Get A Job With Aspergers or Autism

Uploaded by erinclem on 22.01.2012

Hi everyone!
AspergerSadie from Twitter here, or you can follow me on my website,
As you know, I have Aspergers. I'm 22 years old, and I was diagnosed when I was in about
10th grade, when I was like, 15 or 16 years old.
So for this video, I wanted to talk about
ways for people with Aspergers or Autism
to get a job.
I know it's a really big issue out there sometimes, so
what I did to get my job was
someone told me to send out a whole bunch of resumes. Just, you know, it doesn't really matter
Just, make sure you find places that you want to work at,
and make sure that you
kind of keep your interest a LITTLE broad. So it's like, I chose
all the animal hospitals in my area, AND I chose
a couple libraries as well. So,
I sent out resumes to a whole bunch of places, just
giving them a resume, giving them a cover letter. And...
then I waited!
It took a while, but eventually I got a call from a couple different people, and
so that way, it doesn't- you know, you don't have to worry about
if you like the place or not,
because then hopefully you'll be able to have some choices because a couple people will call you back.
When you DO get called back,
set up the interview, get a nice interview outfit,
and then, if you have a job coach, then
you can ask at that point if you can bring the job coach with you for the interview.
and then, make sure, if you DO want to disclose
because if you are bringing the job coach, they're going to say, you know,
because if you are bringing the job coach, they're going to say, you know, "Okaaay..." you know...
they're going to be interested in what's going on, but
If you do want to disclose the fact that
you're on the Autism Spectrum, then
I would say make sure that you tell them the BENEFITS of having
an ASD. Because, it's basically...
It's a very interesting way of
telling them that...
That's a good reason for them to hire you. So,
what I said was:
"Yes, it may take me a little bit longer to learn things, BUT,
it's only because I really want to make sure that I'm doing it the right way."
"and I'm really passionate about what I do." So,
those are a few tips for getting a job when you're on the Autism Spectrum
and you can follow me on Twitter, @AspergerSadie,
or visit my website,
Thanks for watching! Bye!