Looping Samples in Audacity Tutorial | How to Lesson

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Hello musicians My name is Andrew Mercer and in the short re-trial i'm gonna show you
how to loop
portions of samples over and over and over to get back in a fixed wing or at
least six oh three
contact with me concern states fixed and it sounds good
households include
this question comes from one of the subscriber sheer
uh... this is my subscriber
king so we're one
thinking slayer want as you can see says uh... now i want to buy the sample to
play over and over with the extended amount of time
so let's say it's ten seconds if you make it last one minute
so very good question very very good question uh... this is really simple to
do in audacity
uh... notices so it was good at it
first of all are you have a sample here uh... everybody you solicit listen to
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okay some silliness tonight
i'm going to take off them
rear portion here which i don't want
some images selectman and so i'm gonna do need now i'm gonna go to where i want
my smother
portion that i'm going to repeat
i what i want the beginning to very very beginning of it of that sound or
we could call it the to satish might say
but it's the year it's beginning of the sound that we want to repeat
so the gulping this
that's a great the year
right there okay that's good now let me go to my tinted window of my head menu
and i've been in a dance to select
two-track int and that will select from the cursor to the track isn't one
all case indigo done it
now what i do is i'd go up to my ended when no edit menu again and i go copy
now i don't have to go off to copy i can actually go tenancy
i'm on a mac
if you're in pc a win as base machine goal control c
of peace and i've done that now the next thing i use my keyboard
my computer keyboard and i click my my near right
mails button i'm sorry my roommates uh... arrow key so they don't buy rare
orchids cryptic and put the uh... he put the cursor active yuri end of my sample
now what i do is i go to edit paste or i can go community
the delegate and to exact copies of words said
me back a little bit
uh... i can do it again messianic reply
my rights
arrow key comic upon my computer keyboard and hydro edit paste again
where's pace here you go
and then you do it again
angle edit page story can go patrol v
now for everyone in play
check it out
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here you go
okay will pop in there too
if i was uh... doing this i would be really careful that ms rough today but
if i wanted to be careful
i can uh... i can give it the way form a little different where eclipsed the
waveform i can make a little near and thank you colonel popped out of here so
uh... sitting out well subscribe
uh... the i hope this helps you
uh... this is really simple to do it if you're making music lake is extreme
we'll have
tiny tiny little samples repeatedly a million times
you can do it this way i've actually done it before were im going make
critically concretely command like uh... command v canadian might uh... you know
you can go on and make as many as you want
make me
next textures that way
refuse sounds gaping you wanted to send the wind repeating over and over you can
do the same way
uh... very simple okay so it's a veto now prices need this video is good for
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for upcoming videos anything you'd like me to cover please let me know the more
than happy to do this
just like they are wrestlers crime working so i wan this is his request so
if you have a request for tutorial
okay thingys you guys unhappy recording