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You don't have any bad points, right?
I do! A lot!
Like, what?
There's a lot.
There has to be nothing!
There is.
No, there isn't.
Yes, there is.
There can't be!
There is!
There isn't.
What flaws does she have?
If you say stuff like that, you trouble them.
If you say that, what happens to Oniyakko?
She's really pretty!
Yes, she is... pretty,
But, you really have no flaws.
I have a lot of flaws.
That's a secret.
I have too many to count.
I'm embarrassed to say.
So, there are.
I wonder what it could be?
You have, Hatsune?
A ton!
A lot. It's all flaws.
That's not true. Today, she's showing sexy cleavage.
She doesn't alway do that.
I should've done it differently today.
But, it's Okinawa.
The audience is all Namie, Namie, don't you want, too?
No, no!
It's fine to keep the camera on Namie.
How about a little Hatsune?
If I was at home watching on NicoNico Video, I think
I would be like, get the busty girl off and show Namie!
Please show more Namie.
That's okay?
I just want to watch her.
Her face is so tiny!
It is small! It's like she's far away, at a distance.
Yeah, you can really tell when you're right next to her like this.
So, you do have things you dislike about yourself?
Yes, many.
As a fellow woman, you don't see any flaws, right?
She's perfect, isn't she?
She's perfect. She probably doesn't make faces like Anpanko.
Is it alright if we show you?
Our Anpanko imitation.
For Okinawa.
For Okinawa?
Excuse me a moment.
Just for a bit.
And that was Anpanko.
Thank you very much.
Well, that went well.
You have a heart of iron.
The comments are all, I thought
I don't know anything about that.
So, that was?
You have a wire heart, it's okay.
It was fine.
It was perfectly fine.
You didn't realize, did you?
It's still not complete.
She's very robust.
Do you work out?
I do before I go on tour.
Running or something?
I go to the gym and work with a trainer
and this year, I've been restricting my food intake.
You don't eat much, right?
I eat a lot! So when I have to watch my eating, it's really tough.
To say that I can't eat something is...
What do you like the most?
I love sweets.
I really do.
That's what you like?
I really like sweets,
But when I eat some, the dietician gets very upset.
You don't seem like you'll ever gain weight.
I can't imagine it.
If I took it off, it would really be something...
If you took it off, it'd be something.
Now, I'm really excited!
My heart is really going!
You there, record this!
That's a great way to put it.
I'm shocked...
Gori, stop being the MC!
What are
Excuse me, would the six of you leave now?
What, why?
Let me ask Namie my questions!
If you took it off, where would be something?
Stop that!
Sit down!
I'm just asking on behalf of all the guys here.
Right now
So, you have places with a little extra on?
There is places I have to work on,
the balance depends on the person.
What is your most favorite food?
I really like everything...
How cute...
Her face when she said that was so cute.
Can we change "everything" to "Jinnai"?
No, you may not.
So brazen.
You can't be pursuing personal interests.
I can't?
You say that, I'd have to say it, too.
No, you can't.
And sing as Kemuro Namie.
It's Kemuro Namie!
Stop saying that.
Can you kelebrate? (ke: hair)
How rude!
Think it'll sell?
It's celebrate!
When are you going to sing that famous song?
Excuse me.
Sorry about this, Kariyushi58.
No problem.
You don't get to talk.
We're learning a lot.
I'm just watching her.
It can't be helped, we probably won't have another chance
to meet with Namie like this again.
Yes, we might not meet again.
I have met Namie, once.
We didn't speak, but
It was outside of work.
Wow, it's Namie Amuro! I thought.
Gackt was also there,
I'm like, wow, Gackt, too!
What is he doing here?
Yeah, why was he there?
We didn't speak, then, but.
That's right.
To talk so much today.
This NicoNico Video presentation is really something.
Very nice.
You don't appear on TV very much, do you?
Yes, I get very nervous and it's been about a year since I've been on.
And you came on this Nico Nico Video?
So, it's kind of
How much are you getting paid for this?
I'm not being paid.
No appearance fee?
So, why are you here?
Because it's Okinawa!
Is that so?
I see.
All the Okinawan people are very happy to hear that.
Isn't that great?
It's the Okinawan people.
We'll give you some goya. (bitter melon)
Thank you.
I'll buy it myself!
Of course.
And they're selling soki soba for 500 yen.
I'll buy that, too.
You will?
Isn't that nice?
Thank you, I can't accept them.
You sure?
Because it's Okinawa.
Yes, of course.
The audience must be really happy.
There's more people, now.
The audience did increase.
I feel bad for the people who left early.
I know.
Since she came all the way here.
But, all the people who stayed are really lucky.
Everyone's moving to the front!
Do you see any of your fans out there, Gori?
Not at all.
They all were running out there.
They're all suddenly moving forward.
Namie is a mother and a great artist,
she's been moving down this straight path,
I've always wondered what kind of vision do you have of the future?
What do you want to be, say in ten years?
You've already achieved becoming "Namie Amuro",
so do you have some kind of goal?
I always have something I'm aiming for, but basically,
I want to always show everyone the best things I can,
as long as I'm physically able to.
Keep singing and dancing?
You won't run for governor or anything?
And no plans for Kemuro Namie?
Please forget about the Kemuro Namie thing.
It might bother me some.
We've wondered about that, though.
What do you do on your days off?
What does Namie do in her personal life?
I don't really do anything, just hang around the house.
Just lazing around the house?
Do you have something that you really look forward to doing?
No, not really.
What about video games or watching movies?
I don't really.
If asked your hobby, it'd be...
I don't have any hobbies.
You go to karaoke, right?
What do you sing first?
I start off singing my own songs.
That's fine.
That's nice.
I'd like to hear that.
Do you sing to other singers?
Yes, I do.
Who's your favorite?
I really like Dreams Come True.
I'd like to hear that.
Me, too.
I'd like to hear that too, but I'd never ask her to sing for me.
Yeah, there's no chance.
So, Kariyushi58, would you sing for us?
We'll be singing at the closing ceremony on Friday.
I'm just kidding.
You're looked up to by a lot of people,
so what artists do you look up to?
Around the time I debuted, I saw Janet Jackson's music videos
I really admired her and thought people who could dance and sing were great,
and I've always thought it would be great if people saw me and thought
the same way as I had thought about Janet, that I want to be just like her.
There's a lot of people who are like that!
Of all the women I know, all of them like Namie Amuro.
Really? The women?
The women...
The women around you.
The women around me, I know, the meaning is...
I really have no response for that, Namie.
That's right, now you're free and clear, right?
I was set free...
I've been refreshed.
Congratulations on that.
I've been thinking
So, what was happening last year, Jinnai?
You know what!
I'll say it, I was being divorced then!
That's the first I've heard of it!
You already knew!
You know!
Oh, is that what it was?
It's been exactly a year.
Thank you.
So, the wound should just be about healed.
Yes, it's been a year, thank you very much.
So, the kid would just be about growing like this.
I don't know anything about that.
Oh, really?
Is it alright if I get someone, next time,
to play Can You Celebrate on piano?
And I'll sing.
With Can you...
Who will you sing with next?
I'm looking forward to it.
Can You Celebrate is a wedding song, right?
So, for your next wedding, feel free...
Really, if I play piano and sing?
It's okay, I'll come and sing for you.
For real?
You hear that?
You really will, Namie?
Yeah, I'll come and sing.
Wow, is this for real?
I'm really happy.
Let us be back-up, then.
As a colloboration, then.
What? There's no more time left?
No, no! They're all protesting!
Only one more minute?
That's okay, let's go over.
We can't? Why not?!
Not fair, not fair.
Everyone's saying, keep going!
Why can't we go longer?
There's minors in the audience.
Go home, go home, all you little kids!
Even if they leave, they won't let us go over time.
It's too bad, but...
Namie, please come again next time.
I will.
I look forward to it.
Thank you everyone for coming today!
Thank you.
We really wanted to go longer, but they wouldn't let us.
Sorry, Garage Sale, Kariyushi58,
you only got to speak half the time.
No, it was fine.
Thank you for coming.
Also, Garage Sale, thank you for being here.
Everyone, have a safe trip home!
So, next week
Thank you, Namie Amuro!
Bye bye!