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Uploaded by Google on 12.06.2012

Trivia is pretty great - from the board... to the pub quiz.
But there's always one thing holding you back. And no, it's not just Todd.
It's the rule: "No using Google!" We didn't think that was fair, because, hey,
we're Google! We want to play too. So we made our own trivia game, and used search
as part of the challenge - we call it “A Google A Day”.
Each day, we create new questions, in a boatload of categories, meant to be solved with nothing
but savvy search skills. So a search might lead you from a Birthdate,
to an Band, to an Album, and then your answer. Or from a totally different direction.
There are hundreds of ways to solve - but only one right answer.
And the faster you search, the more points you score. So being creative in your search
is part of the challenge. Unlock badges for your search prowess, then
share scores with friends on Google+. Even Todd. Because, while he's lame at pub
quiz - it turns out Todd's pretty rad at search. Good work, Todd.
Your brain + search. 24 hours a day. Head-to-head against your friends.
Search on, smartypants.