the big process of purification on a planetary level
because planet Earth is straightening its spine
that is the axis of the poles is shifting again
and along with it the climatic zones at an extremely fast pace
the shifting of the poles has already begun
new cosmic energies will then flow through the spine of the Earth
that is the axis of the poles
and be distributed across the electromagnetic field of its aura
A pole shift can have different effects
we cannot say for sure because we have never observed it on Earth
but the fact that Earth is a gigantic magnet
indicates that if it shifts its poles the inner Earth will be slightly unbalanced
it may lead to volcanic eruptions, landmass shifts or earthquakes
and of course tidal waves both enormous and small
naturally we must distinguish between the pole shift and the axis shift
because Earth spins like a top
it is almost impossible that the axis would shift
in any case we can’t make a scientific statement about it
theoretically it would seem that an axis shift would be possible
but by whatever process the Earth crust could shift
and for man on Earth this would have the same effect as an axis shift
on the basis of scientific research we can say that many such pole shifts
have happened during the last 80 million years
they have occurred in a variety of frequencies
the most pole shifts we’ve had in one million years were four
but there were also a million years where we only had one pole shift
so the frequencies of the single pole shifts are subject to fluctuations
the great flood in the Bible which is known to practically all people
could be explained with a pole or axis shift
or a shift of the Earth’s crust
through which enormous waves of water hundreds of meters high could develop 116 00:12:54,161 --> 00:12:58,291 My name is Omnec Onec and I come from the planet that you know as Venus
my observations with this device go back over the last 10 years
during that time the strengths of the magnetic field has reduced by around 4 degrees
As the old prophecies have already predicted "the wheat will part from the shaft"
those people who can adapt to the faster flowing energy by extending their consciousness
will survive the purification process
those people however who desperately clinged to the old reality
will have difficulty adjusting their bodies to the faster frequency
therefore their process of aging will be accelerated
the great purification will divide mankind into two big groups
those who will consciously want to recognize the spirit in its entirety
and the others who will continue to believe only in the things visible and probable
and therefore will exclude themselves from the opening of higher dimensions of consciousness
many prophets such as those mentioned in the Apocalypse of the Bible and by Nostradamous
have predicted that within the next stage of transition
from the 3rd dimension of consciousness into the 4th and 5th dimensions
large disasters will occur .
The Apostle John tells us in Revelation Chapter One
in verses 19 and 11 that he was on the Island of Patmos
because of the word of God, because of his faithfulness as a disciple of Jesus
because of his faithfulness as a prophet
when John focused upon The Return of Jesus Christ the second time
he focused upon what we find in other places in the Bible about how Jesus will come
and why he will come and what will happen when Jesus Christ comes
John in Revelation Chapter One in verse 7 made it very clear that when Jesus Christ returns
every person who is alive on planet Earth at that time will witness that coming
every person will see him come
if you go to the last verses in Revelation Chapter Six
you have it very clearly stated that at the time of The Coming of Jesus Christ
there’s going to be a massive earthquake, every island will move out of its place
John uses the words saying that the heavens are going to roll back as they were
and the glory of Jesus Christ and the Father is going to be revealed to people
many people will be absolutely terrified by that event
and we read in Revelation Chapter Six in the mixed of the earthquake and the Sun going dark
and the Moon turning to blood and stars falling from heaven
you read of people who will be terrified and will be crying out to the rocks and the mountains
“fall on us and hard us from the face of whom who sits upon the throne
and from the rustle, the judgment of the lamb”
the term lamb is a symbol of Jesus Christ for that scripture
and so you read of The Coming of Jesus Christ at that time
and then of course in answer to that question, who will be able to stand at that time?
which is the question asked at the very end of Revelation Chapter Six
you have the answer of Revelation Chapter Seven
you have those spoken of as the 144,000
those who receive the seal of the living God upon their foreheads
and you read of them further as the great multitude
as you read through Revelation Chapter Seven
very detailed description of The Coming of Jesus is given to us
in Revelation Chapter Fourteen verses 14 to 20
where The Coming of Jesus is described as a harvest
If one compares all the prophecies of writings such as the Bible
the secret revelations of John, the Qur’an, as well as writings of recent seers
and well over a hundred appearances of Mary until 1987
a shocking scenario, three large world events emerges
the three great judgments of the world stand for three large World Wars
which in turn are fulfilling the group karma of all nations
two of these World Wars have already occurred
many believe the third will not happen
but what is the contribution of each individual
so that the divine and its grace extinguishes the karma of each individual and of the nations
all seers and the messengers of our Mother of God speak of a third large war which will start in Europe
in particular they mention troops of the strength of three armies invading from the East
and after political unrest, the bloody fall of a leader overnight
it is said in these prophecies that within a very short period
as many people will die as in the First and Second World Wars together
Europe’s capital cities have predicted to burn during a limited atomic holocaust
out of these horror visions it is clear that China and the United States of America will be involved
along with Russia and the Muslims
after fierce battles all of them will resort to emergency atomic action
consequently the super natural judgment will inflict natural disasters
to put an end to these horrific developments
it will then separate the wheat from the shaft
by causing a large earthquake and darkness for three days to put an end to it all
a worldwide internal fire will be felt and seen by everyone
and the fall of deadly dust has been predicted
to accomplish the remaining clean up of the karmic execution
There are prophecies in the book of revelation about a big fire that will cleanse this Earth
a very dramatic representation is given in Revelation Nineteen,Twenty
Nineteen and Twenty near the end of the Apocalypse
in Revelation Chapter Nineteen we read of The Coming of Jesus
pictured as him riding on a white horse
a crown upon his head and his coming forth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords
and he comes to execute judgment against the Beast and the false prophet
in other words the two Beast passadors described in detail in Revelation Chapter Thirteen
the Beast that comes up out of the Sea is described as the Beast
and the Beast that comes up out of the Earth in Revelation Thirteen verses 11
and following from there is described as the false prophet
and we find Jesus coming in Revelation Nineteen executing judgment
upon the Beast and the false Prophet
and we read of them being thrown into a lake of fire at that time when he returns
and then at that time we read in Revelation Chapter Twenty
that the Dragon will be taken, thrown into a great abyss
and be held in that abyss for a thousand years
and during that period of time
the Dragon described also as the Devil, the deceiver or Satan
will not be able to attack or deceive any person who is alive at that time
and then at the end of this thousand years
as you come through to the later part of Revelation Twenty
you find that Jesus is pictured as returning to this Earth
and he comes with his people
and a lake of fire comes and envelops a hole of the Earth and purifies this Earth
and so the sequence of events that we actually have in Revelation Nineteen and Twenty
is The Second Coming of Jesus .
the Beast and false prophet facing damnation as it were in this lake of fire
then the Dragon held as a captive for a thousand years
then Jesus Christ coming to the Earth again with his people
and a lake of fire enveloping the Earth and cleansing the Earth
as a result of that we find a new act of creation after this fire has enveloped the Earth
where we read of a new Heaven and a new Earth
All this has been repeatedly predicted by the seers
and all the prophecies which have been made at different times are roughly similar
conspicuously all agree on one thing
that these events will start at a time when all believe that peace is at hand
Is the future preordained? or have the seers seen God’s master plan?
everything within the Omniversal is subject to cosmic cycles
creation delivers everything according to the principle of duality
as day follows night a plan for the evolution of humanity’s development exists
likewise in the plan of creation there is a cosmic night and a cosmic day
the last cosmic night of creation lasted about 26,000 years
during this cosmic night man was separated from his divine self
since the 1980’s we have entered the so called ending of the cosmic night
during this ending the spiritual world will be testing everyone for the feelings in their heart
after the year 2011 a cosmic day will begin
this cosmic day will announce itself with a sudden incredible light
and humanity will become conscious
the Earth will be illuminated and creation will reveal its completion
the final stone of completion of the four sided pyramid of Giza
is the symbol for the completion of the process of becoming human
however the final coral stone of the 5th dimension, - time - is still missing
consequently creation will find its completion
in the return of the extraterrestrial guardians of evolution
through the programming into the 5th dimension
Now speaking extraterrestrially
they are here to remind us that there are other things far beyond us
which of course are necessary if we are to evolve into our rightful ascendency in the things to come
in other words moving from the 3rd dimension into the 4th and the 5th dimension
UFO’s per se have always been there
we have forgotten that because we have returned to amnesia
and we have returned to illusion
we are now about to walk or talk or act out of that
so that we become realizing again that indeed we have the powers that we once had
and we can take them into ourselves again to change the dilemma
that we face as a nation, as a peoples and as a planet
we must do this again as the people
we cannot rely upon our governments anymore
governments basically are defunct
we don’t like to think so but they are
governments are also a captive of many of the malefic extraterrestrials
that was true during the Third Reich
it is now true of the United States Government and I don’t know how many more
it is time to turn to those who have our best interest at heart
and those who do have our best interest at heart are known as the guardian forces
the guardian forces outnumber the malefic or bad extraterrestrial forces somewhere around 10 to 1
and yet we do not turn them, you know in time of need
again to invoke them, again to get them to step in our direction and to assist us
we must do so through prayer and meditation and love and light and balance
and if we do that again, then we invoke the power if you will of the guardian forces
we give them the necessary power which they need to deter the malefic forces
including the Wormwood planet(Nibiru)
these things of course are very simple and I think for some people they’re too simple
they would rather think that we have to turn to some advanced type of technology
or some advanced type of weaponry, those days are over
if we are to graduate as a planet and the peoples
we must return to the Godly principles that we once exercised and had when we first came here
or before we actually came here from the 4th dimension in to the 3rd
we must return to that Godliness
We are in the last days in the battle of the spiritual powers to win over souls has started
old and new prophecies that’ll be understood symbolically
the last judgment has already begun
the experience will be different for everyone
the time factor rapidly decreases during these last years
and everyone of us will reap increasingly faster
the harvest of the seeds that we have sown in order to fulfill our karma
a purification never experienced before will affect all areas of life
apart from the external chaos caused by wars, earthquakes and other environmental disasters
the truth of the so called good citizen will fall apart
no one will be able to hold onto anything
few will realize that we are right now living in the time where the souls will be separated
Now instrumental in that of course are the ones that we know as UFO’s
or the extraterrestrial consciousness
we know too that there are two types of extraterrestrial consciousness
one is good or you might say they have our best interest at heart
and the other one does not and they are the malefic ones
I don’t want to go too far with that
I would only say that they represent the two faces of God that is the same energy
it’s our interpretation of that energy
and it’s up to us to deal with it in a responsible way
I would like to lead this also into a prognostication
which has been about for thousands and thousands of years
going back to the references of the Wormwood planet
I mentioned one of course, I mentioned the Bible
Revelations Chapter Eight verse 11
I would also like to make reference to the Sumerian text
if you would of review the Sumerian text which is the first recorded history
of course of what is known as Wormwood
you will find then that it progresses up to the Chaldean chronicles
Babylonian chronicles and on into the Judean culture and chronicles
and of course the latest of that being the Bible under revelations Chapter Eight verse 11
now what is the Wormwood planet?
well there’s many speculations about the Wormwood planet
but I don’t think that speculatively we can deny that it exists
because there’s proof although not written but there’s enough proof at hand
and at large at this point in time
that world government is fully aware of the so called Wormwood planet
but it isn’t the first time that the Wormwood planet has visited our planet
and caused massed devastation and chaos
it’s been here of course over a period of thousands and thousands of years
and there’s scientific proof and also materialistic proof
that they have flipped the axis of this planet over 330 times in the past
A new super-human being will be born
Earth is now close to the birth of its new human being
before she enters the full light of the day of the Golden Age
dawn has already started
the ascension is the resurrection
many are being called
but only a few are chosen to become the seed for the new mankind
because the spirits will soon be separated
the vampires will not survive the harsh light of the new day of creation
the change which the Earth will experience during the purification process
by throwing off her balance will be unbelievable
during this time when the Earth groaning rids itself of the poisons of its humans
and their blind ignorance they’ve inflicted on the planet
it will shake off this birth and divine grace will help cleanse the lower astral collective body
all three dimensional structures with an indescribable fire
the time is near when the Earth will unleash the elements
and the angel of judgment purify through Fire, Water and Earthquakes
during the pain of giving birth, Mother Earth will suffer a near breakdown
which will culminate an end to the burning of all that is inferior
the darkness of this world, the afterbirth will be burnt
and a new humankind will be born
before this climax there will only be two parties left
the three dimensional and the five dimensional people
who are able to integrate their light body
on the day X the spirits will be separated
in the same way that it happened during the days of Noah
it will occur again during the days of the human’s Son
they ate, they drank, they married until that day
when Noah entered the Arch and the arrival of the flood killed all
just like it happened during the days of Lot
they ate, they drank, they bought and sold
they planted and constructed every day
but the day Lot left sudden, fire and sulfur descended from the heavens and killed everyone
so it will happen when the Son of Man is revealed
whoever will be on the roof on that day and leave his coat inside the house
should not return downstairs to get it
and whoever is out in the field should not turn back
just remember Lot’s wife
I say unto you, during that night
when a couple will be in bed, one will be taken the other left behind
Jesus used Noah as an illustration of end times
he indicated that just as it was in the days of Noah with the flood
so at the end of time there would be devastation
and just as the flood cleansed the world of that time of sin
so with The Coming of Jesus there’ll be a flood of fire that will cleanse the Earth
one can visit the area of Mount Ararat which is the area of Eastern Turkey
Ararat of course covered the area of Armenia, Turkey, some of Iraq, quite a large area
and in the tendered mountains there across from Agri-Dagh
which is the mountain that is usually referred to as Mount Ararat today
there’s been quite a bit of focus of attention upon a boat-like shape in recent times
but the evidence would indicate that this states that that is not the Arch of Noah
the Arch of Noah was possibly, if we understand what the gopherwood was, and we don’t
but if we go back to the original writings
the Arch of Noah was probably built out of papyrus reed
but this great flood deluged the world at that time
and cleansed the Earth and Jesus said
“as it was on the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of The Coming of the Son of Man”
For the survivors of these events it will be a new Era of peace
of spiritual completion .
the brothers of space will reveal themselves as the keepers of Christ
and a large white cross will be seen in the sky
thousands of mother ships in the formation of a flying cross will be seen in the sky
to herald The Return of the Christ
for the chosen ones it will be important to pay attention to their intuition and to their dreams
because the higher self will be sending out impulses ahead of the disasters
caused by humanity and triggered by nature
in order to be in the right location at the right time
Earth will be cleansed for the seventh time
and God within us will decide whether we will be the seed for perfected mankind
The Earth development in the material world can be divided into seven successive cycles
at present we are in the last stage of the seventh cycle
each cycle was finished by a cataclysm on the Earth
but those who embodied the cosmic values were saved
those were the people who had collected the necessary energy vibration for the new cycle
it was always the result of individual experiences
activated energetic channels and super senses
are the consequences of these changes in a man’s body
people receiving messages through their super senses
also receive information about places where certain disasters will take place
it refers to Japan, Great Britain and some European countries
much information we receive during our dreams
when the body is relaxed
calmed and now intellect and personality do not disturb us
we become open to all impulses which can reach us from the outside
everything that comes during a dream which seems to be unreal
in many cases shows us situations which will happen here on Earth
please pay special attention to your dreams
from many messages we can learn how in practice
the Earth will enter the anti-material world
the last material cycle finishes in the 80’s and 90’s
so we are just in the center of the universe
we are entering the anti-matter
the Earth will move differently in the anti-material side than at the moment
this movement will have a shape of the number 8 rotating not around the Sun
but at first around two energetic centers
one of them will be the Sun and the second will be Saturn
the rest of the planets will also rotate in the way of the number 8 shape
around the centers mentioned before
The coming legion decide how we will experience the external changes
we have the choice either to face the events in fear
or to see the cataclysmic conditions of the prophecies of the Apocalypse
as a necessary renewal for mankind
because it is up to us how we view the purification
Mother Earth itself will try to awaken us as softly as possible
when she gets her planetary contractions for the birth of a more conscious humanity
the world has received many warnings from saints, extraterrestrials and prophets
the world has been given many signs
however at the end of time everyone will recognize that which he did not want to see
at the time of the Ascension it will be up to us to realize
that 1/3 of the air, 1/3 of the water, 1/3 of the flora and fauna
and 1/3 of mankind has left the planet as indicated in various Apocalyptic prophecies
a smooth transition would occur if the Lightworkers and humans through liberation of their active love
and through the core of a divine grace
and if millions of people were willing to work on themselves
in order to participate in a mass Ascension
this would weaken the global events
and divert the karmic release more towards the individual human beings
the present readiness for this however is only too limited
and Mother Earth will shake us to wake us up
Much of the information does indicate that parts of continents will sink
certainly the first chapter of the book of "Zukunftsvisionen"
talks about my personal experience
of living through what I felt was the sinking of much of the lands of California
and I’ve also done research then into what Arkatisias said
about Japan or parts of Japan going into the sea
and finally the work of an American channel* named Lori Wilkins Toye
whose Freedom Star Map shows even part of Australia being split in half
a good deal of Russia and the northern part of Europe going under the water
and parts of North and South America
all of this would be compensated by new land however
coming up in the Pacific a new Lemurian type of land I guess
and possibly some new land in the Atlantic that might be considered to be a new Atlantis
so that the relationship between continents and the sea
will remain pretty much constant over time
The current events on Earth should surely wake up every sensitive person
to the fact that we are in the seventh ending of time
and that several prophecies have already partially been realized
or are bound to happen very shortly
the cyclical Apocalypses of creation are like a school of life
where one is promoted to the next grade at the end of turn
a certain percentage of mankind is not capable of Ascending to the next grade
because of a lack of preparation
after their present life time
they are going on vacation for a long recovery in the astral world
after a good recovery the souls repeat the failed school year on other planets
and then move on to new cycles of incarnations
the positive and the negative on this planet are continuously strengthening
we receive daily news of earthquakes from around the planet
flood disasters, volcanic eruptions
well over one hundred warzones and many massacres
are causing new famines, misery and new migrations of nations
we are receiving daily news of new environmental disasters
the ozone hole spreads out at frantic pace
the jungles which represent the lungs of the Earth are being cut down globally
the loss of trees through environmental destructions escalated
the greenhouse effect and the Earth’s temperature are increasing globally
thus the climatic zones are shifting so fast that we can already observe the change
snow is falling in areas where there has not been any before
and elsewhere it is warming up in areas where it used to be cold
the ecological balance has already been disturbed to such a degree
that thousands of species of animals and plants
have already apparently disappeared from this planet forever
other species are in plague proportions as happened in ancient Egypt
we seem to be suffocating in our own rubbish and poison dumps
millions of people are infected with new and apparently incurable diseases
raw material seem to be exhausted
and the Earth is experiencing a population explosion
Yes I’ve been working for a number of years on future progressions
this work culminated in the book “mass dreams of the future”
in German “Zukunftsvisionen der Menschheit”
and the method that was used was started by Dr. Helen Wambach to take people into past lives
it’s a light trance state used in groups
where we would then ask very ordinary questions of people
once they were taken into a specific future time period
the numbers of people that we worked with were over 2500
and actually in the book we have the results from about 500 out of that group
in part that’s because many people didn’t find themselves coming back
in the time periods that we initially asked them
this was one of the first and rather surprising results of our research
that so few people found themselves coming back to the Earth or to the material plane
at the time of a couple hundred years from now
the fact that there’s so few people that seem to come back
in the time periods that we worked with
could lead one to believe that there might be something like an Apocalypse in the future
however I think that it’s a question of a choice that we have in this matter
and possibly it’s not the kind of Apocalypse people might be thinking of
there are many conditions that could lead to a drop in the population
for example we could have some worse plagues
or worse illnesses than the ones we’ve already had
we could have of course atomic war
or we could have natural catastrophes that might also hurt
or some combination of these
I’m not sure that anyone can answer, will there be exactly an Apocalypse?
but certainly the data that comes out does indicate
that there will be great changes taking place
The world is becoming more hectic
everything is about survival
money, power, addictions and distractions have become the companions of mankind
some secret organizations want to gain absolute control over humanity
religions are calling for a holy war against the sentient brothers
during a Dark Age the human mind is directed towards materialism
the negative attributes of his ego are fear, guilt, control, calculation, envy, security
dominance, pride, arrogance, manipulation and striving for power
his helpers are the present exclusively materialistic social systems
unlimited growth is like a cancer of mankind
within the planetary organism called Earth
fear for jobs, fear for supplies, fear of diseases
fear seems to be the prime motivation of all social life
My personal feeling about the future is that it’s coming along pretty fast
and much of the research that we did for the book was done in the 1980’s
and showed that in the future times there would be a series of great changes
including particularly ecological changes
perhaps the most positive part was that very few people
one or two out of the five or six hundred that we worked ultimately with
all they saw as some kind of nuclear holocaust, very very few people saw that
doesn’t seem to be our future
I personally feel that we have two or three more years
to do the preparations that are necessary
and possibly to work with the energy fields
to change some of these catastrophe situations for the future
or they will be upon us before we realize it
certainly by the end of this decade
Everything looks very negative
and among the scientists with inside knowledge
the opinion is spreading that it may be five minutes past midnight
for the future of Earth and mankind
the train has already departed
mankind now wants to enter adulthood and has apparently chosen the balance of the planet
humanity is already stuck in a crisis of evolution
and for some the downfall of mankind has already begun
for others the Ascension of mankind has started
the great transformation .
so the changes on the outside and the inside have already begun
and yet inpersectively in this darkness a little light is being kindled
in order to point out the way to mankind
the arrival of the incarnated Lightworkers
extraterrestrial contents of consciousness
who are to prepare the seed for the new mankind
the pole change towards the spiritual
towards a New Golden Era has already started
instead of living in primeval fear
this new generation is intended to live in primeval trust
indeed all the negative events are justified in the cosmic plan
which we do not comprehend with our mind
because nothing exists outside of the divine plan
even the chaos is the new order
Hello brothers, hello sisters, crisscut*, I’m Kyle
and I am like I am, just like I am
thanks God, I know now who I am, yeah
I’m love, I’m love and nothing else as love
like we all, like we all
I have nothing to resort, no, nothing to blame, nothing to judge
nobody to accuse, nobody to accuse and nobody to convince
just to be as I am, as an example, just an example
so I did advertising, I made commercials for products
which we need like cancer, cancer, the materialized illusion
the materialized illusion around us
yes, I didn’t know about causes-effects
I didn’t know about the law of the echo
and suddenly I got it into me
that we are all one, one with everything
and we will unite each other like we never did before
hah!, the artists, the artists, and everybody last at least as an artist, yeah
and love artists we are, we are love artists
we come together as children as we are, just as children
because we are children, forever and forever and forever
and we will play the game, we’ll play, play play play
at a game called love, love and nothing else as love
yeah, this is the game
and we’ll get free of the materialized illusion around us
the luxury, the materialism which we need like cancer
no, no sickness anymore, no sickness anymore
and I got the message into me that fear is an illusion
fear is a illusion, hah!, that’s wonderful to know
to be ill is an illusion, to hate is an illusion, to make profit is an illusion
and what you see materialized not in tuned with the nature on Mother Earth
is just a materialized illusion and will disappear very very soon
and this is just the law of the echo
the law, the only law we have
it’s the game, yeah, it’s the game
but so many forgot about “the game” this periods of time
about “the game” you know
so we played war, war, one after the other
and the war was happening in us
where we look around us, yeah, then we see war games
war games everywhere, everywhere war
it’s just an illusion, yeah war is just an illusion
so we killed, and the main part of us kill animals, animals, yeah
also our brothers, our sisters, yeah
we didn’t know that it kill our self, we didn’t know
whatever we kill, we kill our self
and whatever we do with the nature
we do it with our self, yeah, we do it with our self because
we are the nature, we are the land, WE ARE ONE WITH EVERYTHING
The continent of Atlantis was an Island which lay before the great flood
in the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean
so great an area of land that from her western shores
those beautiful sailors journeyed to the south and the north Americas with ease
in their ships with painted sails…
Subtitles made by Mauricio Prado