Just Dance - Gaga You and I, 2011 VMAs, Glee Project Finale, Footloose

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PRINCESS LOCKEROO: The Skorpion Show predicts video
music award winners, The Glee Project wraps up season one,
and Footloose releases its soundtrack.
This is Just Dance for August 25, 2011.
Hey, this is Princess Lockeroo with Just Dance.
Here's what we've got going on this week.
Have you seen Lady Gaga's new music video for "You and I?"
It's incredible.
This video was choreographed and directed
by Laurieann Gibson.
Let's go check in with The Original Tyler to hear his
thoughts on this music video.
TYLER: I think the video is really, really awesome.
It's unique.
It is interesting.
There's nothing like it.
From the very first second that you start watching it, it
grabs your attention, and you have to watch and just see
what happened.
And the whole way through, it keeps your attention.
It's interesting.
The song is awesome.
And I think, out of all the videos from this album, it's
the best one so far.
Awards are this Sunday.
We've just gotten word that Lady Gaga's going to be
opening act, and there's going to be a
Britney Spears tribute.
Who knows what else is going to be going on at the VMA's,
there's always all kinds of fabulous performances, crazy
stuff going on there.
But let's throw it over to The Skorpion Show to hear their
predictions on which artists will be
taking home a Moon Man.
KEVIN: Hey, what's up everybody?
It's Kevin from The Skorpion Show.
I want to say thank you for having me back on Just Dance.
I'm here to give my predictions for the 2011 VMAs.
Let's start with the best choreography nominees.
Beyonce, "Run the World," is nominated.
Also Britney Spears, "Till the World Ends," Bruno Mars, "The
Lazy Song," Lady Gaga, "Judas," and LMFAO for "Party
Rock Anthem." I'm going to pick Beyonce.
And for video of the a year.
The nominees, I was kind of shocked by them.
But let's get into it.
Adele for "Rolling in the Deep," Beastie Boys for "Make
some Noise," Bruno Mars, "Grenade," Katy Perry for
"Fireworks," and Tyler, the Creator for "Yonkers." I am
going to pick that Katy Perry is going to win this category.
Katy Perry's nominated for about 9 or 10 VMAs, and this
will be one of the biggest awards that she takes home.
And make sure you guys watch The Skorpion Show.
Talk to y'all soon.
PRINCESS LOCKEROO: I'm so excited.
The opening of the new Footloose movie is less than
two months away.
And what's even more exciting is that they've just released
some of the artists that are going to be on the new
We've got some A-listers in the crowd.
To name a few, we've got Blake Shelton, David Banner, and the
Smashing Pumpkins.
They've got this really awesome contest going on where
you can get the chance to attend the premiere of
Footloose in Hollywood.
All you've got to do is upload a video of
yourself cutting loose.
Go to www.footloosemovie.com.
Maybe we'll see you on the red carpet.
The world famous Radio City Rockettes kicked off Christmas
a little early this year.
They surprised Times Square with a brand new musical
number, new choreography.
It was awesome.
Click here to check it out.
Finally, the long-awaited season finale of The Glee
Project took place on Sunday.
They brought back every contestant to see who would be
the winners, and they kicked it off with a music video
shoot on a rooftop to Pink's "Raise your Glass." This
season of The Glee Project, I certainly couldn't make a
decision when it came to the final four.
Ryan Murphy had a tough decision on his hands.
And I was so happy when he awarded the final four with
appearances on the next season of Glee.
Samuel and Damian were awarded seven-episode arcs on the next
season of Glee.
But Lindsay and Alex didn't really lose out because they
were also awarded two-episode arcs next season.
I've been surfing the internet, and there's a lot of
buzz going around that Mike Myers is in talks to star in
Austin Powers 4.
Click here to see our interview with choreographer
Marguerite Derricks as she talks about what it's like
working on the Austin Powers films.
Let me know what you guys thought about
the VMAs this weekend.
Hope you guys enjoyed the show.
Catch you guys next week.