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Hey y'all, Celestina.
I'm back.
OK, so Bunheads episode two.
So Hubble was going to give Michelle an unexpected life.
Well, he surely did give her an unexpected life because he
brought her to Paradise and then died.
It was a really sad episode the whole time.
This is going to sound like I'm insensitive, but I'm not.
OK, Truly, straight tripping boots, OK.
I don't think her attitude's acceptable.
The man is married.
That is his wife.
He didn't choose you.
Get over it, honey.
I mean, her comment, I blame you.
I still think she probably killed him, and she has
something to do with it.
That's my whole conspiracy theory.
All of them are going through the whole tripping boots
syndrome right now.
They'll probably end up being the best of friends later on
because you know how these shows go.
But still, I don't like her too much right now.
Fortunately, she doesn't where a bun, so we won't be
snatching her bun down.
But you know snatch her by that weave or something.
Momma Fanny, oh, very rude.
I'm how I felt.
Tripping boots.
One of my favorite characters right now is Boo.
I like Boo.
And I thought in the performance--
I guess the memorial dance performance, I thought she did
an amazing job.
And, I mean, I really like Boo.
She was one person who had a little bit of sense.
She was like somebody just passed away.
Maybe we should feel something and not go to the movies.
Let me make sure my hair is still cute.
Is my hair still cute?
So the show's getting pretty hot.
I can't wait to see what Talia's response is going to
be when she says, honey child, he willed
everything over to me.
Because I like her character.
She's cute.
But yeah, what do you think she should do with all that
wealth that she has just recently acquired?
Should she transfer her deed over to mom?
Because sharing doesn't really seem like it's an
option right now.
Or maybe it is an option but a drama filled option.
Mom's like, oh heck no, that land is mine.
That house is mine.
Because she was claiming it before her son even died.
Should she just say, you know what?
Keep your stuff.
I'm good.
Because just when it was getting good, just when they
were about to start getting along and it seemed like
everything was great, now it's drama
for your mama, literally.
You know when you always say, oh, I'm too
blessed to be stressed.
This is, I'm too blessed, I'm stressed.
She just won the lotto.
Or maybe she should say, you know what?
I'm not going to let these haters get in my way.
I'm going to whip my hair back and forth.
That's another option.
I don't know.
What do you think?
All right y'all, I'm signing off.
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