Rawa Idli Recipe Video

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Today we will make rawa idli.
For making dal and rice idli, first you have to soak the dal-rice for 4-5 hours
and then grind it finely.After this we have to keep it aside for 12-14 hours for fermenting.
But rawa idli can be prepared instantly.
So today we will make instantly prepared rawa idli.
For making rawa idli we need:
Rawa - 1.5 cup (200 grams approx)
Curd - 1.5 cup (300 grams)
Eno salt - 3/4 tsp
Salt - as per taste (or 1 tsp)
Oil - for greasing idli stand
These ingredients are required for making rawa idli.
Ingredients for making peanuts chutney:
Peanuts - 1 cup (100 grams approx)
Green chilly - 1
Lemon - 1
Curry leaves - 10-12 leaves
Black mustard seeds - 1/2 tsp
Salt - as per taste (1/2 tsp)
Add some water in pressure cooker for boiling and meanwhile prepare the mixture.
For this add take rawa in a bowl.
Now add whisked curd into it.
Mix until all lumps get dissolved.
Also add salt and mix well.
Semolina gets dissolved easily.
Now add 1/4 cup water in the mixture.
Don't keep the mixture too thin or too thick.
Use equal amount of curd and semolina and add little water.
Mixture is ready. Now keep it aside for 10 minutes for fermenting.
Add eno salt just before making idli's.
Mixture has become puffy. It should have consistency like this. Add some more water if needed.
Now grease the idli stand like this with some oil.
Now add eno salt in the mixture.
Eno salt is always added in the end as it makes idli puffy.
While mixing eno salt,the mixture become fluffy.
Now place the mixture in idli stand.
Don't whisk the mixture too much.
Just add eno salt and mix it simply. Too much whisking doesn't makes idli puffy.
Fill the mixture in idli molds and arrange them like this.
Now place the idli stand in pressure cooker with steaming water.
Cover the cooker with lid.
Don't put whistle on the cooker and cook idli for 10 minutes on medium flame.
Meanwhile make peanut chutney.
Add peanuts,salt,green chilly and lemon juice.
For 1 cup water add 1 cup water.
Now grind them finely.
Chutney is ready;now take it out in a bowl.
Now add little water in the chutney as per your preference.
10 minutes are over and idli's are ready. Now turn off the gas.
Meanwhile prepare tadka for the chutney.
For making tadka,preheat a big spoon.
Add 2 tbsp oil.
When oil gets hot add black mustard seeds and curry leaves.
You can also add 1 pinch red chilly powder if prefer eating spicy chutney.
Tadka is ready,now mix it into the chutney.
Chutney is ready.Now take out idli from cooker.
Separate the molds like this so that they get cool quickly.
Idli's have become cool now take them out from the mold.
Run the knife like this across the idli and take it out.
Very spongy idli is ready.
Like wise take out all idli's and place them in a bowl.
Steaming hot and spongy idli is ready.
Spongy and delectable rawa idli is ready.
Serve rawa idli with peanuts chutney.
Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with us.
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