Alexander Rybak and Paula Seling at „Danutz srl" show, 3.06.2012 (FULL)

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Do you hear what that girl's saying? I'm a b***h, I'm a lover, I'm a don't know what, I'm a mother, I'm an... oh my God..
I almost fell asleep, oh my God! Hello ladies and gentlemen!
I'm a b***h I'm a lover
Oh stop it!
I'm a mother
Hello! I'm a sinner..
You look like you're going to the seaside today To the seaside?
I don't know why.. Do you know that it's hot outside?
Look, you're dressed light, wearing a flax shirt..
It's hot outside.. It's summer! Nobody dresses like this open a button because you look like a ninja!
But we can't. We, as cookers, can't!
Why can't you? Would like to.. To have hair from your chest in my food?
So, you understand!
But can you wear a beard? You can't!
Yes we can! If we put hairspray on it and it stays in place!
Hair spray? You should wear a mask, for protection!
Enough! Go and host your show!
Host what? Ladies and gentlemen, Paula Seling!
I'm going to bring her Easy Paula, easy
Nice and easy..
Forgive me!
Hello! Welcome! Nice to see you!
Let me turn you to face the big big audience Look ladies and gentleman, Paula Seling!
More beautiful than ever because.. Can I kiss you?
Of course! But don't kiss Antonio because we has a beard.. Oh but I will, I will, I will..
Paula.. Yes?
You look very good, really! Thank you and you look good as well. Very beautiful..
Applauses for Paula please, because she has a guest and I'll let her introduce him
Paula isn't here alone, she has come with a guest from abroad.
A very special guest, and in your applauses, ladies and gentlemen, and mostly young ladies...
Alexander Rybak!
Do you see Antonio? Do you see? How things are here, in our show?
Listen, how nice this is...
You should know that I really like this song! Do you? Do you like the next song, too?
Because here comes Gelu Voicu!
"Cause I get married and them I leave them.." What? What do you mean, why do you leave them?
Come here! You know Paula. I'll go here.
I'll start singing traditional Romanian music, Antonio. Really!
It would suit you! It would, wouldn't it?
And how would you sing "Ti-am dat un inel"? (One of Dan Bitman's songs)
Many people did! How are you Gelu?
Good! Very good, happy! I can see that.
Happy because it's the wedding season, and you'll see what I prepared for you with the musicians from Teleorman.
My dear ones, I invite you..
I invite you to take a seat here on the sofa
I left you there, standing.
And I was thinking Antonio, since we have an international guest, you should prepare something international.
No! We'll prepare something Romanian, to eat something traditional Romanian, from the Romanian culture
And that would be..?
Tortellini with meat, with sauce..
Got it? Traditional Romanian food: tortellini with meat and sauce!
I'm leaving! Bye, bye!
Mister Gelu, it's summer now!
How do you say "summer"? That's how we say it, good job!
When we make tortellini, we usually put a little polenta on the side. That's how we make it near the Danube!
Considering the fact that it's already summer, do you think about the holidays
or about weddings and baptisms?
Well, you know, we work during the holidays. The time will come for free time!
I understand. For now we are working with love, together with "Lautarii din Teleorman"
and "Ansamblul Burnasu" from Alexandria, together with the dancers we are trying each time to bring something new.
And because you have such a special guest here, we've prepared two special moments.
To show our southern traditions.
To show Alexander..
I'm telling him to watch, ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen, Gelu Voicu!
Good job! Gelu Voicu ladies and gentlemen!
Gelu, I understand now! I understand!
Together with the dancers from "Ansamblul Burnasu", from Alexandria
choreographer Claudia Lupu and "Lautarii din Teleorman"! Applauses everybody!
So you are a kind of Jimmy Hendrix of the Romanian flute You are very good, really!
Let me hold your mic, to amaze Alexander.
You know what I was thinking… Don't you want to participate in Eurovision and win it?
I'd send you to Eurovision tomorrow, really. With this whole group, you understand, we'll win very easily.
they won't know whom to vote with when they'll see you!
But be careful, I have young-old ladies!
And I also know the thing with the earpiece (Elena from Mandinga had a problem with her earpiece)
The earpiece? I know about the earpiece too!
Attention! You start first and he will start with them. Attention!
You want to make me cry..
How beautiful, how beautiful..
He kinda knows, doesn't he?
He's Romanian, I tell you. The little one is our Romanian!
Ladies and gentlemen.. Wait a little.. I'll wait, I'll wait!
Applauses ladies and gentlemen! Alexander and Gelu!
I think they should make a band! I'm serious!
You should sing together..
We'll win the first prize at Eurovision! Applauses!
And I have a gift for Gelu, because we are proud of you: A mini holiday by the seaside at Eforie Nord
Look how happy she is! Thank you very much!
Eforie Nord, Europa Hotel, three nights for two people! Two? Two people, three nights, Europa Hotel!
Thank you Europa Hotel, from Eforie Nord!
Thank you very much!
Please take a seat, now I'll talk with Paula. I would've sang some more if I knew about the gift!
I will pick on Paula now. What have I done?
Nothing, nothing! Lately I've noticed that you took part in a lot of duets.
I know about the one with Razvan Fodor. Yes.
You have this project with Alexander Rybak. Yes, I'm really happy to work with him.
Tell me please, how do you choose your partners? Oh come on, tell me now.
Usually they choose me, and I am the one that gladly accepts. Ooh, they choose you!
Like in this case.
Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009, representing Norway. You and Ovi were in the final in 2010.
That's when you met? In Oslo?
They met in Oslo, ladies and gentlemen..
He was really impressed with Paula's voice.. And, might I add, her beauty.
He keeps saying about Paula and about the fact that she plays the piano really well,
But I think that he really likes her. Anyway she is married so..
Ok, moving on!
He fell in love with her voice, it's normal!
I mean, if we're doing this internationally.. Let's ask Radu, my husband. He's in charge with the sound.
Radu, be careful! Keep her in your sight! She'll go to the piano and sing.
But what will you sing? I will sing "Timpul"(the time)
Paula Seling ladies and gentlemen! Closely watched by her husband and by us, of course!
Applauses for Paula!
Thank you!
Paula Seling ladies and gentlemen!
We would also like to turn back time! A very nice song, a very nice performance!
And a very beautiful singer!
Paula we also have a gift for you. Not for your wonderful performance,
But I want to offer you, with all my love, Cosmetic products from Yves Rocher, thank you!
Very nice! Very very nice! Congratulations!
Oh my God, look we have a patient and I think he would also like to turn back time!
Let's help the girls! I wasn't aware that we were dealing with such cases..
Never mind the cases.. Do you need help?
Yes please.. Ok, please, after you.. Let's help the patient..
Oops.. Easy.. It's ok!
Let's turn him to face the public. Like this!
You are his personal nurses? Is he rich? With personal nurses like you, I would get sick tomorrow.
What about you? Can you hear me?
You have a tube stuck down your... And where is the end..?
Ah! You have some kind of liquid! Oh, a lot of Oxygen!
Did you have an accident or you will have one?
"Who should I be?" What do you mean? Who would YOU be?
You should be.. "It's me, Vasile, and I'm in big trouble", says Vasile.
Vasile is saying that he has a sore throat.. Poor little thing..
"I have a streptococcus and it's contagious!" Only by direct contract with my nurses! Contract? Contact!
Or maybe contract.. I understand. And what now? We'll do the card thing during the entire show?
"Why couldn't I stay in bed?" "Because I had a show to go to!"
He had a show.. Go figure..
Shall we go on with the cards, or..? "Can you take my blood pressure?" I have to take his blood pressure now..
Look here! Press the pedal! I'm pressing, and pressing, and pressing..
But nothing's happening! I thought..
Ok? Is it better now? I'll push some more if it's good!
I thought it was going to *phhh*! That's that. It's ok now.
"I want to play my part in the show!"
Wait a little.. How can you do that, looking like this?
"My nurses will help me!" Really?
Will you help Vasile? "Nurses, dance!"
This wasn't necessary!
Oh my God!
Give it to me, give it to me!
But not hi's dress!
Now do it again!
I'm starting to like this show!
He says: "Stop them!" "Stop them, my blood pressure is up, I'm going to die!"
I'll give him more air.. Enough!
I think he.. What's wrong?
No, no, no, we're not supposed to get upset, you pretty little boy!
We're not getting upset.. "I'll stay some more, because I'm scared to go home"
You're scared to go home? Stay some more! Get your pomp. Antonio has something for you to eat..
Maybe you're not allowed.. No no! He's only allowed to eat white things!
What? White things? Yes, only white things: boiled pasta with some white cheese.
Do you know what Gelu said? Place him here, place him here!
Put him there, our nurses will take care of him. I would like to get admitted at least for a half of hour...
I suddenly feel sick..
He's saying that this is a children's show!
He's saying that he would like to be in a hospital with Romanian nurses..
He's saying that they are more conservative, he blushed just by seeing her ankle..
I told him that he should come to Romania, but he is already here.
Ladies and gentlemen, Alexander is a singer, a composer, an actor, a fiddler and a pianist, born in Belarus.
Now I'm going to ask him, how did his victory of Eurovision 2009, with the song "Fairytale" and the record of 387 points influenced him.
He said he was not influenced, because he used to compose before, and he is still composing.
It influenced his career, because now he can easily travel throughout Europe.
The best thing is that he came to Romania because it's crazy! We can understand that.
I will ask him now, he was asked to sing at Eurovision in Baku..
He liked the grandmothers from Russia, and of course Loreen, this year's winner.
He asked me if the girls can dance!
He wants to sing "Fairytale" but with our girls dancing in the back!
Alexander Rybak ladies and gentlemen, applauses please!
Look what Romania makes out of him, look ! He comes unruffled in Romania and ...he leaves like this!
Congratulations! Extraordinary, Alexander Rybak! He deserved to win Eurovision 2009!
We realize this now, and we're enjoying the fact that he is here, this Sunday with us!
Ladies and gentlemen, a balance performance!
Incredible! Royal Performance! Applauses for Royal Performance ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to our show! It's amazing what you have done today, really.
I want to introduce them to you: Laurentiu and Melina, they are the 2 members of Royal Performance, am I right?
Tell me, how many hours you practice each day?
About two-three hours, four-five days a week.
And this involves injuries too..
Yeah, it involves injuries, less than in a performance sport, but it can happen.
We do everything carefully.
And has one of you ever thought to give up this sport?
We will have to. You'll have to?
Someday we'll have to..
Just like you, Antonio was a big athlete, but he had to quit.
Yes, yes! Wait a second.. A close-up please.
These things, don't they disturb you? These beautiful long nails?
No, they don't. She says they don't disturb her!
Please take a seat on the couch and rest for a second. I think the man cooks in the family, not the woman.
The man cooks in their family? I think so..
No, no, no, stay here! You will leave after Amadeus, ladies and gentlemen!
What happened? What happened here? Something happened here, wait a second!
Good evening! Welcome!
Welcome, but something's wrong here! We have another member.
That's what I was about to say! How come?
We came here to release a song, called "Today is my birthday". I thought that you will tell me about your second child.
My second child is going to be a cook! I cannot believe! Really?
Yes! So what's the name of your new single?
Our new single is called "Today is my birthday". I'm the voice! You are the voice!
And what's your name? Claudia Cicone
It's like from the famous Cicone family from Italy which shot 3 Pasarelli Cicone killed Pasarelli father, son and grandfather!
No? It's not like this. It's very similar..
It's an Italian name. And how did you meet?
We met her in the studio we recorded our song, we liked very much how she sings
She is our third try. We recorded with another 2 girls this song, but she had the winning number!
We really hope you'll enjoy it. It's a song for summer, it's fresh, it is from our project "Violin goes clubbing"
Yes, the violin goes clubbing! We have a special guest, maybe you will work on a song with Alexander.
Now the thing starts: "I am your fan! No, I am your fan!"
Well, should we listen the song now? Of course!
So, Amadeus and Claudia Cicone!
Amadeus ladies and gentlemen and Claudia Cicone! A star was born!
Antonio tell the girls the recipe from that thing you have cooked I don't care, you have to say it now!
So, which one of you is Miss Cicone? This is a food, that comes from your area.
You know, Cicone, Napoli, Salermo.. that's the area. They are tortellini filled with meat, but the original recipe, Sorentina, is very simple.
You make a tomato sauce, very simple. You stifle garlic and a few basil leaves. When they become ruddy, change their color and they are crispy you take them off,
And add tomato pulp. Then add salt, pepper, basil, fresh oregano and let the sauce at low fire, don't rush it.
Just in the first step make it quick, then let it slow. Boil the tortellini or other pasta, then let them boil in the tomato sauce, like I do.
And at the end, add salt and fresh mozzarella and serve it hot. Enjoy!
This is all you could do, right? Yes but I wanted to tell you something!
Yes, tell me, tell me! Everyone asks me on Facebook why don't I cook recipes that need oven?
Because I don't have an oven here, do you understand? So what you're saying is that we don't invest here..
They tell me that next year, we'll have an oven! Ok, ladies and gentlemen, ten minutes break, to fire Antonio, and then we'll be back!
Ladies and gentlemen, we are back! The second part of the show, with my guests.
I counted them, they are all here. Alexander Rybak, Paula Seling, Gelu Voicu, Amadeus, partially.
I'm going to talk a little with Paula, because I know that you have a new song together and I want to ask you, when and how have you decided to do this thing?
He's asking me if he should tuck his shirt in, or not. I told him that we're not that strict here..
Someone tells me he should take it off. No? Yes, yes look!
He's saying that he is too hairy.
I have a joke with a bear, Antonio reminded me. But I will let Paula tell us about the song.
The song is named "I'll show you", he is the composer, it's a love song, love and I think it's too much to say hate,
But in the end, it's about love.
How beautiful! It's like this: you can do whatever you want, but in the end I'll show you that I still love you!
I understand. One more question and then I'll let you sing:
Have you ever thought about going to Eurovision together?
You can go and win for Norway and Romania, we don't mind sharing!
I will invite you to sing the song!
Applauses please for the beautiful duo!
Yes ladies and gentlemen, I'm starting to regret the fact that I refused to play the violin when I was young
And that I didn't study, it means a lot.. Good for you, you did it, and you did it very well!
And now I'm starting to wonder, Gelu, do you have something to really impress Alexander?
A wedding moment, because he is still unmarried.
Gelu Voicu ladies and gentlemen! Applauses please!
Well done!
Applauses please for this unique moment by Gelu Voicu!
Paula and Alexander received some traditional gifts!
Ask him to taste a little! To taste it? Yes, it's real, isn't it?
He's saying that I forgot about the bride and the groom! I already forgot about them!
She said yes and then it's finished!
It's a Norwegian little Christmas tree!
I'm trying to tell him foolish things! Even though he thinks that it's Christmas and a wedding at the same time, it's not.
..and that this little tree is a Norwegian tree. In his country it's very expensive.
I told him that here, we cut it from a forest, and that it's free.
You taste it! I'll taste it!
You can take it!
Tonight he will heavily drink!
Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
But why did you give me this yellow thing? Tell me, Gelu.
It's the thing we give to the groom's father! So I'm the groom's father?
The most important guests in a wedding, receive fine gifts.
That is very valuable! Put it home, somewhere safe. To remind you of Teleorman.
How could I forget about Teleorman? My whole life is linked to Teleorman!
What about his shirt? It's the same?
Yes, it’s a traditional shirt, a traditional belt, the cummerbund is made out of 4 spider's threads everything is handmade, like the drink.
I understand. Ladies and gentlemen applauses!
Being the godfather of the show.. What's wrong Antonio, are you tired?
Did you call an ambulance? No, no, we were watching you. You look good with that!
Do I? Yes, you look like a president from.. You look like a president!
Ladies and gentlemen, a diamond here on our show. Our next guest was an Olympic at Romanian,
Physics and Mathematics! He graduated the University of Electrical Engineering
he wrote articles and poetry for "Scanteia Tineretului" he was a basketball champion
this one I like, and he was a correspondent for Billboard, Music Week and International Jazz Journal.
And if this isn't enough, he is the one Corina Chiriac used to say that could host any kind of event and he could even teach the technique of hosting.
Ladies and gentlemen, Octavian Ursulescu!
Tavi, welcome! Can I kiss you? I know, I look like the chef of a tribe, tribe Danutz!
Or a little from Indonesia! Or a little from Indonesia!
Applauses please for Octavian Ursulescu! Please, let the audience see you!
Is this spinning? This is spinning with us right now!
I’ll show you the studio. You know it better than me. You came here…I don’t know…in what studio are we?
I grew up here! I grew up here too and look where I am.
I invite you to sit on our special guest chair. Thank you very much!
I want to ask you a few questions. I will take this off, because It's really hot.
Gelu told me that is very valuable and I want to take it home safe. Ladies and gentlemen, Octavian Ursulescu!
The whole country knows him, knows that he is a funny guy, and that he is a professional, but I'm not going to praise you now
I just want to say this: you were the dream of every parent and let me tell you why:
you finished first in high school, you were in the Math competition, young journalist, you finished Politehnica University
Every parent would have wanted a child like you! My parents use to keep me on the balcony with the key on a string around my neck.
I use to run away to play football, I have all kind of bruises on my knees but the Math thing..
And basketball champion! And a poet!
The Sport school no. 2, published my first poem, I went and bought about ten magazines
I was so happy I levitated my way home, I saw myself to be the next Eminescu!
I soon realized that it is time resign from poetry. Oh no no no!
No way! But tell me how did you end up to be a TV host?
Well, I was about o ask you how did you end up to be a singer and a TV host. The Math and Physics contests sent me further to Politehnica.
I am proud that I was one of the best mathematicians of my generation, I came second in the National Competition of Mathematics,
And I will never forget the first runner up: Eleodor Popescu! The difference was one point, he had 20 and I had 19.
I don't know where was my mistake. And when I went to his city and asked about him, they told me he is the best Mathematics teacher from Turnu Severin.
I abandoned that path. I ended up to be a TV host with the help of a TV chain I recommend.
Being a journalist in high school, at "Scanteia Tineretului", then at "Contemporanul" at many national publications, and after at international ones,
After that the radio, the show "Metronom" by Cornel Chiriac my good and late friend, after that TV shows from 1974-1975 here, at the Romanian Television.
There was this show "Teletop". Were you born yet?
I was, Gelu wasn't. Tell me. I wasn't even in the project!
After that, like a Siamese brother, together with Titus Munteanu we hosted for 30 years the most important shows here.
That's what I wanted to say: you had the most important TV shows for almost 40 years! Well not for 40, for about 35 or so..
One of the most popular shows were: "Steaua fara nume", "Meridianele cantecului", many variety shows, dance competitions
And many editions from the "Mamaia" festival, linked me to Titus Munteanu. Titus, hello, I know that you're watching this show.
I want to see some material with Octavian Ursulescu!
Ramona Badescu has 18 years old, she graduated the “Nicolae Balcescu” math-physics high-school from Craiova, she is in the present a student in the first year on Economics Studies University in Craiova.
She won the 1st place at the last 2 editions of the national festival “Cantarea Romaniei” and she is in the 3rd stage of the TV contest “Steaua fara nume”.
3rd place for Ramona Badescu, from Dolj!
Soon, a new disk will appear in the specialty stores, including on the stage, like always, the talent, the personalities, two balladeers with national recognition for Romanian music.
Since the disk is still in preparation, we will stop on 2 songs already recorded, well known by the public.
The first one is "Dragostea, destin stravechi", the second one "Nunta de flori".
The lyrics of both songs are written by poet Dan Verona. The first one is composed by Vasile Seicaru and the other one by Stefan Hrusca.
Good evening to everyone! We open now the contest of creation, interpretation, of Romanian music "Mamaia 1984"!
1984! I was so young and shaggy! We were all shaggy in 1984!
But I want to say that everybody thought that you were privileged in that period, that you were in the good graces of the regime back them..
That you were doing really great, that you get to travel everywhere around the world, that you get to know all the artists..
But I also know that you had problems, and they weren't just a few problems..
I can't complain and say that I lived poorly, I don't want to be a hypocrite, I used to know all the artists and introduce them,
But just a few years ago I find out that "Evenimentul Zilei" published quite a large article about TVR and the regime back then.
And I discovered there that I was ratted out by some people, I don't know who they were..
One of them said in the newspaper that I wanted to run away to Turkey with the boat from "Festivalul de la Mamaia"
Another one said that I was taking non-payed free days from TVR, and many many other things..
The author of the article asked me why I don't ask for my file, but it's no use in doing that..
Exactly, it's no use.. Who knows, maybe neighbors, maybe ex-girlfriends, friends, maybe they told those things about me..
In fact the biggest thing here, is that they touched a sensitive cord, the fact that I didn’t have permission to leave the country until 1989.
So the denounces worked.. Probably. In the late 70’s something horrible happened to me.
I can’t, not even now, read the article that appeared at that time in the “Flacara” magazine. I cannot read it! It’s devastating!
When I bought the magazine, someone called me and told me that I was the subject of an article and my knees started to melt when I started to read it. Let me tell you what happened.
I was going to the rock, pop, dance, jazz festivals, and there I confessed how am I confessing to you now, I was young and foolish and I started talking with another journalist
about how it is forbidden to give any American songs on the radio, only one at most, every half hour, that we weren’t allow to have long hair and so on..
How would I know that that man will meet a female Romanian singer, she came to Romania after she found out what I said,
She told some boy from “Flacara” magazine, who published that devastating article.
Two years I was been forbidden from all that means radio TV press shows, I was going weekly to the security to say what I said, to whom and what I did.
I could really put an end of my days because I didn’t exist for two years. But I forgot about it, I passed it, life is beautiful and I am here!
That is the most important! I understand that unpredictable things happened to you on stage too.
I mean, it’s not all good like I thought, you in suite, looking like taken out of the box, like the perfect newscaster should be!
There were moments when not everything worked smoothly? Let me tell you a true story: I was making some jokes from time to time and the peevish “Mitica”
He knows how many times we worried about this . I was making some terrible jokes with Tavi Iordachescu.
"Don’t make another joke Tavi, please!" But what can I do? We had a break for two minutes, until the performance was over.
Well, one time, at the “Mamaia” festival, Ceausescu was having a speech at Neptun (sea side resort) and I can't imagine how,
The broadcast was recording and while Ceausesc was speaking, I don’t know how, I appeared 40 seconds.
40 seconds? That's huge! It is huge! It's really huge!
Luckily the broadcast was only to Constanta and Tulcea. Can you imagine? He was talking and suddenly I appear!
Happily, our bosses had their clear minds and they didn’t make a big deal out of this. I want to tell you that in that night, I couldn’t get any sleep.
Yes, I believe you! Let's see some more material with Octavian Ursulescu!
Excuse me, a little change in our program, I wasn't aware, I'll take the fault, and I made a little redress on Cornel Ionescu's work.
The second song in the contest represents a sincere love declaration. With lyrics from the poet Lucian Avramescu.
Music by Adrian Enescu, lyrics as I was saying, the poet Lucian Avramescu. The singer is a young artist with many prizes: Loredana Groza!
The 12 songs from the contest will be performed by a Romanian singer and a foreign singer,
The most successful orchestration and the best performance will be rewarded.
Composer Dan Dumitriu is currently in competition with the song… No, they made a small switch.
After some notable successes archived together, one of the most famous Romanian musicians is reunited with a star or music through the song entitled “Poate maine".
Expected by a little fan. Look how they run after Anca Turcasiu!
I could run myself but the microphone keeps me here, and she is here with her parents.
Now, the moment expected by the ones that love sport dancing. But he dances, he sweats as you know, suffers in front of the microphone.
I was happy last year, with Titus Munteanu, to be just like you, here in the hall like an audience and see the reaction of the people, especially the women when the star came, the idol of our country.
We can certify that he came and sang in a good Italian, “il primo amore, il ultimo”, all the Italian women shouted “bravis, bravis” Cotabita!
A song out of the competition. A beautiful song that you saw on TV, a piece of great generosity, musical and poetical belonging to the young composer Anton Suteu, lyrics by Dan Bumitriu: “Open the gate to the sun”.
I was trying to explain to Alexander.. He was asking me from what period these videos are..
Especially because he heard "Alexandru"-Alexander.. And he was saying that we have very nice music, very nice songs.
But now, I'm going to tell our viewers that you are the first person to host in 1990 a variety live show, because these shows were all recorded and censored,
And the first Romanian Miss Contest!
Miss Romania was held in December 1990 at the Opera. But I hosted many other live shows.
I see Dan Marina and I remember that in 1989 I hosted the very first dance competition at Polivalenta on TV, it didn’t work.
I have a surprise for you.. And with Titus Munteanu in 1990 and with Cornel Dinu we founded the first Romanian federation of dance.
I have a surprise for you! We have the girls ready, the music ready, the Amadeus girls are also ready to provide the background music..
I will give you the text, at first sight, I want you to host this Triumph swimsuit fashion show! Begin!
Let's see! But I want to see the first suit, ok! For this season Triumph proposes swimsuits for all tastes and figures!
From the youth collection "Miss Triumph" you can admire the very colorful costumes in shades of blue, orange and cyclamen,
with stripes print or animal print. This is for us, men...To wake up the animal inside us.
Also, for the first time this summer Triumph launches Aqua Collection, the new line of Shapewear swimwear, which shape and thin the silhouette!
Do they have briefs for men, to shape the belly? I hope not, I hope not..
The collection can be found both in strong colors, cyclamen or turquoise, but shades of gray, black or khaki.. Probably khaki for army women..
U.S. Army women, yes! Of course!
The swimsuits are available in bigger cup sizes.. This is interesting..
Bigger cup sizes, is like we're talking about excavators with large cups... The collection includes one piece bathing suits!
We don't have those here for now, it's better, we can still see important parts of the ladies’ anatomy. The one piece costume is perfect for the swimming pool,
But also the two piece costume, the ones you are admiring right now. Admire the two-pieced ones while you can!
The men are admiring, you can see it in their eyes, you can see their eyes glowing in the dark!
Look, this one turned into a little summer dress, you can go from the beach to do some little shopping, I'm not sure, I'm just guessing..
But look! It goes on! I'm not sure that we're allowed, to second guess this at our age..
No, we're not.. No, we're just watching the show!
Even though we are at a certain point, the age of questioning.. The suits are decorated with colorful applications,
beads or metallic applications. Metallic? Let me tell you something!
I know that Catrinel Menghia is the image of the collection, international top model.
Don't tell me that she is here! It would have been my greatest pleasure, because let me tell you another thing
I held her when she was born in 1985-86 at Costinesti. Lucky you!
But that's the only time I held her. But it's ok, we'll go on.
But does she know? She knows, she knows!
Look! He doesn't want to watch! No, no, no, Alexander's not allowed to watch!
Let's go on with some information about the collection. The suits are extremely versatile.
Many of them can be worn on both sides! Interesting! They also have multiple strap positioning.
We are more interested in unhooking the bras.. Yes, indeed!
Please give us an instruction manual with the suit! The one piece suit can be tuned into a mini-dress and the bikini into a skirt!
You weren't paying attention.. Did you know this?
Yes, you were busy reading and you didn't see the transformation of the bikini!
Couldn't she come back and do it again? I eluded me.. She can! Let's do this all over again!
Applauses for Amadeus please! Thank you very much girls!
I have a gift for the girls, they will receive Triumph products! Thank you Triumph, thank you for the vouchers!
What can I say.. But what do I get?
Wait! Wait! Nothing from Triumph.
Hold your horses.. Either way, it's my triumph! It's out triumph!
I want to go on with our talk, about the one called *the architect of words and culture shows*
That's you, they said that about you. Dear God, who said that?
I don't know who said it but do you agree with what they said? They're exaggerating, but thank you.
You hosted the "Mamaia" festival 13 times from 1983, you had as guests Julio Iglesias, the Los Rios, Samantha Fox, Saragossa Band..
They were about 40, Batialdo was at Polivalenta! What a show! I told you this because you know what it means!
I envy you! Back then, I hid for four or five times, just to see the show. You were hiding?
Yes, I'm serious, just to see them! I only missed one show! Just one! I was there, behind the chairs.
Just to see the show, back then in the '80, it was a big deal to see them. Tell me about when you met Julio Iglesias.
I have to go back in time, I remember that it was the "Cerbul de Aur" festival, I was just a kid writing at "Scanteia" magazine,
I was especially sent there by the magazine in '69. Julio Iglesias, just a small contestant from Spain,
he didn't receive any awards, just like Christina Aguilera, she didn't win anything either.
And I saw him after 30 years in '99 at his hotel, I had some pictures with me from '69,
We were friends back them, we used to chase after girls in Brasov, we were friends back then.
When he saw the pictures he almost started to cry, believe me. Let me surprise you: some images with you.
For the first time we can show on TV the Billboard magazine I am Romania's correspondent for over 10 years.
You will here at "Meridianele cantecului" some songs selected from this magazine.
The song "Like a prayer" was considered to be very controversed, but everything was alright after the singer explained.
A few months ago, Titus Muntean brought to the Romanian Television, perhaps the most important trophy ever won,
The "Rose D'argent" award, the famous festival-competition of television productions in Montreux, Switzerland,
where they had registered more than 1000 productions worldwide, the U.S.A. had, for example, about 200.
They are very young and talented, their name is "Scoala vedetelor"!
We have next, a part of the competition truly linked to the "Top Model" pageant, a photogenic test,
Judged by of the photographer and artist Silviu Covaci, last year he won the award of best stage photographer.
The outfits are created by the talented Catalin Botezatu.
Welcome to our show "Un cantec pe adresa dumneavoastra"!
-Hello! -Yes?
-I'm calling on behalf of the construction union. My name is Raicu Stelian, I'm a constructor, professional locksmith,
-From the union in Timisoara. Our entire team is asking you to play two songs by Corina Chiriac, one of them in premiere.
This is the end of the 7th edition "Top TV". Write to us, saying on the envelope "for Top TV", TVR and address.
And in the meantime, stay with us watching "Cantecul romanesc de muzica usoara",
And don't forget: the best and the cheapest videos only on "Top TV". Goodbye!
The most beautiful but also the cheapest videos, right? This one was my favorite, but I also liked the one with the construction union!
You were the one asking on behalf of the union!
Tell me, Octavian, for decades you were the host of the most elegant events, time have changed,
and now you are hosting events that you never thought you would host!
Such as.. No, let me tell you before that, I'm hosting volleyball competitions,
Volleyball? Yes, in Galati, Braila, male volleyball.
But I'm also in dance, folk music.. Do you want me to get my traditional costume from Mures?
Yes, yes! Yes, of course! Every year I'm hosting this prom at Reghin, 1000 people all in traditional costumes.
You have never seen anything like this! Superb!
They sing and dance for 12 hours. Tell me what are the criteria on which you accept to host a show?
Things are different now, now they call Adi Minune, Cristi Borcea, a lot of other people are calling..
I presented Fane Spoitoru's wedding and a baptism.. What are the criteria, since things are so different now?
There are several.. Firstly I have to know where the event will be held, the place of the event, to realize how elegant it is,
Then I have to know the quality of the stage, the sound and the lights. I want a show stage!
Not that kind of wedding or baptism where the host is at ground level with the guests, where they can't even see him..
And then the artists invited. Because if the artists invited are important ones, and at this event there were many important artists:
actors, opera singers, folk singers.. How can I decline? Before '89 I would have declined, now I happily attend.
I can't wait! I want to give you a gift, because you seldom come here,
I'm serious, this is not a joke, furniture from Dalin! I hope that you fill find a place for it in your home!
But just so you know.. Under one condition: the ladies too! Yes!
Yes, yes, but I don't know if the ladies will agree. "With this old man?"
Anyhow you get the furniture! Thank you Dalin!
And now, Alexader Rybak, he's a special guest, we have to ask him, to convince him to sing again.
I would ask you to introduce him, but I don't want you to scare him away. Go ahead and do your job! I did mine!
Thank you, thank you!
He said that he loves Octavian more and more, even though he doesn't understand what he's saying.
Look, he's asking Octavian to introduce him! From Norway?
Yes, from Norway! Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Dan Bitman host of "Danuzt S.R.L."
And I'm Octavian Ursulescu, here in the back..
And Octavian Ursulescu, who has been like a father to me.. That's right, that's right!
I suggest that we listen to the one from Norway, just like Ovi born in another country but settled in Norway,
He was born in another country, in Belarus, he is talented, he plays the violin, how is he with the violin?
He's good, right? Yes, he's good. I asked the girls. Come here, together on the microphone let's say:
Ladies and gentlemen Alexander Rybak!
Alexander Rybak, ladies and gentlemen! Octavian Ursulescu, Gelu Voicu, Amadeus and Paula Seling!
Is there more to say about Antonio Pasarelli and our girls? Thank you very much for this extraordinary Sunday!
Until next Sunday! Goodbye!
Until next Sunday! Goodbye!