Birther: Obama's Secret - Part 2

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God’s people have universally known the number 666 as the mark of the beast. In 2005,
however, Biblical scholars uncovered early papyrus manuscripts that show that the number
of the beast is actually 616. The number 616 has several interesting relationships to Barack

616 is the area code of Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 2008 Barack Obama won a majority
of votes in Grand Rapids.

In 2008 Barack Obama’s book “The Audacity of Hope”
was released to the public. But was there a secret message encoded in the book? If you
take the 13 digit ISBN number on the paperback edition, add the digits together and multiply
them by 9.625, which is the score received by Maria Olaru, a gymnast representing the
formerly communist country of Romania, during the 2000 Olympics, you end up with 616, the
mark of the beast.

But perhaps the most compelling proof that Barack Obama is the antichrist
is that 616 also represents the Marvel Comics multiverse. Earth-616 is name of the fictional
netherworld where most Marvel Comics are set, including Spiderman. To commemorate his inauguration
Marvel Comics released previously unknown pictures of Obama with Spiderman.

It is impossible
to dispute such solid evidence of Obama’s prophetic role in the end times. There are
signs all over the place for those willing to look.

If you draw lines to connect Hawaii,
where Obama claims to have been born, to Chicago where he lived, to Cuba, the closest communist
country, to Mount Rushmore, to Washington, DC and back, you get a pentagram.

But it
doesn’t stop there. On the back of the one-dollar bill there is a pyramid with an eye in the
center. But whose eye is it? When superimposed over the bill it turns out that Barack Obama’s
eye matches perfectly. Is it possible that the Illuminati predicted Obama as the future
leader of the New World Order several hundred years ago?

And finally there is Obama’s
longstanding association with Freemasonry. He claims not to be a Freemason, but since
it is a secret society we can assume that if he were a member he would say he was not.
Since he says he is not a member he must therefore be one.

The history of the Freemason’s
influence on American history is well known. Obama’s impact, however, remains hidden.
In 1961 Barack Obama was born, the same year that John F. Kennedy was inaugurated as the
first non-Protestant President of the United States. On November 23rd, 1963 JFK was assassinated.
Lee Harvey Oswald took the blame as the lone gunman. For Oswald to have been the only shooter
he would have had to fire three shots at a moving target from a distance of several hundred
feet in only a few seconds. His bullets would have had to change trajectory in mid-flight
and hit multiple targets. Some have theorized that there was a second gunman on a grassy
knoll near the motorcade route. Records show that Barack Obama’s mother had brought him
to Houston on November 19th, three days before the assassination of his predecessor, in order
to visit a pediatrician. Could Obama have been involved?

In 1969 the moon landing was
faked on a soundstage at JPL in Pasadena, California. This is close to Occidental College,
where Barack Obama went to school only ten years later. It is believed that an eight-year-old
child was responsible for organizing the fraud. Could Obama have been involved?

On June 17th,
1972 a group of men broke into the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate
Complex. During this time Barack Obama was eleven years old and on vacation with his
mother in Washington, DC. Frank Wills, the security guard who uncovered the Watergate
break-in, claimed he heard the voice of a child that night. Could Obama have been involved?

is also evidence that Obama was responsible for the Three Mile Island accident, the Challenger
disaster and the Waco siege.

Since he has been in office Barack Obama has enacted a
series of legislative changes. Are these simple policy shifts or clues to learning about the
real Barack Obama?

One of Barack Obama’s first acts as President was to begin negotiations
with organized crime leaders. He can be seen here with the Godfather of the Corleone crime

One of Michelle Obama’s first acts after entering the White House was to set
up a vegetable garden. Her claim was that it was there to teach people the importance
of fresh healthy food. Upon closer examination, however, we can see that the garden is actually
right outside the Oval Office. The oval office is round, much like the crop circles that
have been appearing in fields around the world for decades. It is well known that these crop
circles are alien landing sites. Is it possible that this garden outside the oval office is
another signal to Barack Obama’s alien brethren?

Barack Obama has dramatically cut the funding for
NASAs manned space exploration. Is it possible he is worried about what or who we'll find
Come on. Let's try it out. Come on. Live a little bit. You will levitate. Come on.
Has he been secretly harnessing alien technology this whole time. We've uncovered secret footage
of Obama testing new ways of hovering at Area 51.

Is it possible that alien technology has been used to create a robotic droid to replace
This is basically the stage setup.
Uh hu.
It explains the whole store.
Are these like wax figures or holograms?
They are audi-animatronics.
They're robots.
And this is actually you.
Let's see.
There you go. They made me better looking.
The American dream is as old as our founding, but as timeless as our hopes. It is reborn
every day in the heart of every child who wakes up in a land of limitless possibilities
in a country where we the people means all the people.

Our alien overlords have replaced him with a clone. But he is not alone. They have created
a whole army of former presidents. What will they do next? How will they use these avatars
to destroy America?

Hussein Obama’s quick rise to power can only be explained by the world powers conspiring
to put him at the head of our country. These shadowy organizations have subverted our electoral
system to place the beast at the head of our state. This Kenyan son of Hitler who converted
to Islam, bears the mark of the beast and has been replaced by a robot is leading our
country down the wrong path. Who will stop him if not us? Please spread the word and
let others know about Obama’s secret.
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