Anthony (Tony) Oberschall & Vojislav Seselj Part1

Uploaded by rezidualan on 28.10.2008

Your honor, Please, I have an objection before the next question
I demand from you to order the expert to take out the bubble gum.
By chewing the gum, he is insulting the court and me, as accused party.
He can not chew anything while testifying. There, he is still chewing
Judge Antoanetti: Mr. Seselj, the witness is answering a question. Maybe you don't like his answer.
Maybe it can be discussed. Let us hear what he has to say.
And tomorrow, we'll se what you have to say during your cross-examination about this problem.
And let us hope that from this truth will arise.
But, for now, we are at the beginning. We are talking about deportations and exchanges.
You are giving your opinion. We'll see what is this all about.
dr. Seselj: Can I say one more thing judge Antoaneti: Yes, of course.
dr. Seselj: Your honor, I like very much the answers of mr. Oberschall
and whole day long I am approving his answers. He is talking beautifully, like he is a defence witness.
But, I think it is very rude from him to chew a chewing gum the whole time.
If you think it is not rude, I will never again make such an objection.
judge Antoanetti: OK, mr. expert, I didn't see that you are chewing a gum. Ok.
Good. The gum is now gone...