Amasic - Breaking Apart (Live On T.V!)

Uploaded by greenday3840 on 11.12.2010

Dear viewers, next on our show, student coming from Laval - a YouTube sensation with almost 100 000 subscribers
Presenting his composition BREAKING APART - Please welcome Janick Thibault /AMASIC
Bravo my dear Janick - Sincerely congratulations !
I think you're really personal.
What you play probably looks like yourself and it doesn't seem like you want to imitate anybody.
You're only 16, are you composing for a long time ?
I started when I was 14, I think. So far I made 18 original songs in all.
Very beautiful - very nice voice.
I love the "trash" sound of your guitar, I like the guitar when it's trash, I've been given a generous helping.
I enjoyed the break as well, it's great how it all stops and restarts in another ambience
Great Structure, bravo !
Bravo Janick, First you have the voice, the talent and look like a rock star and you're only 16
more so, you write your own songs and I'm congratulating you for this.
I imagine you as being in a famous band, "Simple plan" style
I'm planning you'll be that kind of stuff and I wish you good luck for the future.
Just a little comment : maybe you could look more at the public
maybe you were a bit inside your own world
Is it an autobiographical song ?
Is your song about your life ?
It is, It's a bit about me and my life
and it's a love song
To tell you the truth, I'm a bit embarassed because if I would have heard it on the radio
- I would have believed it is "Simple plan"
You say quite the opposite that I said ! do you want to express this ?
It looks like a lot of stuff. Anyway, time is over..:)
Thank you, my dear Janick.
We're seeing the beginning of a real big carreer...