Audrey | Ep. 1 of 6 | Feat. Kim Shaw | WIGS

Uploaded by wigs on 29.10.2012

When boys grow up they can’t stop thinking about pussy. It’s 24/7, always on their minds.
It’s like that, but the boy is a girl, and the pussy is a simple, old-fashioned cheeseburger.
Women today are told to eat clean.
No fat, no sugar. No getting off from pure, adulterous taste.
In a country too puritanical about food and licentious about sex, I will not follow.
I vow to lick my plate clean and be a dirty girl.
Does that feel good? Tell me I’m making you feel good.
You know what we should do? We should go to that new restaurant tonight on LaBrea for dinner.
I can get us a reservation. The menu looks amazing.
I know just what I’m going to order.
Do you like the wine? Yeah.
Tell me how it tastes to you. It’s grapey.
Oh, shit that looks good. Thank you.
Wow. Wow.
Wow, the heirlooms are divine. Do you like them?
That’s good mozzarella.
Ben. It’s burrata.
Come on, Audrey. You know I don’t know cheese.
It’s not just the cheese.
What do you mean? It’s a metaphor.
For what?
My heart.
There’s something missing. There always is.
No I mean it’s all fine. You orgasm?
Each time? Any time.
You lying to me? No.
Look, I just think he’s too young, you know? You can do better.
Yeah, but I mean...what is better?
I don’t know. Find out.
Stand by everybody. Ms. Harper, we’re ready when you are.
What are you doing? It looks too heavy like that. Just keep it minimal, four spears. Clean, sexy, classy.
And let’s roll please.
Someone popped the prosecco too early. I am not starting until it’s coming over the edges.
Hold the roll.
Good little sprite. Now scurry. Okay, let’s roll!
And, action, Julie!
Simply pair your prawns with a melon heavy prosecco, and you’ve got a meal fit for royalty.
So, until next time keep cooking, and keep smiling.
And that’s a cut! And that’s lunch people.
She’s painful. No wonder the ratings are dead.
Come here.
Roll the camera on her.
Go in tighter.
No, no. All the way, all the way, all the way. There you go.
My god. She looks like she’s fucking the food with her mouth. Who is that girl?
She dresses the food.
According to one of the PAs, she has a food blog.
That he whacks off to.
Go ahead, take off. I’ll shut it down.
There’s something about a clean piece of shrimp.
Like men, cold, juicy prawns taste sweeter, once you’ve removed thoughts from the head, and urges from the tail.