[Eng sub] Super Junior Show Ryeowook Diary Part 2

Uploaded by yeeyan94 on 02.08.2010

Thank you everyone
I try to look at the photos that fans post everyday
But I'm always busy
If I see nice ones, I will leave comment
This is me dancing at Heechul hyung's radio bora
This is called the 'uncle' dance. You just need to turn like this, I can teach you.
I can't just fool by myself. I must do it with Donghee hyung.
You have to move your head too
Choi Misook, congratulations.
Look, the picture came out.
Finally, it's video game time.
Can I play well the first time?
Donghee hyung's instruction doesn't go into my head right now
Hyung, what's this?
Soldiers will come out from here
They can't earn money of they only play, right?
Here's empty. Why aren't you using it?
I'll use it later
What use it later?
Faster faster
Why're you building that much?
Under Donghee hyung's instruction, I think I'll win even though he's giving advice
Actually I can play a little bit but Donghee hyung always critic me
Ryeowook attacks in
Hyung seems to be losing to me. Seems like he isn't really good at it afterall
I've lost
Hyung, I'm good, right?
Ryeowook beat me
I was busy teaching Ryeowook until I forgotten about my own
Hyung, that's the way life is.
It's my first time and it just ended like this
Ryeowook want to visit the fortune teller with sungmin
What do you want to know about?
Relationship. I'm just kidding.
I never tried before
I'm curious so I'm going together with Sungmin hyung
On the way to pick Sungmin hyung. There're still so many fans despite of the cold weather.
It's so cold outside. What if they sick? I'm really worried
Sungmin hyung
What do you want to know?
He's greedy of money
But what I said applies to you too
Love? Marriage?
Of course not
Have you ever tried this before?
This's our first time here
This's my first time. I'm worried of the atmosphere
But it seems to be a normal cafe
What's your name?
Kim Ryeowook
Your birthday?
Hope all the bad lucks go to hyung
I'm nervous. How will my fortune be like?
2004 and 2005 seems to have problems
2006, all will turn better
After 2005/11/7, you will have confident, see your path clearly and what you want to do
Is it after 7/11?
Yes. After 7/11, there will be some changes
Super Junior debuted on 6/11
It's amazing. Super Junior debuted on 6/11
There will be also a lot of luck
April in the lunar year
He's only saying the good fortunes, I'm nervous
Either June or July, you may find a girlfriend
Go out and travel more often
It seems that I need to go out and play more often